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Default Ancient legends include mystical woman, UFO visitors

Ancient legends include mystical woman, UFO visitors

(This article originally appeared on the Joint Recon Study Group and Transcendent TV & Media sites.)

Does current scientific understanding have connections with ancient accounts of mystical and metaphysical phenomena?

When we hear modern scientists discussing parallel dimensions and mysterious discoveries, can we draw any conclusions about traditional legends of the "First Americans," Native American Indians?

As we read about the stories from the Hopi and other tribes about visitors from the stars, do we wonder if there is an association with modern-day reports of UFOs?

In 2005, NASA helped promote "Sun-Earth Day," an observation and celebration that happens on or near the spring equinox each year.

As part of this activity, the NASA Web site featured the section "Ancient Observations, Timeless Knowledge" and a sub-section called "Native American Connections."


Among the Native American Indian scholars, astronauts and others featured on the site, a brief biographical overview of Joseph Chasing Horse is included.

The NASA site explains that Chasing Horse is a Lakota and "ambassador to the United Nations for the Lakota Sioux Nations, an ordained Sundance chief and a descendant of the great spiritual leader, Crazy Horse."

more can be found at the link at top of page.
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