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Arrow 9/11 Pentagon - Global Hawk (Drone) Engine, (d)uranium - VIDS

It's a 5:01 min video. I'm posting the reference material from the Youtube link too. Moret is a DU (depleted uranium) expert. She and the issue in Iraq don't get a lot of attention, because it's ugly. The beautiful thing is the mothers still love their babies.

Important: From what I know about 'higher intelligence,' this is a HUGE issue, if not THE MAJOR issue IMHO. Yes, the nukes - but this is a DNAsin against soil/creation. Draco in big trouble here. The people involved, well, it gets produced eh. Take it or leave it. 9/11 DOESN'T RANK WELL EITHER.

Leuren Morat - bio
After working for 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and 2 years at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab, Leuren Moret left Livermore and now dedicates her life to revealing and understanding the actual health effects of radiation exposure.

Leuren contributed to a scientific report on depleted uranium to advise the United Nations' subcommission investigating the illegality of depleted uranium munitions. She has also worked extensively with indigenous people contaminated by radiation from the nuclear weapons program, communities in the US and other countries exposed to radiation from related activities, and communities impacted by radiation from nuclear power plants.
.................................................. ....

9/11 CONSPIRACY: Did the Global Hawk drones use Uranium?


With no evidence of a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon available to the public, some 9/11 researchers claim a DU tipped missile, launched by a weaponized UAV, like the Global Hawk, struck the Pentagon. The Global Hawk followed the missile into the building and was destroyed leaving behind only its most durable parts, such as the engine parts and parts of its landing gear.

Because DU is extremely dense, a wide variety of missiles in the U.S. arsenal are tipped with DU rods to penetrate the armored steel of military vehicles and buildings. Because uranium is a spontaneous pyrophoric material, it inflames when it reaches its target and generates such intense heat that it explodes. This is what causes the bright flash that is seen when a DU missile impacts upon its target.

The white flash seen in videos of the two planes striking the twin towers is exactly the kind of flash that occurs when a missile with a DU penetrator strikes. If DU penetrators caused the flashes seen on videos of the planes smashing into the towers, where did the uranium rods go?

Working with Hufschmid, AFP has located several photos that show a mysterious burning object passing through the initial explosion in the South Tower. This object, which displays the characteristics of a burning DU penetrator, can be seen on page 39 of Painful Questions.

The photo of the fireball that occurred immediately after the crash of the plane into the South Tower shows two fast moving objects that passed through the tower and are far ahead of the inferno. One appears as a black dot leaving a trail of white smoke; the second appears to be a dark rod burning with a white flame followed by a trail of black smoke.

The second object displays the characteristics of a burning DU penetrator. AFP sent enlarged photos of the object to Marion Fulk, a retired chemical physicist from the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and asked him if this object could be DU.

"Yes, it is possible," Fulk said. Asked about the dark smoke trailing behind the nearly pure white flame, Fulk said, "It could be uranium oxide."

"Let's assume it is uranium," Fulk added. "It's burning near the surface and it's pretty hot." It is a small object with great mass and has huge momentum behind it, Fulk said. "It's way out ahead of the explosion and nothing stopped it."

If the object is a DU penetrator, that would explain its intense heat, radiation expert Leuren Moret told AFP. The DU would have already been burning before it hit the tower. The burning uranium would have acted to ignite the fuel in the aircraft causing the tremendous explosions seen in both towers. As it passed through the building some of the penetrator's kinetic energy would have been converted to heat energy.

The difference between the orange colors of the flames coming from the explosion in the tower and the white flame of the small dense object are indicative of "a huge temperature difference," Moret said. The white flame coming off of the uranium suggests it is burning at a very high temperature although it is not possible to determine the exact temperature from the photograph, according to Fulk and Moret.

The gap between the burning object and its dark smoke trail is because the vapor coming off of the burning object is very hot and has to cool in order to condense and form the visible dark colored uranium oxides, Moret said.
.................................................. .

.................................................. ..

Hillary Clinton is still looking in Pakistan...
Clinton: US officials believe 9/11 planners are in Pakistan
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no caste
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Default Re: 9/11 Pentagon - Global Hawk (Drone) Engine, (d)uranium - VIDS

Here are a few more resources about depleted uranium:


Social Funds - the largest personal finance site devoted to socially responsible investing July 26, 2006
Nuns and Priests File Depleted Uranium Bunker Buster Resolution at Three Weapons Companies
The resolution goes to vote next week at Alliant Techsystems, and already received more than double the support needed to re-file next year at Lockheed Martin and Textron.

by Wendy Jewell

Rosalie Bertell has many titles after and in front of her name. She is a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart, GNSH. She holds a doctorate in biometry (the statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena), is an environmental epidemiologist and a world-renowned researcher in the field of mathematics and nuclear science. This internationally recognized expert in the field of radiation has been given the handle, "anti-nuclear nun," for her tireless activism on behalf of the most vulnerable and threatened by radiation: women and children, aboriginals and workers in uranium mines and nuclear facilities.
.................................................. ..


The Depleted Uranium Cover-up

Gulf War Syndrom - Depleted Uranium

Photos - Iraqi children, Gulf War Vets, UK vets, birth defects

VVAW - Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens
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Northern Boy
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Default Re: 9/11 Pentagon - Global Hawk (Drone) Engine, (d)uranium - VIDS

Great post NC never thought about the drone thing
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9/11, global hawk drone, pentagon

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