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Thumbs up Strengthening Pineal Gland & Immune System Simultaneously

I first began meditating when I was 17yrs old and at that time experienced the most powerful spiritual sensations, rushes, visions and all kinds of intense mystical experiences that laid a solid spiritual foundation and belief system for the years to follow. When I moved into my twenties life handed me a huge **** sandwich, filled with so much crisis and trauma that I lost sight of my faith for a few years.

In my early 30's I read a few books by orin & daben, one book "Creating Money" helped me to connect with my spiritual side through meditation again. Three weeks after reading the book and doing all the exercises to manifest abundance I inherited over $100,000 when my dad died unexpectedly. Scared the heck out of me because I thought I killed my dad!

Even tho I learned that wasn't so, ever since then I've had a block towards sitting down and meditating consistently...deep down I was scared of my own power.

Nowadays, several times a day I stop what I'm doing to give thanks, center myself, connect with my guides and ask for protection etc...but I haven't been able to stick with a good routine of going into deep states of meditation, where I know our best co-creational work is done. One of the things I've noticed is I haven't been getting the deep rushes, spiritual tingling sensations that were experienced when I was younger. After listening to Wilcock I've wondered if it may have something to do with a hardened pineal gland, after all the years of flouride and other toxins that have probably hardened it to marble stone!

Early this year I heard a doctor on the radio talking about a new treatment he developed for cancer and all kinds of immuno-deficiency related illness, it's derived from ancient Japanese medicine and is simply pine cone extract. He's cured many highly aggressive cancers where people were given weeks to live and has had amazing results with a wide variety of disease's. Basically pine cone extract repairs damaged, dysfunctional immune systems, so it's not just an immune booster it actually repairs and optimizes your immune system.

Ever since hearing about it, something has told me that pine cone extract will also heal, or soften hardened pine-al glands because the pineal gland is also shaped like a "pine" cone. As someone who's worked with natural medicine I know that nature works on a symbolic level in healing...guess it was to help early humans learn how to find and heal with natures ingredients.

The product is called Immune Extra by Allera, on the bottle it says Prolinga, patented Pine Cone Extract, you can order it online at immuneextra.com or you can do a google search, there are several distributors that have a better price if it's on special.

I've just been taking it a 5 days now, earlier I took a few minutes to center myself and got one of the biggest spiritual rushes I've had in a long, long time in less than a minute after closing my eyes. Something tells me it has to do with my pineal gland softening, or waking up.

So aside from repairing dysfunctional immune systems, which is something we should all be doing now that we have nasty mutant pandemics cropping up everywhere...it appears pine cone extract can also help heal wounded pineal glands as well, so I highly suggest Immune Extra as a spiritually beneficial herb, as well as a form of protection against disease and virus.

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