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Default Odd dream

I recently had a very odd dream where I was laying in my bed on my back with my face towards the wall and I have a distinct feeling that something is beside my bed behind me but when I try to turn my head I realize that my entire body is paralyzed. when I tried as hard as a could to move my head everything started to fade to black. the next thing I remember In my dream is seeing myself standing In the kitchen with all the lights off looking in the fridge, then it goes back to the same situation in my bed where I cant move.

I didn't think much of this dream until I was visiting my mother and told her about it and she mentioned that it sounded similar to abduction stories she had heard on tv witch kinda freaked me out lol, so I decided to post it hear to get some opinions from some of the great people at Avalon
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Default Re: Odd dream

It is called sleep paralyzis (I think), and I've had it several times. This happens when your brain is still in sleep mode but is also little awake. Usually person can see surroundings, but can't move their body or talk. Usually this is accompanied with sence of other presence in the room and some people even see things. Also sensation of pressure on the chest is reported. Me personally one time realized what was going on, and I thought that I'll see what happens if I just let it keep going. Soon I started to have sensation that my lips were being sucked in my mouth, like Homer Simpsons lips when he eats something tangy. That felt uncomfortable, so I decided to wake myself up.
First time this happened it did frighten me a little bit because I didn't know what was going on. Oh, and I think it is pretty common too.

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Default Re: Odd dream

I have experienced thus hundreds of times in my life. There was a stage when I didn't know WHAT was going on with me. I did go to a doctor about this twice. The first time when I was 20 years old, and he wanted to put me in a chair and do some sort of "regression", or hypnotic therapy or something. I didn't really understand why at the time -- but looking back (and now I am 33), I suspect that he might have been curious on what was happening to me - but didn't want to fully divulge why he wanted to do the regression. It didn't work out to well anyway and I didn't go back a second time. All he did was put me in a chair and said relax and how do you feel etc.. pretty big waste of time reallly. Nothing came of it.

Then, when I was about 26 I told a doctor again. It was a different doctor. He told me that I am having "sleep paralysis". I told him that "um, no.. it wasn't no sleep paralysis", and he proceeded to tell me that it was and he handed me some "panic attack" pamphlets to read. I thanked him and walked out shaking my head.

Up until this stage, I still didn't know WHAT was going on with me, except that the "medical" term for it was sleep paralysis. I figured that it was some sort of demonic entity interfering with me. I started researching online and I've been through hundreds of pages of information over the years. Everything from sleep paralysis to the old hag and alien abductions. I never really decided on any of it, except that i knew what was around me was definitely full of NEGATIVE energy. It is a putrid energy. Most of the information online is based of peoples personal perceptions and conjecture.

However, my experiences weren't quite as simple as being awake and not being able to move. My experiences have included a pitch dark room lighting up blue so that I can see everything, my bed moving, me vibrating, loud humming sounds, high pitched frequency sounds, the sound of "LAUGHTER" and all many of things like this.

I have also woken up injured. I have skin missing from my leg. I have had scratches on my back. I have also woken up with a swollen neck and face after a night where I woke up "paralyzed" with something crushing my head in. I have woken up with various other joint injuries.

I can't say for sure what's happening to you. All I do know is that if you're looking for a medical term, the ONLY thing that will be presented to you is: "Sleep Paralysis". However, what you are experiencing may not be sleep paralysis. But are you being "abducted"? I don't know. I don't even know if "I" am, and everything I have experienced certainly matches that "abduction" experience criteria - and even far exceeds it.

This is an extremely confusing topic for a lot of people. The ones who haven't actually experienced a full blow attack on them by "entities" will lean towards the explanation of "sleep paralysis". However, those of us who have had "full blown experience" know that it is most certainly not something as simple as "your brain still being half asleep when you wake up -- and therefore you can't move". If that is all I had to endure, I probably wouldn't even bother mentioning it to anyone.

There is definitely something going on with many people that is caused by "other entities" of some description. However, it is quite likely that some people do indeed suffer from the medical term known as "sleep paralysis" too. I think the way to tell the difference is that if something happens which cannot be generated from your own mind, such as waking up with marks, or seeing ANYTHING in your room such as lights -- it's probably something more than: "sleep paralysis".
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