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Default What have i (you) learned....

So...What have i learned

Perhaps my intentions are not very clear within my actions...

Let me clarify...

i exist to please , i live in light and i grow in love...

Let me say this loud and clear...

i do NOT want the information banned.

i have watched MANY people with very opposite views discuss the thuban philosophy without ANY negativity...

Why is this?

Because Avalonians are good people.

Because we KNOW that we all can get through this....

Let's talk ...

i have learned much from people who agree and DISagree with me...

ALL have come to me with respect and shown me the way...i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There are no regrets in my heart. Emotions are not something i am able to negate...i approach everything from an emotional point of view.


It seems my actions have been misinterpreted by some as a "war"

let me say loud and clear..


i simply follow my heart..

If i have been ..incorrect...or mislead.. PLEASE inform me...i am always looking to better myself so i may serve in love and light to my fullest capacity.

Ask around... i take criticism very well... if it is honest and polite.

So...What have i learned...

1- It is very hard for me to ignore the Thuban Q&A thread

2-i want to affect change at PA so we can get back to the original reason PA was created.

3-i need to consider the responsibilities of the MODS as well as Members before i take action.

4- Ask for help.

5- Avalonians love me.

6-i can love a Dragonian.

7-My life is enriched my the knowledge i get here

8- i am safe and protected

i humbly ask for guidance ....
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