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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Originally Posted by Nebula View Post
I disagree with the above part hightlighted in red. What happens is that you get alot of mixed info, where one part is true and another part false, but ment to sound genuine. That is why you have to do your due deligence and research more and more to check things out. I have no problems with the rest, just the beginning.

Ok so for some clarification, for those who really want to know. Nibiru as the Sumerians called it, which means 'planet of the crossing' is very real. Its a planet sized ship 2-1/2 times the size of earth. This Nibiru has its own self sustaining atmosphere and can self navigate. It was created by the Annunnaki, whom are your creators, originators! i.e gods, elohim, etc. The Annunnaki are real, they are present right now, have and always will be. Nibiru was in search of other planets that were rich in natural resouces, like gold, silver, platinum, chlorine, ammonia etc..... ..... there is way more to this, i could simply write from chapters and chapters but i have no time. But for more info, seekout "The Holy Tablets" authored by Dr. Malachi Z. York.
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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Don't think this has been posted.....

The 'famous' NibiruShock2012 leaked pictures of Nibiru?

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nw5zcE07Os (1:16)

And a very good analysis regarding the rather complicated
affair that played out on YouTube earlier in the year, to do
with the NibiruShock2012 video....

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MIDlqR1jnKA (20:13)
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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

From an article of a message from st germain in 2006 Saint Germain: A New Perspective On Planet Nibiru

The Presence of Nibiru has many levels to it. First of all, it is an inhabited planet. It is not an empty ball of magnetic mass. It is a planet that is guided, just as much as the peoples of this world and this planet have been guided ever since the world began. Nibiru is coming again, not so much to create disaster, disease, starvation and hunger, but more to catalyze that shift that was predicted by the beings of ancient times, to correlate with the shift in consciousness that is already happening with beings who have reincarnated over and over again to get to this place in themselves where they are now able and willing to come into the experience of their Light Bodies from the soul outward.

The main reason for the presence of Nibiru, not only in this particular era, but also in all succeeding eras, was for humanity to understand that �You are Light.�
When humanity completely understands that �You Are Light,� then Nibiru will spin out of this Solar System and do its work elsewhere, wherever, it is wanted and needed. This is the truth of Nibiru, which has not completely been revealed.
Lord Saint Germain: They are an advanced race of beings. They do not necessarily leave Nibiru unless they are guided or told to do that. Most of them continue to remain on their planet, but they have already prepared for this, because they are immortal and they do not have to worry about recycling themselves. They already have that knowledge and experience intrinsically in who they are.
lord Saint Germain: Thirty days. The thing to understand is that the purpose of Nibiru and the Nibirians is to accelerate the time of the ascension, where the physical form can receive its Divine Inheritance�the real purpose of being a human. If you recall, many civilizations were birthed and flourished after Noah�s Ark.
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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Originally Posted by kay View Post
Dr Deagle said today that planet X is coming.k
okay, thatís one very good reason not to believe it wil come.

btw, i doubt if all the crop circles are genuine. maybe some are made by energy directed weapons or something, disinfo?

anyway, i always felt some are fantastic, others are misleading.

later i heard an interview with freddy silva on http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members/fsilva.htm
he is mentioning something about more resent found crop circles.
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Thumbs up Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
I had pretty much discounted or at least stopped looking into the Nibiru/planet x theory after making some assumptions concerning Sitchen and some evidence that made him a little suspicious to me. The fact alone that the first pics were released by the Vatican made me extremely suspicious as well.

So it was an eye opener for me that Bob Dean came out with it as if it were a matter of fact. He says he has seen the pictures and talked to the astronomers. he also said that we can now see it without special uber equipment and will soon be able to see it in the skies.

So far I have a limited collection of planet X material and I was hoping to take advantage of you folks and try to start a thread so we can all put our heads together and see what everyone else has on planet x as well. I am not saying I am a cold hard believer or anything, I just want to study it more so I can come to terms with the data and develop a knowledge base on the subject.

I did a forum search and found nothing so if you have some stuff to share on it, post it here so we all have less work to do.

I too read some of his translation JUMPS and thought it odd that he did not at least point them out.
(It DID seem possible some images were made by 'artisian' types instead of scribes, but he should have made this transparent.)

This caused me to discount everything else and stop reading his literature.

Great idea to point this out!

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Im pretty sure Nasa did some very clear shots of Nibiru with the Hubble Space Telescope. And like Bob Dean said they feeding the computers now. Im wondering how long it will takes that we hear an official statement from the Nasa guys.
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Exclamation Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Originally Posted by Helvetic View Post
Im pretty sure Nasa did some very clear shots of Nibiru with the Hubble Space Telescope..

This has a striking resemblance to Sumerian drawings on Nibiru.

The expanding remains of a supernova explosion in the Milky Way are shown in this composite image, on the left, of the supernova remnant G1.9+0.3. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory image obtained in early 2007 is shown in orange and the radio image from NRAO's Very Large Array (VLA) from 1985 is in blue. The difference in size between the two images gives clear evidence for expansion, allowing the time since the original supernova explosion (about 140 years) to be estimated.
Source: http://chandra.harvard.edu/photo/2008/g19/
"For those with their eyes shut, no explanation will suffice.
For those with their eyes open, no explanation is necessary."

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

I've watched Bob Dean's interview a number of times and reviewed the data. But what struck me most was the testimony of a friend to saw Planet X when looking through the telescope at the Vatican Observatory.

Basically, I don't expect it to pass until around 2020 yet in the meantime there still is the galactic crossing, lots of space debries as a result, an ice age in the making (no sun spots usually do not occur when ice ages happen), all types of earth changes and then the actual crossing in 2012. I was going to build a bunker and decided not to. I'm not worried about Nibiru as there is nothing anyone can do anyway and this time there will be a Pole Shift and likely mass extinction. According to a few sources with ET contacts folks are already being evacuated to off-world locations so the species will continue. Most will come to an end and a few will survive like the last time this happened.

I think my primary concern had to do with solar winds dropping down to the planet but usually that tends to happen North of the Equator higher up. Earthquakes are a given along with ongoing volcanic activity. The vog does get a bit much when the wind blows from the west.. but not much different then in downtown LA during rush hour traffic on a hot summer day. At least here it isn't trapped and the tradewinds do blow it away.

If it makes people to feel better thinking that Nibiru isn't real there really isn't any info that would satisfy them anyway. I know it's real based on my contacts and other evidence that is out there.

However, as to if I'll be around when it shows up is another story. I'm very curious about Astral Walker's thread and where he comes up with some of his info regarding the galactic plane. Now that is fascinating because the real goal on this planet is to go from serving oneself to serving others. I suspect those who are into their own egos and what can they get everyone give to them are the ones who likely will be left behind for the Pole Shift.

One member told me the earthquake, when that happens is expected to last 13 hour,s where I read somewhere else it was likely to last 20 hours. Well having been in the San Francisco earthquake of 89 and the Hawaii earthquake a few years ago, I thought less then a couple of minutes a very long time. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around 1 hour let alone 13 or 20.

So yes, I accept PX is real. It has it's own shielded atmosphere. It's 2 1/2 times larger then earth. It will cross this time between the Sun and the earth, hence the major wipe out of the planet's surface. It's got lots of it's own space debries in its wake. And it is inhabited. Let's all wave hello to our ancestors and it comes around the bend. So, on the guestimate side (pushing it out there) it's about tens years off. A lot can happen in 10 years. One World Government, matrix for real with how humans are ill treated and all that icky other stuff I would really rather never, ever think about.

That's why I'm just into keeping life simple.. push family aquaponic systems around the globe and help folks feed themselves. I figure that will give me plenty to do and be something fun and worthwhile in the process.

I've even learned how to set it up in snowy cold country.. using a green house, little pot belly stove to help keep the fist warm, little pump for the water and fan to blow the warm air into the house. Yup, all things are possilbe if one looks for ways to make it so.

Nibiru.. that's a big 10-4 buddy. Frankly, you won't believe anyone anyway unless you do your own research so go listen to Bob Dean's last interview if you want a good head start.
Aloha, thank you, do jeh, toda, arigato, merci, grazie, salamat po, gracias, tack, sukria, danke schoen, kiitos, dank u, mahalo nui loa
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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

A lot of very good info on this thread so far. Perhaps i can add another angle? Has anyone heard of Jeleila Starr who says she is an Earth based rep for Nibiru, specifically the Nibiruan Council. She has her own long established website and her first book has a heck of a lot of info about Nibiru contained in it. Her website for your own further research is www.nibiruancouncil.com and the book is: We are The Nibiruans, Return of the 12th Planet.

and this book is worth checking out too: Catastraphobia by Barbara Handclow
info on Nibiruís cyclic returns.

I have met Jeleila a couple of times and do not doubt her authenticity for a moment.

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Andy Lloyd interview on Coast to Coast March 2009

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?


My understanding is that there is no need to be concerned with Nibiru or Planet-X (likely designating the same object).

However, there IS a Large Red Meteor comming our way. This is in the form of an unalterable Prediction, rather than a Prophecy which could be changed.

Billy speaking with Ptaah:

"But since we are talking about Mars, the red planet, the Red Meteor comes to my mind, of which it is written in a prophecy.

"I don’t know it exactly anymore, but Quetzal told me that it will enter into Earth’s orbit even if the prophecy regarding the Earth humans’ evil machinations and wars would not be fulfilled, because the appearance of the meteor is not a prophecy, but a prediction and, therefore, a cosmic event.

"If I remember correctly, he said that the great danger by the meteor would threaten Earth on the 13th April 2029, while at the same time he also named a date for the year 2036."

--- Source from...:


Another reference, from Contact #475...:

Billy: "Regarding the Red Meteor that endangers Earth on the 13th April 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is.

"To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling
it "Apophis" or something.

"It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whiz past by very closely.

"If the second version should occur, it (the meteor) would reappear in the year 2036, and its close approach to Earth could really lead to a catastrophe if the scientists are doing nothing against it."

Ptaah: "It’s size is about 350 metres.

"What you are saying regarding the great danger that the Red Meteor represents to Earth: the scientists know about it.

"And if there will be no special influence by the outer SOL “trabants” (note by the translator: objects circling around and at great distance from our sun), a catastrophe is really threatening Earth.

"In order to avoid it the terrestrial scientists are also urged to undertake everything conceivable to finally push the meteor from its orbit."

Billy: "To my knowledge certain models exist, but the scientists cannot come to an agreement with each

"You are saying that the fellow shall be pushed from its orbit, and I gather from it that blowing it up is out of the question.

"Therefore, only a reaction principle could be applied, like e.g. an extremely strong nuclear reaction unit, sun sail principles, or atomic explosions near the meteor."

Ptaah: "Whereby atomic explosions near the meteor should be especially considered, because they are very efficient and are producing a strong drift(ing) effect.

"However, the explosions may not occur too close to the meteor in order to avoid the breaking up, from which an even greater danger would result.

"Such a project must be executed early and not at that time when the real danger is starting to threaten, because otherwise it would be too late for a success.

"Working towards it must be started today

--- Source from...: http://www.theyfly.com/Red_Meteor.html

If THIS one SHOULD hit Earth, without the suggested diversion, the crust of Earth may be shattered.


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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

Originally Posted by micjer View Post
Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios - February 2009 Report

YouTube - Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios - February 2009 Report

Produced and narrated by Marshall Masters, the first part of this February 2009 video report focuses on the revised upwards estimates for a more violent solar maximum in 2012. It also demonstrates the methodical manner, in which mainstream media has begun dumbing down science coverage of these important trends.

The second half of the program presents a series of 2012 Planet X / Nibiru flyby scenarios developed by Jacco van der Worp, MSc. Based on core criteria called the electrical kill zone, it presents several Planet X / Nibiru flyby scenarios. These 2012 scenarios range from a best case scenario to a possible Extinction Level Event (E. L. E.) flyby, where up to 90% of all presently living species could perish.

Very good explanation of the effects of a planet x scenario and the different positions that would effect us.

I think this fits perfectly on this thread, and in my opinion, its part of the reason why the planet earth is experiencing global warming and all the different weather changes! thanks to Micjer for originally posting it. This video presents the worst possible scenario (E.L.E.) that could happen to earth. The ptb know this all to well! Hence all the secrecy! etc. and all the other stuff.

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

I put this link on the solar storm thread, but think it might be just as easy to click it here. Huge object near the sun:

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

interesting pictures indeed! But believe you me! if that were Nibiru! we wouldn't here on the internet! lol things would be much worse! way worse! f**ked up worse!
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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

That IS interesting. I posted this on Avalon General discussion, but I suppose here is where it should've come. I'll paste my whole message so I don't have to write it again


Ok, I have never taken a photo with something in it that I didn't see when taking the photo. But yesterday all that changed and now I don't know what I'm looking at.

I was driving home from work, It was around 4.30 or so. I noticed fairly bright little "rainbow" on the clouds, so when I had to stop at the lights, I took my 3.2 megapixel mobile phone camera and took a photo of that. Then I had a look of that photo on the phone screen straight after and noticed small white dot on othervice blue sky. Looked up in to the sky and there was nothing there. so I started zooming in to the spot as I was still sitting at the lights and see that it's not a reflection either. But still nothing in the sky when I'm trying to find it, cause I thought it was the moon. Then I had to start driving again, so I had to put my phone away. couple km later, on a more quiet road I took my camera out again and took a nother photo of the same area but from different angle this time. And it showed up again, but I still couldn't see anything in the sky. I'll put the photos here. I have resized them, so if you want originals, ask them on a PM and I'll email them to you. Only thing that would make sense to me. Is that It really is Nibiru/Planet X, which is a brown drwarf star and not very bright on visible light, but highly visible on UV range. Or if you have any other suggestions I cladly hear them. I checked straight after with Stellarium that what could it be, and only planet anywhere the vicinity of that area close to the sun was Jupiter, but it could not be that bright. Also, the moon came up 2 hours later from the opposing horizon, so it could not be that either.

Thanks for any insight!

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Default Re: Nibiru or Planet X Rersearch?

If any of you watched that video about possible flyby scenarios! know one thing, Nibiru is a self navigating planet! possibly with its own satelites and other junk that gets caught up in its gravitational field! So its almost like its own constellation! So if you can try to imagine, the amount of disturbance or havoc it can cause if it gets really close to our planet, hell our solar system! fanthom that!
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bob dean, nibiru, planet x, sitchen

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