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View Poll Results: What will be your Polarity when you Ascend in 2012? Which way do you go?
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Negative Polarity 0 0%
Neutral Polarity 1 6.67%
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Wink When we hit Timezero in 2012 - Choose your Polarity

When we ascend in 2012, what side of polarity will you be on?
Remember, the force is with you.

Search your Feelings.
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Default Re: When we hit Timezero in 2012 - Choose your Polarity

if you dont mind me asking my freind what are the sides of polarity .
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Wink Re: When we hit Timezero in 2012 - Choose your Polarity

The polarity between Singularity and Infinity manifests in our experience in a number of lower-dimensional forms, and is key to understanding our experience of time, space, consciousness, and how the entire Universe is tied together in our experience of matterenergy in spacetime.

In a manner of speaking, the hyperspherical polarity is "sliced up" into our experience of four-dimensional spacetime. As space itself, it is the polarity between every single dimensionless point in space and the fully-extended three-dimensional infinity outward from that point. As time itself, it is the polarity between the singularity of past and the infinity of future, between the singular course of deterministic events which led to the present moment and the infinite number of possible and somewhat predeterministic futures. In matterenergy, the polarity appears in the dualistic nature of wavicles, which act as either point particles or waves. Even in individual consciousness it emerges as the polarity between the singular localized reference frame and the infinite field of matterenergy in spacetime surrounding the experiencer.

We have seen that the Big Bang universe can be modeled as a hypersphere centered on the Universal Singularity at t=0. In this model, time is a hyperspherical polarity and spacetime is an expanding hypersphere. The hypersurface of the present is the expanding surface of the hypersphere. Keep in mind, however, that the hypersurface of the present is a condition of universal simultaneity that is never seen as such, and the present quantum state of the universe that any of us ever sees is defined by our light-cone slicing through the hypersurfaces of the past.

In fact, the notion that the universal hypersurface of the present even exists as a physical condition of spacetime is a complete abstraction imposed upon reality by modern science. Science presupposes the existence of space and time as universal absolutes, and assumes they exist whether or not there is a consciousness to experience them. This, of course, was a natural assumption for science to make, and was necessary in order for the physical models of our universe to be formulated.
I hope this helps those understand more clearly. Basically we live in a duality of energy. Thoughts are energy. There are two sides of emotional energy that some may call Karma. Yin/Yang

Phase Seven Alignment is the refinement of integration leading to mastery of the subtle body connections with spiritual energies that express our Soulís purpose. As forerunners of humanity the focus relates to effective wielding of force and awareness to detect blockages and imbalances in each moment and to move forward in willingness to use this awareness to monitor self on multi-dimensional levels. We must also be willing to excavate the roots of any remaining fear, anger and unresolved emotions and do whatever it takes to pull them or neutralize their effects. Accepting full responsibility for our selves and our actions takes commitment. This is especially important, as the auric field that surrounds us has become more subtle, expansive and magnetic enough to have an impact on people around us. As a living influence our unbridled expressions of negativity can actually be harmful to others.

As we open the possibility of anchoring into a higher dimensional grid via the construction of the Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana, the transcendence from matter to spirit, we connect fully with our intuitive and clairvoyant abilities along with the higher dimensions that make true co-creation possible. The Light Body provides an access channel or cable to intra-dimensions that involves a preservation of triple states of awareness through focused points of tension: The awareness of our own identity, in that the physical body is a vehicle for Soul life expression; a Soul contact that is registered via the brain brings increasing fusion between the Soul and the integrated personality; and finally, the Soul in incarnation that establishes a relation with Spirit. While in the physical vehicle, this tiny point of consciousness that is eternally present is aware of these factors and yet preserves its own identity. This is the capacity of a multi-dimensional human who is capable of traversing the various fields of consciousness to manifest spirit on earth opening us to the experience of co-creation of the divine plan for humanity. This state of awareness also provides a role in assisting humanity through the transition we are collectively undergoing. While the price is high and the road is narrow, the rewards of moving through this stage are tremendous, which concerns how to direct the inpouring energies of the Soul and higher sources of God power into realms of activity for spiritual practice and spiritual service to humanity. The light of christed consciousness is here to resurrect the planet as well as anchor the etheric grids of the higher laws as a necessary part of boldly navigating unchartered frequencies.
Go here for more.

The emotional body also known as the astral body will be fully active in 4d.

If our emotions are fearful and tumultuous we will have an uncomfortable ride. Even though our desire is for the higher planes of the fourth dimension, our personal imbalance will limit our entry to the Lower Astral Plane where fear, which is the lack of emotional balance, rules. If we wish to journey to the higher planes of the fourth dimension we must keep our thoughts harmonious and our feelings centered in the infinite balance of love. In that manner, eventually, we can experience all the planes of the fourth dimension. Then our I AM Presence can lead us across the Bridge into the fifth dimension and beyond.
Here is another link explaining our multi-dimensional universe.

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