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Default A Simple Plan For Our Avalon Family (please read)

Good Day My Friends,

It has often been asked by members of this board: “When will American’s wake up?”

Well, the answer is simple: When they hear the alarm go off.

Unfortunately, most American’s & peoples have become accustomed to the typical “alarm clocks” and can sleep right through the bleating; 911 anyone?

Most people in this world, especially American’s (yes I am one), are “sleeping” very soundly. There is a certain comfort in their slumber. No worries about things they can’t control & no stress derived from knowing the truth.

We, however, know the truth (at least more of the truth than the common person); and with that knowledge of the truth we have a certain obligation to inform the ignorant of current situations.


I too am familiar with the “look” from the slumbering masses.

You know what look I’m talking about… that look that says “You are out of your mind.”

The look hurts & is a wonderful tool by the elusive “they” that run everything.

So, how can we help to make a difference while reducing the likelihood of attracting harm to ourselves & our family’s?

My Plan

I have a plan that may very well help wake up those that slumber.

A plan that is so simplistic in it’s design that it may fly right under the radar of “they.”

Do you want to know what it is?

Do you wonder to yourself what plan could be so easy?

I believe it to be self evident that the majority of this family, and by family I am referring to us, believes the Federal Reserve to be a joke and a complete slap in the face to our forefathers who worked so hard to create this beautiful land we have in America today… Yes, I believe there is much beauty left.

We are unfairly taxed and if money is a nation’s blood then our nation is bleeding to death before our very eyes; due to unlawful organizations such as the Federal Reserve.

Let us write a paper….

Yes, a simple paper; or rather an article.

Together, let us inject our ideas and use only PROOF of what we are talking about.

We shall use citation of laws currently in place.

We shall use historical documents…

We shall use any and all PROVABLE means to begin to bring down the evil giant which is killing our beautiful nation.

Once the paper/article has been written, we deliver it to as many “small town” news papers we can (where many patriots can be found) We send it to everyone we know, and ask that they send it as well.

The main stream media may be owned by the banks… but the smaller ones are not & they are more likely to print in mass what we send to them.

Where ever we live, send a copy of it to as many towns as possible.

We coordinate our efforts….

Tell the news paper company we deliver the message to exactly what we are doing in our letter/article & what we represent: Which is a TRUE AMERICA! Not the superficial America which is here today.

Please, tell me what you all think. Tell me if you will stand with me and begin to make this dream a reality.

We CAN make a difference… YOU can make a difference.
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