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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Marcus Knudsen
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Default Was I shown my future?

Hi all,

I had a dream some weeks ago. In the dream I saw a planet in the night sky, much closer than the moon, and the planet looked very much like our own. The strange thing was that the planet was moving in such a speed that you would see it moving across the sky. Then the movement of the planet changed a bit and made more of a half circle/loop movement. When this happened it was like everything stopped, both on the outside and inside. Like the time stood still. An airplane that was flying just crashed straight to the ground. It just stopped working in the blink of an eye and fell down. Just straight down in the ground. some days later i watched some interview from project camelot and they, or someone talked about that airplanes could literally drop to the ground like this if some kind of thing happened to the earth's magnetic field and had to do with a poleshift! (i think). My jaw actually dropped a bit... that was exactly like in the dream i had, before even hearing about this.
my mother was there too. We all somehow knew that "OK, now it starts, we better be ready".

The day after I read in the newpaper that the scientists might have discovered a "twin planet" to our own.

I don't know what you think, but i have had dreams before about big things hapening to this earth and that I am somehow saved. Me and my twin brother actually had the same dream once, the same night, that there was storms and all kinds of things that made it near impossible to stay, and we where both sudently in some place indoors, above the ground, looking out over the sky/earth through a huge window, seeing ships (ufo ships) outside, and below us was (probably) the earth.
In his dream he remember that the ships was planting the earth with things that they dropped down. Like trees and stuff that where being planted. They just stuck to the ground. The trees was in upside-down cones that stuck to the ground like spears.

This dream I think either showed us our personal future or just showed that we (him and me) will be OK, and somehow I just know that I WILL be OK and that the future will be very bright and beyond what I can dream right now.
We have nothing to loose now. Be yourself and you will be surprised how easy it is!
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