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Default Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

Hello German crew,
The american scenario in case of a financial metldown has been discussed a lot.
But what about germany and Europe in general?
Can our ecconomy survive?
Can you imagine the FEMA camps also here?
I wonder if the law about using the German army against internal terrorist is not made in preparation of internal desorder.
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Default Re: Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

I somehow suspect that Germany will not be hit THAT hard.
Well at least here in Berlin(and i guess a lot of east germany) a lot of people are used to being poor and basicly in bad shape. I'm not sure about south and west germany.
As for FEMA camps, I can't really imagine such a thing happening here but maybe I am just being naive.
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Default Re: Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

i don´t think the same scenario will happen in germany, we are for sure conected withe the american and world finance system. but, for example we builded a house 2 years ago and of cause needed money from the bank....when in america the s.... happens with the houses and the banks, we asked our bank if they did the same here... they don´t (volks und raiffaisen bank) some other german banks did....
i do have the feeling that the gap betwen rich and poor will get bigger and bigger, and the middle class seperates in one of the parts, and the hole society is changing, like "ghettos" for the rich and the poor, you can see them already in the cities. and big brother police state like it is already in england. to control all this. the germans love it save and pünktlich ( on time) ....
here on the contryside, it is quite relaxed, the have there "schäfchen im trockenen"
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Default Re: Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

Well in my opinion there are a lot of thinks that can happen here in Germany.
Just take the banks as example... the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers is also threatening the failure-fund for the banks here in Germany.
The failure-fund was founded to guarantee the money of the ordinary people until 20.000 € in the case of a bank failure.
This failure-fund covers 4,5 billion Euro, but only the bankruptcy of a
subsidiary company(Tochterfirma in German) of Lehman Brothers caused a loss of about 500 Million €. Just imagine what will happen, when some real huge banks (like Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank) are getting into trouble.
If you just look on the balance sheet of the Deutsche Bank you can clearly see, that their own Equity is on a really low level (about 3%), normally a bank should have about 8%. And if you also think about the manipulation in the balance sheets and what is considered as real assets (CDO,ABS etc.) then you can get only draw the conclusion, that many banks are bankrupt already.

In the moment, when the ordinary people realize, that their money isn't save on the banks, then you have a classical bank run and this causes a major problem for the financial system also in Germany. What will happen then?
I suppose the government will bail out these banks as well and that will cause more debt for the government, what means more inflation and also more taxes for the people in Germany. That is only one point of much more ....


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Default Re: Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

Hi guys

OK to some extent, because I am in the Frankfurt area, and because of the nature of some of my confidential work, I am clued in on this, and of course once the US system and the FED goes down, most of the German system goes with it. Actually, in fact most of the EU bank systems and the ECB go with it, but with a time delay of about two years.

You saw how Commerz Bank took over Dresdner etc. and many more such things will happen.

I know from inside that Deutsche Bank is in very serious ****, much more so than anyone would think, but these balance sheets get reshuffled so as to hide the extent of the inter-dependence - which is why here the same advice goes as I told my UK and NorthAmerican readers.

By and large, we have to have value in gold, and very little in Euro cash. And certainly leave nothing in the banks, except what is needed for one month ahead to cover bills.

However, there are some banks I would regard as reasonably safe, for instance the LBBW group of banks (Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland Palatinate etc.) so far made a solid impression on me. There is also SEB (the Scandinavian bank) which has expanded massively into the East, and is located prominently now in Germany.

Corvo is correct in thinking that at any time any situation can impact Germany heavily. I personally cruise once a week through Frankfurt airport and measure the energy, and so far I feel we are still ok for at least one more year, and so there is plenty of time to prepare things intelligently.

Just dont panic and stay level headed, and make good friends. Most people in the cities dont have a clue. Once you go outside into the country side you will meet sane people, who might have no clue about conspiracies but live a life that is geared towards thriving and not strife.

Black Forest in my opinion, plus certain areas in Bavaria, are totally ok.

I agree with Corvo that the nuclear power plant network is not good news, but I see no quakes of such kind here that would bring this to a problem.

Having said this though I have a very bad impression of Basle. Something not good will happen there.

Frankfurt airport to me in the long run is a spaceport. Good vibes, whereas Frankfurt city is like entering Sauron or Darth vader empire.

There will be good places next to bad ones. This is an energetic phenomenon and cannot be understood via the linear mind.
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Default Re: Financial crash: what can happens in Germany?

oh ja ,frankfurt airport is a time gate......

...there the TRANCE begun in end 80"s

the disco under the airport
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