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Default sw Virginia, mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee, NC, WVA

Snowmageddon, my foot. It's ALL MANMADE!

Chemtrail Watch group to collect data now forming

Since the middle of December, southwest Virginia has been heavily chemtrailed. All of the abnormally gray sky we're having has been artificially created, we have been deliberately deprived of our normal amount of sunshine - which has kept our temps lower than normal and our heating bills high. The East Coast blizzard before Christmas and the one in early February were heavily chemtrailed (manmade) events. This is not Mother Nature at all. There's NOTHING natural about this, and I want to prove it, starting now.

I'm so angry about how we're being manipulated that I'm forming a Chemtrail Watch group to collect data, get time/date-encoded time-lapse video, and use all this data to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for public education and for presentation to local, state, and national governing boards. We're going to demand answers and we're going to present proof. No more of this "it's just regular jet traffic" nonsense.

This whole thing may be weather wars aimed at Washington, DC, since they in fact have taken the brunt of these two major storms, but that's just a guess.

Anyone on this forum who knows anyone in southwest Virginia, or the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, or West Virginia, will you help out by sending them an email about this group now forming? They should indicate their interest by emailing ctwatch22@aol.com and we'll send them info on how we're going about this. We don't need their name, just their initials (in case we get more than one person in the same location) and their location.

Thanks so much! You're a great bunch of people!
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