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Default Is daydreaming a 'link-connection' to other timelines?

How does somebody knows or not if they have crossed over into a nother timeline. Is it a daydream. A sense. A strong feeling. What is the 'link-connection'?
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Jacqui D
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Default Re: Is daydreaming a 'link-connection' to other timelines?

There is a strong sense that things are not quite the same, i wouldn't say it was a daydream because you are going about your way as you all ways do.
But suddenly things feel odd, perhaps your neighbour or friend is acting differently, perhaps ther perspective on things have changed.
A conversation you had with someone previous may be brought up and that persons ideals are different.
You may feel different yourself, you may even look different, you may have aged or may be seeing yourself younger.

I don't think daydreaming is a link to other timelines no.
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Default Re: Is daydreaming a 'link-connection' to other timelines?

I am reading Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane at the moment (which I shamelessly recommend at the highest levels, btw... start with this one first though), and I found an excerpt that may add some precision to the answer you are seeking.

Chapter: "Time Cycle Mechanics and Planetary Evolution" p151

"...as human DNA builds, the higher dimensional reality fields come into manifest view, and the lower-dimensional reality fields fall out of perceptual range.

As a dimensional field begins to come in view, it first appears as inner thought patterns that become inner mental pictures made of light. The quality known as imagination is, in reality, the consciousness bringing higher-dimensional thought forms into its mental view. The images, perceptions and pondering of imagination represent higher-dimensional thought forms made of energy substance, that are placed into higher-dimensional fields by the present moment self.

Imaginative perceptions may also be thought patterns of the higher-dimensional, future self asepcts of identity, that "just appear" in inner perception, as the present awareness brings the higher dimensional fields into its inner view. The quality known as past memory represents the consciousness bringing into its mental view thought-forms and experiential imprints from the dimensional bands below its focus of attention. They represent thought-forms of past identity aspects, presently focused in the lower time continua or within lower frequencies of the present time continuum.

Dreams represent portions of thoughts and experience that is taking place in both 'higher/future' and 'lower/past' 'dimensional fields/time continua', entering into the present moment station of awareness."

If the usage of this vocabulary does not make immediate sense, keep in mind that each word used was introduced and defined with high precision before being used in contexts like these. Check it out if you feel drawn to explore this information more, these books are a ton of fun.

Here is a link to the organization transcribing and disseminating this information. For what its worth to ya, I figured this was good for a mention.

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