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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default What do I want...

There have been many backs and fronts of the same thing lately, I have been both. I have been for and against, and conveniently neutral. I have made choices to choose and choices not to choose. I have been blissful and enraged.

What is it then that i want. I have been handed down, as we all have, a set of 'wants' which was exhaustive. I have a personal ethos for wanting not to want, which is in itself a want. It is well honed, i want practically nothing now, however I am not wanting for anything essential, so i guess its easier being who I am than it is being any half of the earth you might choose. I am not rich but I am not wanting.

I have the same problem with peace, if everything was peaceful nothing would ever happen, nothing would ever change, everything would be accepted, and thats not good in a world of a huge amount of unacceptable things. Big bad intolerences of things AND tolerence of things that are unacceptable.

when we have reached a place of less and less, ego, contrarity, difference-a peaceful place where nothing matters, what then....?

To quote the thread discription 'what does that mean?' and what will happen then?
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