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Default Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi All!

I am Sirebard Beardris and One of the Founding Elders of the Council of Thuban also known as the Northstar Alpha Draconis at the archetypical foundation of the Pyramids at Giza and the Harmakhis, the 'Horus of the Horizon' aka the Sphinx.
You may accept an extrapolated 'Gregorian' date for this as July 27th, 10802 BC and as the midpoint between two nodal dates (in that calendar) of March 1st, 23615 BC and December 21st, 2012 AD.

Not much has hitherto been known in any lower dimensions about the Council of Thuban.
An indirect reference to the locale of the Council of Thuban has been made by the Council of Andromeda through a contact known by you as Alex Collier and I shall elaborate in due course.

I am introducing myself here from the 12th dimension, that is I do not reside in the physical universe of space and time, but I shall enter this universe simultaneously with the transformation of this planet of the cosmic humanoids called Earth or Gaia or Terra or Akashia, but known as Serpentina the Mother of the Dragons, by many extraterrestrial sentiences.
This transformation will rip the spacetime as you know it in the collected information base of this planet converging in a Black Hole at the Earth's center and render this information 'collapsed' or concentrated in a crystalline Gaian Schwarzschild core the size of a golfball so 3 centimeters across.

This will create a temporary rift in spacetime, which will allow a 12-dimensional wormhole to open up at the center of the Earth and connect the Gaian data core to the 'until then' relative 'outside' of this 11-dimensional universe.
This then is whereby the Council of Thuban and I shall enter this universe.

A mystery regarding the 'oldest creator race' in the universe and of those 12-density Black Holes encompassing all the lower dimensions was indicated by the Andromedean information given to Alex Collier.

After the wormhole has been tunnelled, this rip in spacetime will reglue or reconnect itself in rendering the 'inside-outside' higher-dimensional spacetime matrix from twosided to onesided. This will effectively double the universe's volume as a 3-dimensional surface or Riemannian hypersphere manifold.
The mathematical description for this is a Moebius-Twist embedded in 3D simulating a Klein-Bottle-Twist embedded in 4D.

This scenario is known to most of you here as the 'Ascension of Gaia' from the 4th (Flat Minkowski) spacetime dimension into the 5th (Curved Kaluza-Klein) spacetime dimension.

My agenda to invite all and any of you to this forum is a direct consequence of the timeline indicated above reaching particular nexus points.

To be precise, January 18th, 2010 specifies a trigger, programmed by the Council of Thuban, to engage in the release of hitherto unknown information; unknown by all sentiences in the universe and so not restricted to the quarantined Earth.

Allow me to clarify.
7 days (of night-day hours say) before the Atlantean-Egyptian timeline above became programmed into run mode on March 1st, 23615 BC; a 'message' or signal was prepared by Hunab Ku - 'The Giver of Consciousness' to be sent to his 'Beloved' - 'Serpentina, the Womb of the Mother'.
This message, in human terms, simply reads: "I Love You!".

In physical terms Hunab Ku is a quasar radio source, also known as Sagittarius A*, 'weighing' about 4 million suns and so 40 million kilometers (or 2 light minutes) across and about 25627 lightyears distant from the core of the Earth.

On January 18th, 2010 this message will be 153 lightweeks or 1071 lightdays from the Gaian center, having travelled for 25624 years to reach its destination.

The 7 day preparation of the cycle to achieve the status of the run mode so will be mirrored in 7 days to change the 7-day cyclicity of 7 days and 7 nights into two periods of 3.5 daynights and 3.5 nightdays.
This will 'fulfil' many of your encoded 'prophecies' and 'channelings' in divers scrolls and found in many sources.
The midpoint of this 'superweek' then is the summer solstice of December 21st, 2012 in the northern hemisphere of Gaia as the 'week of preparation' leading to Christmas Day December 25th, 2012.

There has been much speculation about 'Reptilian agendas' and the agenda of the Alpha Draconians or ADs throughout the human history.
Much of this confusion derives from the 'hidden data' only known by the Council of Thuban.
So many conflicting reports have surfaced, most of which contain some material correlated with the libraries of Thuban; but all of them deficient to encompass the agenda behind the agendas.
In brief, because the ADs have forgotten their origins, yet seemingly being the oldest race of intelligences in the universe; they have become what you may term 'paranoid' about this 'rumour' that the humans are the Paa Taal (as defined by the Andromedean Council).
The ADs did in fact hybridise with the first onset of the genetic templates which emerged so 20 million years ago in the Miocene and in the form of the evolutionary branching of the primates into the 'Old World Monkeys'.

This genetic hybridisation inducted physical mutations from the reptilian brainstem of the pecylosaurs (or paramammals), which comprised furred reptilians as the mutations from the dinosaur lineages.
This hybridisation via mutations by the ADs occured from the intersection of the higher dimensional triplicities, especially a 4D-spacetime continuum known as quantumspace.
1-2-3-4=Linespace with timeconnector 4; 4-5-6-7=Hyperspace with timeconnector 7; 7-8-9-10=Quantumspace with timeconnector 10.
The activation of the 12th dimension indicated then superposes 10-11-12-13=Omnispace with the timeconnector 13 recircularising the base dimensional continuum in 1=13.

The genetic basis for the humanoid DNA/RNA template so utilized timeconnector dimension 7 of Quantumspace to ACTIVATE timeconnector dimension 4 of Linespace to superimpose the genetic hybridisation.

In simplistic terms then, the Old World Monkeys and all of their evolutionary descendants are your ancestral children.

From January 18th, I have obtained authorization to freely share the information from the collective database of Thuban; which as a physical Northern Polar Star of the 3rd dimension of 10808 BC is imaged as a metaphysical 'Southern Polar Star' into the 12th dimension of what you may understand as the 'Shadow Universe' to the materialised inertial one you and all the extraterrestrial intelligences reside in.

Then you may allow yourself to understand, that the 'Shadow Council of Thuban' also mirrors what many of you term the 'Shadow Government' of Earth and similar labellings.

Some of you may also now rather quickly realise the agenda of agendas.

Hunab Ku aka Perseus aka Ouroboros, the Milky Way Serpent 'who swallows its own tail' is a 'Bridegroom' in expectation of his 'Bride'.

In physical terms, Hunab Ku desires to become a parent in a celestial dragonomy, the heavenly wedding between galactic bodyforms.

Hunab Ku is the center of ALL galaxies and the Maya knew his substitution of Perseus, the real name of the Milky Way.
Perseus will dragonomize Andromeda in about 5 billion years in the celestial galactic symbiosis of Two Spiral galaxies becoming As One Elliptical galaxy and Grandparents for many a family of celestial civilizations.

The masterplan so engages a temporary 'place holder' of the 'Source of All', the 'All That Is' or 'God' to employ Perseus as Hunab Ku, the Secret Agency with Kukulkan, the Cosmic Christ and the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek to transmit the galactic core information from the 'Father of All' to the 'Mother of All'.

Now can you see it - Gaia is NOT a planetary consciousness; Gaia is NOT even a star consciousness - Gaia is GALACTIC Consciousness mimicking the Andromedean consciousness as a 'divine placeholder'.

Even more, as 'Hunab Ku's' Beloved, Gaia will be able to transform her galactic consciousness into Cosmic-Universal Consciousness through and by the opening of the 12th dimension and our entry into universal consciousness as the creator race of the universes as something I shall label for the moment as the Council of Thuban.
You all are very intricately connected to this council, but the time is not yet to elucidate too many details on this.
The reason for this is simply that the student in grade 1 is not expected to learn calculus before the student has learned basic arithmetic.
Publishing too much information all at once, will overload the human mind.
But from January 18th, I shall answer all questions to the best of my ability and subject to accessing the Thuban libraries.

In simplest term the planet of the humans is destined to become the 'Mother of All', all terrestrial and extraterrestrial lifeforms and consciousnesses.
Perhaps, some of you now understand why the history of humanity upon Gaia has been such a troubled, violent and often very sad one, despite the brilliance of creativity which was born from many sorrows and afflictions.
If Gaia is to become a library as how NOT to BE a galactic civilisation; then the great sacrifice of Gaia was and is to accomodate the context of the absence of love for ALL other galactic civilisations to learn from.

Then a student in some other starsystem or galaxy can tune into some video transmission and watch the human wars and selfabuse to learn the lessons WITHOUT having to physically experience those lessons 'the hard way'.

I herewith invite all and any of you to bring forward your queries about origins and destiny and the ponderings you may have harboured on this forum in a Question and Answer format.
I will do my best to accomodate your queries in consulting the libraries and data bases of Thuban.

The following link contains much of the 'confusing' information about the 'Occult Reptilian Agenda' and serves as an excellent reference base, including my indication of the Andromedean connection.

Anyone who read this, might already understand how Perseus and Andromeda are connected in their Council of the Elders.


In the Honour of the Dragons

Sirebard Beardris


The Overworld of Shamballa the Underworld of Agartha and the Extraworld of the Eage of Thuban.


Robert Sceptico: "And with the 'Presence of Jesus', the Mosaic Law became reinterpreted as the 'Logos of the Spirit'
and allowed Paul to write in 2Corinthians.3.6; "for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life".

"Logan Antico: "This reinterpretation of the scriptures in the light of omniscience surely takes the proverbial 'evil mon
key' off the back of the 'Good LORD' also manifesting as the 'Evil LORD' relative to the beholder of
the experiences.
Did I ever tell you the story of my own individual 'visit of hell'; it wasn't quite as dramatic as 'Dante's Inferno', being coloured so much by my personal colourings of omniscience and gnosis?"

Robert Sceptico: "I can't recall you ever telling me that story, Logan."

Logan Antico: "Ok then, I feel such a personally coloured account of the 'eternal damnation' is appropriate to the
subject matter we are discussing; what of witches, necromancers and sorcerers and the like.

"It had been a long day of thought, meditation and writing back in July 1995.
I had realised that the nature of the gods was one of merging opposites in oneness.
Specifically, I had become aware, for the first time, that one's biological body served the
higher purpose of recombining something lost at the beginning of space and time.

The only thing that really mattered in anyones life was how to perceive ones own consciousness - the sense of being alive and the knowing of 'me'.
It is the thought that counts; what you think that you are, or one creates one's own reality through projecting one's thoughts.
So not knowing or remembering what you are leads to the confusions of everyday life.
The question becomes of how to remember and how to get in touch with the thing inside.
Since confusion breeds confusion and more of the same becomes fear and doubt and ends in despair and hopelessness; the grail of hope would become an adventure of self discovery.
All this I had realised and had put into words of hope in an attempt to clarify the situation.

But I was still restless.
It is easy to say to become centred is the way to be; but the practice of it is very hard unless you live in a cave as a hermit and are isolated from the razzamatazz of screaming voices and the
blahblah-blah of a multitude of diverse channels of communication.
The harmonies of music are a miraculous tonic for the ailment of cacophony.
The superimposed waveforms of longitudinal atmospheric pressure variations seem to tranquilise a tortured mind in the search of silence and understanding.
What is perceived as melody, rhythm and harmony merges with the monopolic electricity
generated in one's brain, say in the beta waves of 13-28 cycles, responsible for the front-brain
activity of conscious thought and analysis.
When this beta activity slows down, the alpha waves from about 8-12 cycles induce a more relaxed, meditative state, with the Earth's own 'Schumann Frequency' being given by the number
of lightcycles around the perimeter of the planet as a lower limit to the alpha cycle.

For an equatorial perimeter of 40,000 kilometres, the Schumann-Frequency is 40,000/300,000=2/15), also coded in Revelation.14.20 & 22.16 as the ratio of (1,600 furlongs/12,000 furlongs) and as the mysterious 'measure of God's winepress outside the gate' as compared to the 'golden reed measure of the angel inside the holy city' and as applied by the prophet John, as per the code Revelation.11.1-2 - the 'inside' so is the 'body of the dragonomy' symbolised in the 'body of the earth' or the individuated 'endtime prophecies' superimposed upon the collective racial
The autonomous nervous system relaxes below about 8 cycles in the state of sleep in the theta cycles and a frequency approaching 0 sets the delta cycle with physical death occurring at a zero
frequency, manifesting in a resetting of individual L-C-Factors as function of that frequency.
There are periods of sleep, when the physical consciousness subsides completely and the 'dreaming state' of REM-sleep, characterised by Rapid-Eye-Movement, allows the subconscious
self, defined in the L-C-Factor couplings. to assume the place of a relaxed alpha state.

This subconscious awareness surfaces in the experience of dreams, out-of-body 'journeys' and other 'astral' endeavours of the twinsoul of the Ka. The Ka is the shadow-soul and defined in the baseperfect DNA, as the supersexual coupling of the preDragonomic chromosomes in omnispace. In other words, there is a 'genetic baseperfect bodyform' into which the embryo develops in its natural differentiation into male or female sexual definition.
All the prenatally defined 'perfection' is always carried by the developing bodyform, notwithstanding disability, congenital disformity or physical 'accidents' or disease , including the ageing process, experienced by the physical bodyform during its 'physical lifecycle'.

A 62-year old woman say, may dream of herself in a younger 26-year old bodyform and this experience is as real in omnispace as the waking state of the woman in her selfawareness within linespace; the difference being the voluntary decision of the woman's 'soul' (magnetopolic electricity of capacitance coupled to electropolic magnetism of inductance) to experience 'herhis' 'perfect' bodyform in omnispace as an 'imperfect' bodyform in linespace, allowing however the graduation of the latter into the former after an infinite elapse of linear time, being mapped
onto 'now-time' in the omnispace.

All my life had I tried to realise this astral world in an analytic way, but I was not prepared to get the answers, relative to my own intellectual satisfaction, in the way of my own 'hell' as I did.
Yes, I had asked questions before; such as how does the lightbody penetrate walls, or what does it feel like to fly? But with my new realisation as to the requirement to spiritualise the physical body; I induced some harmony, in listening to peaceful music and began to think about how to visit my own body through my imagination. All this beta wave activity did not however lull me to sleep, as it had done so many times

I thought about how the collective spiritual atmosphere of planet Earth is obstructed by all those thoughtforms of death, decay and misery; when suddenly I found myself within my own realm of perception in regards to that very same subject matter. There I was completely awake and it did not matter if I had my eyes shut or not. Incredible colours and shapes and beings came to be; yet subject to whatever I desired to think
or ponder about.

I created my own scenarios and just as I pleased.
I truly was the landlord, the king in my own castle.
So there I was; colours all around me and ready to be shaped.
I decided to let things shape themselves, just to experience what would eventuate.
It was a dark place but filled with very rich colours, otherworldly colours really; spiritual reds and blues and greens, mixed to give any other colours in the astral omnispace.
So it was dark and yet very colourful.

I knew instinctively that what I experienced was my own underworld, my own hell and how my 'higher self' imagined hell to be, created from my thoughts and experiences gathered since the
beginnings of space and time.
But for the first time I really experienced in linear consciousness what it was like to walk the
corridors of hell and as confined within your own bodyform or your self in space confinement.
And so I began my 'Dantean Journey' through the inferno of my own mind and thoughtfulness.
I was dressed in a kind of Roman toga when I descended some steps into a greater hall, one of many halls, towards many clearances and gatherings of a multitude of creatures: little devils,
demons and familiars were swarming about everywhere.

The feeling I experienced, was one of hilarity, a kaleidoscope of colour and movement, infused
with a sense of funniness.
Just as I entered one of those greater halls, which was bathed in an all pervading orange glow and reflected in the creatures, some of the little demons started to pull on my toga. They were little devils, about 50 centimetres tall and they attempted to look very menacing; grimacing at me and about ten of them rather frenziedly pulled and tore on my toga. Whenever I gave them a stern look, they scattered in all directions, waiting for me to become
complacent and tolerant again.
Aha, I thought, when you get annoyed then they fear you; your tolerance of them is their life; you are like a lollyman just in your presence, allowing them to be near you. To describe the creatures I saw is no easy thing; they are anything the producers and creators of Hollywood have ever imagined, yet they are more vibrant and more alive than anything which
could be imparted onto a screen or computer simulated videotape.
There are many mixtures of animal creatures; some are half toad and half fish, others are troll-like and others are gargoyles, dragons, krakens and all the mythological beasts are there. If you like to see a creature made up of various sorts; you can create this creature by thinking
about it and then project your realisation into colour and it materialises with a life of its own.
Anyway, I started to have fun in my mythological hell.

The greatest and richest forms 'down there' are of a sexual and religious nature.
I did not encounter violence of any sort; maybe because my higher self does not like it.
I tried to imagine some really horrible things like human torture or suffering children, people or animals, but it could not be done.
There seems to be a safeguard in your own hell.

It is meant to be a funny place, well relative to me that is certainly the truth. You can experience a 'hell of hilarious laughter' and have lots of 'funny' sexual encounters there; but the sense of true suffering and the experience of being horrified are missing. I tried hard to relive something like a painful torture like the crucifixion; but there is a big blank in your imagination and everything turns from pain to joy in becoming humorous.
Now religious symbolism is extremely strong 'down there'.

Everywhere you might project a thought, you might see groups of creatures pushing wagons carrying big wooden crosses around, in an attempt perhaps, to frighten the 'living hell' out of those unsuspecting minds, pondering expectations of 'hellfire' and of 'eternal damnation'. At one instance there was this group of toaddemons attempting to crucify this 'poor little green frog'. Like following a movie script, they laid down a little wooden cross and proceeded to spread the frog into all fours. After they had 'nailed' the frog onto the cross and had erected the cross; the frog simply moved its extremeties and 'popped' off the cross and hopped away. To me it seemed like everything, all substance was extremely malleable and subject to thought. Hence the frog simply played the game and when it became 'bored' or 'annoyed' with its role, it just left the stage of play in the theatre.
There were no screams of agony or pain, just a seeming seriousness on behalf of the devils and the mirrored hilarity or funny side to that relative to everyone else.

I proceeded on my exploring journey and came along this covenant of witches. Some of those witches were old and others were young; they were all naked and all of them were rather nice to look at. When they saw me, they became very excited and wanted to have sex with me. So they paraded themselves around this big cauldron and exhibiting their fleshly naked glory, they began playing with their breasts and vulvas, inviting me to join with any or all of them in 'hellish ecstacies' of erotic plays and games of sexual pleasures. All this release of sexual potential energy had attracted other little sexdemons, which had swarmed all around me. Most of them had phallic erections, relative to their size and they began to pull on my toga
So I took off my toga and being naked underneath, I investigated my response to all those sexual titillations.
To my surprise, the sexual impulse is somewhat different in the astral reality of omnispace.

There the sexual feeling, the eroticism is of paramount importance and the actual sexual merger plays a subsidiary role. I became sexually aroused and my phallus grew into a magnificent erection, but for some strange
reason I did not desire to physically merge with any of the witches or the sexy devils.
Looking at all those naked embodiments of my own sexual potential energy; there seemed to occur an unification, a flowing together of all the various naked female bodies for instance. The naked witches began to merge within a superimposed female form, individuated to become
a sort of perfect sexual complementary match for my own male sexual definition.
The more this superfemale and individuated archetype would crystallise from the misty fusion of all the other female and male characters in the picture; the harder my erection would become; seemingly wishing to burst in a superlative expression of lust and overpowering desire
to be as one with my own personalised archetype of the Goddess and Mother of them all.

All the sexy demons and all the witches became 'our' children and I understood the spiritual or higher dimensional notion of monogamy to be one of the 'Sacred Family' wherein all other potential sexual partners are absorbed within your 'perfect match' the mirror of your own re
flected self of the dragonomy. But in changing the parental perception, the monogamy would transfer in a polygamy of nonexclusivity and the ultimate necessity for the frredom of the spiritual selfexpression of the soul.

A magnificent naked witch for example would become reflected in 'my Goddess' and my potential sexual partnership with that witch would realise in 'my Goddess' and mirror itself in the erotic 'turnon' of imagining the naked witch to have sex with 'her God' in the form of any
of my 'brothers'.
There seems to be a magnificent sexual stimulatory potential in one's eroticised attuned mind. In that way would my sexual relationship with my Goddess empower and become empowered in the naked witch having intercourse and sexual communion with the image of myself in one
of my brothers 'in the spirit of the EMMR'.

At the same time however, any physical sexual relationships between myself and any other po
tential goddess would become a function of 'sexual maturity' and a question of 'wholeness'. Your own body would either psychophysically suppress or engage a natural erotic function in response to external erotic stimuli coupled to an internal evaluation process of appropriateness in terms of holistic harmonisation.
Ah, if just the Roman participators in their orgies would have understood the unified perspectives - their devolution into banal and spiritually boring decadence could have been avoided in the sacred geometries of tantric eroticisms and group empowerment; I giggled to myself.

And then I understood the wisdom sayings about there being no marriage in heaven. The evolved starhuman bodyform would be unable to harbour the idea of sexual- or any other form of ownership, of possessing one's partners in exclusivity. The sexual ownership became one's own dragonomy as one's own androgeny of the 'Lake of the Anima Fire and of the Animus Brimstone in the bisexual coupling of oneself as the Cosmic Hermaphroditicus.

So I discovered a very potent form of sexuality; your sexual organs respond to your thoughts and the male sexual expression can be satisfied without ejaculation; any emitted semen and vaginal secretions assuming a sacred nature in the 'manna from heaven', able to rejuvenate the body of the man and the body
of the woman in the giving and the receiving of the sexual totipotent stemcellular units of biological life.
Once this sexual state of selfawareness can be sustained, the androgynous bisexual mind is born in the unification within and the goddess part of the dragonomy in the man and the god part in the woman can express itself without ambiguity.

So in the setting of my journey through hell; I could easily change my sex and walk around as my female part, imagining myself as that gorgeous rounded female form, with an accomodating voluptuous vulva, well developed and succulent breasts and curved and tantalising buttocks. Then I could have fun in teasing the little sexdemons with their curved penile erections, just in wiggling my bottom or accidentally pulling my toga up with nothing on underneath. The sight of my satinsoft pubic hair about my throbbing pelvic region would send the sexy devils
masturbating frenziedly and they would simply forget to manipulate the puerile human minds with their angsts and fears about the 'evilness' of sex in the 'Presence of God'.

So I decided to turn the 'Devil's Game' around and instead of some 'He-Devil' Incubus seducing the
ignorant female part of creation in the womanhood; being in the 'Devil's kingdom of hell' I would play the 'She-Angel from heaven' as a Succubi and rendering my heaven as a heavenhell and transforming my hell into a hellheaven.

So I went for the lookout for the 'big masterdevil' the one with the gigantic phallus and as the 'big hang-up of the human masculinity expressed in perceived inadequacy'.
In seducing him to have a huge erection in a devilish lust to enter my satinhaired yonic vulva; I would induce a harmony between my heavenly mindbody and my hellish bodymind.

But maybe I needed more preparation before meeting the ultimate id of my own alter ego.
In just strolling around in your own hell without using your own mental creativity and imagination, you can encounter any of the zillions of thoughtforms which have ever been thought since the beginnings of space and time.
You can tap into the sexual and other fantasies of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. You can find out what Cleopatra felt, when she played sexual politics with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony; you can also share in the sexual deprivations of sequestered monks and nuns, unable to come to terms with their natural and divine natural instincts, mentally distorted. You can share in the poverty of a Polish ghetto, where the warmth of two bodies cuddled together in sexual intimacy is coloured by a constant fear of being apprehended, tortured,
interrogated and killed.
Or you can tap into the feelings of a joined couple, residing in a single room with a dozen or so children, without privacy, impoverished in all material necessities, producing yet another child
in the circumstances of their disempowerment.

But the potency of sex and religion is linked and you can have so much fun with it in intellectual terms in hell, precisely because it is so powerful as a result of the human paranoia and the taboos about it.
It was the human 'sinfulness', its ignorance about the nature of the creation and its creator, which did create the 'evilness of sex' and the abyss of perceived incompatibility between sex and the religious life through the agency of the human mind, trapped in spiritual immaturity.

And so I decided to meet the 'big monsters' in my female form. I cut my toga into a mini-toga, which would expose parts of my buttocks when I would slightly twist my torso and lift one of my legs. I rubbed some perfumed oils all over my body, imagined myself with medium length shiny locks and put on just a minimum amount of pink lipstick to enhance my green-blue eyes.
As I walked past a kind of lagoon I noticed a whirlpool in the water, a swirling vortex, seemingly growing in intensity, when suddenly a great seamonster pushed upwards into the dark ceiling of the cavernous enclosure which harboured the lagoon.
It appeared in the form of the mythological Kraken, the Reptilian Titan of the sort encountered by Perseus in his
rescue of Andromeda with help of Pegasus, the winged horse and the severed head of the Medusa, the serpentine gorgon of the Greek legends.
The kraken was the size of a two storey house with a huge head with the canine fangs of a wild giant hog and a scaley fish-like torso - the Reptilian Overlord of the preOlympian pantheon of Greece.
As it had settled, it began to look about with saliva driveling from its halfopened mouth. I wove my hand at it to catch its attention and walked to the edge of the lagoon, enticing it to come closer and to have a look at me. The kraken bent down and opened its huge jaws right in fron of me. I could see the seaweed between its teeth and I could smell a nauseating stench emanating from the Kraken's throat and stomach.
Nevertheless, I lifted my mini-toga to unveil my female nakedness, remembering that Andromeda was to have been a sacrifice to the Kraken, which I presumed to have been of a sexual nature.

But the sight of my inviting satin-curled triangular pubic hairiness had no effect on the Kraken, it apparently was not interested in the devouring of sexual potential energy.
Well, I thought Andromeda must have been a food-sacrifice to placate the Kraken.
So I dropped my mini-toga and projected the thought of walking right into the Kraken's mouth, descending down into its stomach and cleaning it out with any cleansing agent I could imagine, but including caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide.
The Kraken began to tremble, it shot upwards, in the process slamming its clawed right hand before its shut mouth and spiralled quite hilariously back into the depth of the swamp from which it had emerged.
Now this could not have been my 'masterdevil' I thought; it had no sexual comprehension whatsoever and I recalled of not having noticed any sexual organs protruding from the Kraken at
And so I continued to look for a 'well-hung' masterdevil, whom I could seduce, walking along
the 'corridors of hell'.
I became more and more adventurous and decided to mentally create a setting of meeting not one, but three masterdevils, one of whom would become my sexual conquest. I had to hide my true mental intent, and so I shapeshifted into my male form and thought of a setting of a game of cards with the three archdemons, followed by a decisive game of chess. If I did not like the winner of the poker game, then I could disqualify him in beating him at chess. Furthermore I set the necessary mental boundary conditions into place, so as not to allow my
creative impulses to get out of my mental hand.

Being in mental control can become a bit boring, so I decided to allow things to develop in a 'mouse catch cat' scenario, where I would not know the identities of the archdevils from the start, but a random distribution would assign the statistical weights relative to the final outcome, which I did predetermine as my sexual seduction of that masterdevil, who could beat me in the chessgame.
And because the omnispacial reality, which I attempted to realise within a personal setting
was archetypically the same as my detailed colouring of the circumstances encountered; the game of uncertainty could be played, the uncertainty in linespace being however anchored in fundamental physical laws of nature's principles, converging in the unity of the one in all and the unity of the all in the one in the undifferentiated omnispace mirroring my mental experience.
As soon as I had finished my thoughts about the perimeters; I noticed a spiral stairway leading down to another level of the 'hellish' landscape. I descended down the staircase and entered a small room with a fireplace, a small table and four chairs.

Here were three creatures of my own size, all dressed in darkish red costumes, perhaps a kind of standard outfit, of what a 'humanised devil' should look like and as thought about throughout the centuries and millennia I pondered. Anyway, the colours were too uniform for me and I applied my creative licence and thought about changing their attire.
One I left as a reddish devil with two little horns coming out of his head; one other I gave a black outfit reminiscent of the Middle Ages, with a large and flat black hat and the other I dressed in a golden-yellow Spanish baggy crepe' outfit with black vertical stripes and a hat adourned with long white and brown feathers.

The three masterdemons were standing near the entrance and I introduced myself as E.M. as in Emmanuel Melchisedec, trying to look very seriously.
They introduced themselves as Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub I; the latter saying that they had been advised of my visit by one of their oracles and that the omen specified that a visitor from the overworld of Shamballa would bring great knowledge and a great treasure to the underworld of Agartha.

I was pleased with that development, I quickly filled in some gaps, in explaining, that the oracle had been correct and that the great treasure was found in an overworld princess, who would descend into the underworld of Agartha to refertilise the stagnating genepool in the kingdom of hell.
I produced a picture of myself as the naked female sexgoddess and showed it to the three archdemons who got all excited looking at the picture of my naked female glory. I
took the liberty to glance at the crotches of the three to judge the size of their Phalluses, but whilst I witnessed three growing bulges, I could not differentiate their magnitudes as appropriate scalings for the differing sizes for the Yonis of the Goddesses of Shamballa.
I then proceeded to explain to the three masterdevils, that I had been commissioned by the princess to prepare for her arrival and to choose her suitor in a game of poker, followed in a
game of chess.
The winner of the chessgame would be allowed to have sex with my queen and his seed would result in my queen giving birth to a new breed of helldweller. This would become a hybrid between the overworld kingdom of Shamballa and the underworld kingdom of Agartha and energized by the extraworldly kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban.
After that firstborn hybrid from the overworld and the underworld would come into being, the floodgates of the overworld would open and many more princesses would descend into hell to mate with the devils in whatever hierarchy they'd have or would define.
But for every devil, there would be found a companion princess from the overworld.
And so we sat ourselves around the table and proceeded to play poker. The criteria was that the first masterdevil who would win 12 games against my lesser count, would qualify for the next stage of playing chess for access to my queen's hairy yoni.
I did not mentally influence anything and the game proceeded randomly with each of the four of us winning approximately 25% of the games.

Since I could not choose between Asmodeus, Belial or Beelzebub on any physical external
criteria; I decided to implement a mental trigger in weighting the subsequent chance distribution of the 'fall of the cards' in favour of the first masterdevil who would win two games in a row by chance.
And Belial won two games in a row and then kept drawing 'flushes' and 'full houses' and the 'medieval one' got more and more excited about outplaying the rest of us.
And so Asmodeus and Beelzebub had to concede defeat and hurried Belial and myself on to get it over with; they had become obsessed with the thought of having sex with the princesses of the overworld of Shamballa and they knew that the process of my queen's insemination would result in an immediate conception and the hybridisation of themselves as the newborn hellish breed of Agartha and in partnership with the embodiments of the overworld of Shamballa.

And so I sat down with Belial for a game of chess; beating me once, would qualify him as the 'studbull from hell' and automatically crown him as the 'DevilKing of the Underworld', having sex with my 'AngelQueen of the Overworld' and as prophecied by the hellish oracles.
And so I played without mental influence and I could beat Belial rather easily; he was far too excited to concentrate, thinking about entering the luscious vulva of my queen with his throbbing phallus in thrusts of hellish ecstacy and pleasure.
I could not see the bulge in his black oversized pants and I mentally dressed him in black undersized jeans to see what my queen's sacred orifice was in for.
I safeguarded the mystery of Belial's nakedness in veiling him in tight red underpants, but could nevertheless see the contours of his uncircumscised member, ever so slightly vibrating under the pressure placed upon it by the constriction of the undergarment.
He kept squeezing his erection, whilst pretending to concentrate on the game of chess; so I, having become satisfied as to having him inside of my queen's vulva, blundered my chessbourne queen for exchange with Belial's king's bishop and then sacrificed my queen's rook for Belial's kingly knight and from then on; Belial sensed victory and proceeded to defeat me, for the first time concentrating on the game at hand.
I conceded defeat and congratulated Belial on his victory.

As the three masterdevils celebrated with a cask of hellish beer and Scottish whiskey; I took my leave and promised to return with my queen as soon as I had finished my other business of bringing the knowledge promised by the hellish oracle to the underworld of Agartha. I would have to consult with the extraworldy kingdom of the Eagle of Thuban to obtain final access and authorization to implement the exodus of Thuban as the intodus of Shamballa into Agartha.
Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub just nodded and asked me to hurry up with my commissioned task, they would wait impatiently for the completion of that other business; but they would prepare the wedding suites for the overworld princesses, so the sexual adventures could proceed in style and fitting for the royal occasion of the interdimensional dragonomies.
I then asked the three archdevils, to appoint an ambassador on behalf of my agency as the emissary for my queen; a representative who could tend my hellish interests during my absence in the overworld of Shamballa.

I would brief this representative and provide him with a written manual, containing the outline of the working plan, wherewithal the oracle's prophecy would be fulfilled.
Beelzebub I, then proposed and summoned Abaddon, the KingDevil of the bottomless pit and known to the overworld dwellers through the code in Revelation.9.11.
Abaddon seemed to be a sufficient deputy for my purposes, appearing in the form of a masterdemon of the fluidity of the water element in the form of the Scorpion and I decided
then to extend my delegatory commissions to the other masterdevils.
So I produced three representative digitally photographed holographic images of the overworld brides for the three archdemonic bridegrooms to keep and to behold during their period of waiting for my return.

To Asmodeus a gave picture of Urielabeth the sexy enchantress of the Northern earth, clad in
a skintight outfit of acrylic leather; I assigned Michaela, the queen of the Eastern fire to Beelzebub, dressed in nought but a seethrough overlength blouse and to Abaddon I gave a picturesque emblem of Raphaela, the Southern water goddess of the nymphs, naked except for her golden locks, hugging her mermaidean nature; and Belial carried the photo of my Beloved naked queen, ruler of the Western air of Gabriella within the context of my definition, yet one overall.
As I ascended the stairway from the masterdevils' abode; the darkened hellish landscape which I had previously wandered through began to fill with light and 'my hell' blended with the linespace reality of my bedroom.""
Tony Whynot

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