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Smile Paradigm Shift, Derivatives, and Wealth Destruction/Creation into the Aquarian Age

hello friends,

i have been reading many posts on this site recently. i would like to post some food for thought....

derivatives are financial wizardry that are supposed to change in reference to underlying variables, such as the futures markets surrounding agricultural commodities.

however, if you notice the creation and destruction of wealth is based upon the perception of stability/instability. such functioning is analogous to the inability to separate an organism from its environment.

i am going to use biological constructivism to illustrate a deeper point regarding the economic uncertainties that are now facing us all...

Organisms are in a constant process of altering their environments. Organisms are in a process of destroying their respective environments through the utilization of resources that are in short supply and then transforming them into a form that cannot be used again by the individuals of the species. Plants do this by sucking up water from the soil and transpiring it into the air. Although water is returned to the soil, the local rate of replenishment is independent of its local rate of extraction, such that plants in a micro-environment are creating their own drought.

Have you heard of Catastrophe Theory? It was developed in the 1960s by Rene Thom and it basically shows that changes in a system may be gradual and continuous deformations of previous states but at a critical point the entire shape of the system will undergo a "catastrophic" change and then continue its development along a totally new pathway.

Granted some of you may be familiar with this notion as David Wilcock has brought some attention to Complexity Theory recently and the notion of emergence.

The financial system is ephemeral. It is as ephemeral as a thought. Hold the thought in your mind, and then let it go. The financial system and the underlying derivative market is much like this; it is held together by the collective perception of stability and growth.

It is my sincere hope that individuals will see that "wealth" is a thought that is fortified by emotional strength, i.e. stability. Such notions of prosperity have no phenomenal existence apart from the ones who hold the thought of prosperity in existence. A relationship is only as good as the subjective perception that "we" are "together".

This is the basis for the birth of the Aquarian Age that we are currently undergoing. Some argue that the future is uncertain, that there are probabilities associated with various outcomes, for better or worse, that we are confronted with leading up to the singularity event somewhere between the latter half of 2011 and 2013. However, I want to clarify this....

There is no physical universe. Time does not exist. There is only one life that animates all form. Consciousness is like space. If you take an empty cup and you move it, does space move from one location to another? Know consciousness to be like this. All forms are contained within it, It is not contained within form.

What physicality is, is nothing more than an energetic vibratory appearance of a homogeneous Infinity expressed simultaneously as infinite, finite heterogeneous mix of "beings". This vibratory soup has no phenomenal existence.

Pure consciousness/being is completely still and unmoving. It, the I, beingness itself, the foundation, the eternal support.

Change reality by changing your minds. Wealth is a mental state that is fortified by astral/emotional stability and thus birthed physically.

Wealth is not contingent upon HAVING it is contingent upon BEING!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. It is here NOW.
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roy bodien
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Default Re: Paradigm Shift, Derivatives, and Wealth Destruction/Creation into the Aquarian Ag

Very good post Adam! I totally agree with you! Most people can't grasp this, because you have to be "out of your mind" so to speak to understand.

I myself have had problems understanding this until just recently taking a class called "Quantum Retrainment" and reading his book called "Beyond Happiness" written by Frank Kinslow.

Very easy to read and understand. I would recommend this to anybody that is interested in getting in touch with the higherself or the I AM.

Love and Peace,
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Default Re: Paradigm Shift, Derivatives, and Wealth Destruction/Creation into the Aquarian Ag

thanks Adam. that was THE thing i needed to hear today. blessings for the reminder
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