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Ali Quadir
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Default Re: David Wilcock's Forum is Censored

If someone is completely convinced about his truth then they will always be called arrogant or elitist. Blossom Goodchild is full of nonsense. The fact that she would accept screenshots of google earth glitches as evidence for alien craft is completely insane.

I can completely understand Wilcocks choice to remove this information from his forum. He uses the forum as a way to inform people. Misinformation is not helping in that goal. Especially since the posted topics will end up associated with his name.

Forums are not democracies if you've been around the internet you should know this. If you want to talk Goodchild, go to Goodchild's forum or one of the gazillion others that do attempt to take google earth glitches as alien spacecraft on the verge of revealing themselves to us.

To be honest it's rather regrettable that people NEED this kind of censorship or they will end up babbling complete nonsense. This is the twentyfirst century.. There is no excuse to not be informed or educated.

And one thing that cannot be denied is that Wilcock is incredibly informed and incredibly educated. Every claim he makes is associated with references that allow everyone with access to half his brain to check the information. He has no fluffy touchy feely word clouds. Everything is fact, referenced, cross referenced and because of it you can verify his words yourself.

When I was reading his work I often thought "Hah now I've got you. This is BS..." So I went to google to check his references and lo and behold... It was all there. I learned not because I believed. I learned because I criticised, disbelieved and then verified. If you believe you'll only learn what you already think you know.

His work is the only work on the topic that I have been able to find including the camelot/avalon work that approaches scientific standard. You know why scientific standards are so high? Because people love to babble and then parrot nonsense. And you have to protect yourself from this.

Just because we like it does not make it true. Just because everyone is repeating it, does not make it true. Just because it gives us a feeling does not make it true. Just because someone refuses to take discredited information serious does not make them arrogant or elitist. It makes them experts....
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