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Ravens and Doves
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Default Moved from: The Good, The Bad & The Banned

Does anybody want to help Camelot/Avelon/LW out with some cash? I used to live in this house... my ex wife is selling it for two and a half mil. I'll donate one third of what she cuts loose of to Kerry and Bill's cause (and some to you). The rainbow comes with it for no extra fee. It has a long rope on it that lets you move it around.

I know this is not fully appropiate to post, but I'll risk it. If you want to live in the hills that surround LA in decadant, sinful, capitalist spendor, contact me privately. I'm serious. I've been out of work and it's kind of an emergency.

That's a real owl that posted itself at the loft/library window for a very long time. No NWO connections... that I know of (gulp), at least.

Please excuse me, administrators about this. I won't start using this forum as a rumage sale. This is a one-shot thing.... and might help fund a new camera or something. I won't do it again.

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