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James Casbolt
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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

I am still attempting to discover if Dr Mengele was Kate Casbolt's handler when he worked at the Tavistock Institute in London. He wore an Emerald ring for programming and would turn it around on his finger to release various hypnotic programs. Kate worked near the Tavistock institute institute in the 80's in the City of London, the 'City within the City'. After this her and her boyfriend Niel Pettet bought an emerald ring from a woman in Brighton who was connected to the Baader Meinhof terrorist group. Kate would use her eyes, body movement and her fingers to control me and still does. She claims she doesn't know anything about childhood abuse, maybe she can't remember. Neil Pettit is a peadophile who raised me in Reading. He worked near Peasemore ( AL/499 facility ) and worked underground in these facilties when he had defence contracts with the MOD to sell them aluminium ( he was a director of 'Hi Mets/service metals' comapny in Newbury. There was some kind of child porn ring operating through the company with videos exchanged there. His father Bill Pettit was also a child molestor who abused me as a child. Neil's stepfather Bill Merch was a POW in the second world war and was tortured severly. When he came back to the UK he started to sexually abuse Neil and his sister Debby and also psychologically abuse them by killing there pet rabbits in front of them and other things. There is something in mind control called 'Dramatization' namely if a person is abused, they will act out the abuse on other people in times of stress and say the exact words and perform the same action their abuser did to them.
Neil would come into my room at night in reading and abuse me becuase I was doing bad at school ( maths as such ), he would tell me he was helping me.
The following police report is page 3 of one of my NSA files- Brian Casbolt is Peter Casbolt's brother ( not sure who my biological father is ) Brian was an MI-5 officer in Logistics. This was scanned into the system in 1992, but has an entry date of 1981. On the bottom of the file was an addendum which was removed in 1982-

1981- Casbolt, Brian : informational interview conducted in regards to possible psychological and physical abuse toward - Casbolt, James -
Parent Kathleen (Mother) was interviewed as well.
Parent Peter (Father)-unavailable for interview.
Information collected was dismissed by authorities.
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