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Red face A vivid dream with things in the clouds

Hello folks!

Thought I should post this here. I want to add to the record that I am a "intuitive" among some other things, and sometimes my dreams give me some good insights. This dream however is a bit different. Bear in mind that prediction type dreams often only have personal relevance, and as you will understand by reading the dream log below, this is not one of those cases. Although I have had multiple accounts with UFO crafts, and one "personal" account, I do not usually dream of UFO\'alien' related things. Thanks

" Dream log: 24.10.2009

I was in my grand parents house sometime during daylight. The sky was blue, but had some "light" clouds here and there.
I went out to the porch to talk with my relatives and friends, and I had a look up at the sky.

At first I saw a couple of lights moving, and dissapeared out of the horizon after a short while. I told my grandfather that I saw something in the sky, and that we should keep our attention upwards. After a short while we see a huge amount of white looking ships, some in ' boomerang ' shapes, and lot's of others in various shapes. Suddenly a low flying ship passed us close to the ground, and then suddenly turned almost straight upwards towards the clouds. It kinda looked like one of the 'Cylon' ships of this kind: http://paulsstarbasef22.homestead.co...on_raider1.jpg
(but it hade some more lights on it, with different colors)

I remember saying something like: " So much for disclosure", and there where alot of mixed feelings in the crowd. But to the crowd this was not completely out of their head's due too me telling them about my "alien" encounters from earlier in life (wich I have told).

I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder, and remember thinking to myself "perhaps I can work in a spaceship now" and I laughed a little to myself. I was quite jolly.

I went outside again, and the ships were still flying around in the clouds.

Alot of discussions among several people took place, but I can not remember quite what they where talking about (but you can guess). Later in the day it seemed like we had a little party with several other people. The topic seemed to be first contact.

The last thing I remember is saying to my brother " Should I see if I can get any of them down to speak with us?" He said "yes, you should", and we walk towards the lawn.

and it stops there."

Personal note: Only for consideration, I am not stating this actual event will occur, just the fact that I see it as very "real".
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Default Re: A vivid dream with things in the clouds

This is very similar to a whole series of dreams I have had.

I am wholeheartedly convinced that very soon, we're going to see a WHOLE HEAP of different things in the sky.

The same with what you said - I perceive that they will start off small. Then show up (still small, but) in clusters. Some will see, some wont. Some people will do double takes and then they will be gone.

Then all will see the clusters, there will also be many military aircraft. Then before long, they will be literally flying over rooftops.

What they are, or where they're from -- I haven't yet fully concluded, although I do have great suspicion that they are from here in earth.

Also, it wont be just "UFO'S" it will be lights, blurs, streaks, SIGNS, all sorts of things. Again, I am wholeheartedly convinced (from many dreams that I've had), that this is just around the corner.
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Default Re: A vivid dream with things in the clouds

Yeah, just finished reading your 'dream' post now, and I get your meaning. I have also had some colours in the skies in a dream not to long ago. It was spirals of different colours (same main colours as you described with the symbols), but in my case it turned out to be a giant spiral (colours spiralling into the centre), and after a little while spiralling, a 'stable' black hole appeared out of it, with the colours still spinning around the hole (in around the centre of the spiral).

Also been watching earth from space a couple of times not long ago, that was nice
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