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Edward Alexander
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Exclamation "They" - Illusions of reality, life, death & existence: Manipulated by False Masters

In my website ( http://pleiadiantalk.blogspot.com ) I have been and still will be exploring many different topics - such as the spiritual, mystical, magick, occultism, the paranormal, the esoteric, conspiracies, ancient history etc - containing information that is being withheld and hidden from you by those in power – the Elite, Leaders of the World, the Governments, the Church/Religious Intitutions.

Those are the ones referred to as “they” in the title of this post. And these people are fully aware of what will be disclosed and revealed within this website and my coming books and videos, but they do not want you to know about it.

Why don’t they want you to know about it? Well there are many factors playing a role there, but the main ones are simple: They want the Power, They want the Control. They want to be the only ones Illuminated by Truth, and They have been referred to and still are referred to as “The Illuminati”.

Basically The Illuminati is the top of the pyramid of those who controls this world and most of the things in the world, such as the Media, the Banks, the big Corporations, the Schools and Educational system, the Church and Religions, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and so on.

And they want the rest of us to be their Slaves. They are part of secret societies and orders, such as Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), Skull & Bones, Knights Templar, and many more.

But my work will expose the things they want to keep for themselves, which in turn will help you to find out more about yourself, existence, the world and the universe, develop your own spiritual and psychic abilities, and hopefully gain a broader understanding of “what is really going on” and the powers of our human multidimensional lives.

For now, I encourage you to seek out more information about They yourself by doing some research on the above mentioned organizations, orders and societies, getting some books about them, searching the internet and so on. Pull down the curtains and find out what is really going on behind the scenes.

In future posts here and books of this coming series I will probably write more detailed about They and these organizations, orders and societies, what they are doing, why, who they are, how they emerged, how they’ve gained control, how they are controlling us, and much more.

They have brainwashed us, manipulated us, programmed our minds – my mission is to help people de-program themselves and become aware of the truth they have kept hidden for us, as well as breaking down their agenda and system by exposing them – and together we can make a change if we stand up and gather and multiply so that in the end more people will know the Truth, than those who do not.

And may we do that with Love, Peace and great Harmony!

Some people out there wrongly believes that I am actually one of "Them", trying to lure you into false delusions. This shows how hard it is to trust anything these days, because of how we all have been deceived and fooled and filled with propaganda and mind control. To those whom believe I am one of them, I can only say that truly I am here to reveal THEM and their agendas, and show YOU how you can break free from their slavery and tyranny, and reveal their secrets for you, the secrets they use to keep in power and control, and you have to simply follow your own heart and true inner guide on whether I tell the truth or not.

So let me expand a bit, and go further back into ancient times, to expose who "they" really are, what they want and how they got and maintain the power and control:

It is the programming of the Mind that keep you in the physical body, yet this also is true for the astral body, as the astral body is not the Soul or your True Self any more than your physical body. Though, nevertheless, you are still spiritual beings trapped currently in physical bodies because of this Programming of the Mind.

With what I say, there will always be someone who agrees and some who don't, it is impossible to speak in a way that all will accept and understand simply because of the difference between peoples level of self-realization and personal beliefs and so on. For me it doesn't matter if you dislike what I say, or the way I say it, you are entitled to feel or believe anything you want in regards of me and my claims.

Good and evil exists all over the physical realm, I do not mean that is is simply something that exist here on Earth or in the Human race. In fact it does exist on many levels, what I am referring to is higher spiritual planes of existence where it can not exist due to the specific vibrational levels, or frequencies if you want, that these planes exist within.

The most important thing you can ever study is Yourself, and the best person to ever listen to is You, and more people should spend more time on both those things.

You can listen to me and make what you want of what I say, but truly listen to yourself instead of anyone else to find the real answers.

Good and evil is an illusion of the lower astral realms, as the whole physical world and lower realms are illusions as well created around us to keep us here. Yet, you can say they are real, as they do exist even though in their illusional form. In a sense the same way as a fantasy, where you make up something in your mind that do not exist, yet at the same time it does exist since you just made it up and got it in your mind, in the form of said fantasy.

Here, we are part of someone elses fantasy however. We all also contribute to it ourselves and take part of creating it.

These "others" are those whom are controlling you through your programming and the illusions you live within, even though these themselves also are living in the illusions and do not know their own true being. Some of them are the ones you refer to as the "Elite" constantly here, and some of them are the ones working with the "Elite" from other planes of existence, yet within the same Illusion.

They are abusing the system that was created to control you by the "God" I previously mentioned, the original Creator left but the System was still in place and kept you here and made you easy to abuse, manipulate and control, and thus these entities took the chance when they discovered this.

You are responsible for accepting a belief. You did a mistake - we all did - from getting lured, but there is a way out of the net that was cast upon you willingly, and eventually everyone will be free.

The so called enlightened beings can explain what is happening simply because they can observe the Good and Evil from their own point of view, such as from visiting these lower realms. So that means they too can be exposed to it, when being down here, yet it is non existing in their own higher realm, though that do not mean they have no knowledge about it - as I explained, it exist yet still does not, as the metaphor I used in my example with Fantasy.

I'm talking about matters that took place in the very distant past before your first physical incarnation. It was at this moment you let yourself into the physical bodies being lured and blindly believing what you were told by the God of those times, who wanted his Human Bodies who inhabit a Human Soul essence, for them to work properly, and with a complex level of programming and systems implemented, so that these who fell for the trick got trapped, yet still some managed to escape as they could see what was coming and did not get tricked like the majority and thus they managed to escape and enter other realms, some of you know these original peoples, interdimensional ones at they were then and not physical as now, as the Atlanteans. And now you are learning from this mistake and slowly realizing it and on your way to let the clouds clear and let the light in from your True Origins and the Source of All

The first Maniupalator was the God I'm speaking of, but as he left after some time and he was satisfied with the work he had done and used the humans for, other entities eventually came upon you and discovered how you were programmed and blind and easy to manipulate and take advantage of, so they did. The rulers have changed from time to time, but the rulers of top level are those of a more negative, powerhungry and sinister type. Their agenda is to gain more power and control, by having people working for them mostly without even knowing it, or worshipping them as their Gods and so on which further empowers them, as the energy you give out you get back.

Here on earth they mostly use the religious and spiritual institution and banking and money for their models put in place for control and power. Their God in a sense is Money, which they have created, and made you worship as well. With the religions you are mostly worshipping them and thet Old God as well, as that's what these were intended for. They also run the larger industries, governments and such, to keep their control in place and feed the people with more suggestions and lies that they are open to believe.

They are smart, and they are on "both sides", and they use all means they can do further program you and manipulate you from spiritual means, to education, news & media, foods and the mind altering substances they put in them, vaccinations and health institutions and medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, through technological means such as sound frequencies, radiations, water systems, anything they can alter and pollute with their methods and products to make your mind dull, filled with apathy, more open for suggestion, and trustworthy of your media, leaders and so on.

I applaude those of you whom not blindly believing anything, in fact I highly praise people who follow their own intuition and highly encourage people to not listen to what I say as being facts, but look some up yourself and listen to your inner guide, though perhaps take some of the things I say in consideration as it may be useful for certain new insights to come. But this world has its great share of way too gullible people who believe anything they are told, that is also one of the reasons I am here to tell them to not listen to what I say or what anyone else say - the greatest truth you can find you will find from within yourself.

Even the higher entities are also living within the illusions to great extents and even though they are of good and pure intentions, far from all have discovered their True Self, or the Connection with the All. However, once reestablishing your contact with the All, your true Oneness, it all will become clear.

Evil is a lower level reality, indeed, but because of the lower level God wanting to have the Powers and Control as a Real God would.

Thus, from originally kindness, pureness, and even neutrality, sprouted what we can now term as evil, which in turn made a difference between Good and Evil.

The lust grew, and thus, as his power grew, he made sure to take advantage of you in every way he could - and even though he left this programming is still here.

You are NOT here for any "purpose" - you are here because you are TRAPPED, in the ILLUSIONS and PROGRAMMING. The only time you will "ascend" or go "further" is when you realize this and manage to keep your awareness with you at the time of death.

The only thing you will learn here is what deception and lies and illusions are - not because you are "supposed to", but because you have been forces to, partitially by your own choice.

Your purpose is higher, your real selves are cleaner, more pure, here you are just a small grain of your own selves, if even that. You barely know even the slightest about yourself and your origins - and the small things you know are mostly lies and deceit, so it leaves you with even less.

Remember, you are on one of the lowest forms of existence, and there are MANY gods and creators above you responsible for the different realms and programming which you reside within.

The GOOD thing is that you can also create and be Gods, as you too have these powers within you because in the end you are all One and part of the Ultimate Source, thus you can control and dictate your own lives if you want to - as long you learn how to.

First part is to realize you are here in a world of lies and deceit put upon you, the next part is to move towadrs your truer self, even though it takes some time to get to the real core.

What you experience, is no matter how wonderful it seems, part of the lower realms illusions. Of course, you are free to stay there, and if you want to go further and get to know yourself at a deeper level you are free to do so as well

I will not tell "this is right" and "that is wrong" - in fact I will leave that up to you to figure out.

Nevertheless, what many of you have found is that there is "something" beyond your normal waking reality, and something beyond your "dreams" - look further, and you might just get your foot prints over the place and experience a completely new aspect of yourself.

There is no need for me to ask you to believe anything, nor is there any need for me to ask you to disbelief anything, it is your free choice after all - I am just here as someone whom have gone through those choices before you and thus may be able to help you towards a greater and somewhat easier progress to reach the level of attunement I have reached

Aftter all, I am NOT god, nor am I The All - You are! - Do NOT listen to MY words, listen to YOUR OWN WORDS, then see what comes.

With deepest love, and peace profound - may the Inner Guide be with you all!
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Default Re: "They" - Illusions of reality, life, death & existence: Manipulated by False Mast

I F you got the time read this stuff

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Default Re: "They" - Illusions of reality, life, death & existence: Manipulated by False Mast

I'm curious Edward Alexander, do you research the Ancient Essenes at all particularly their healing disciplines and philosophy?
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Edward Alexander
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Default Re: "They" - Illusions of reality, life, death & existence: Manipulated by False Mast

sleepingnomore: Yes, I have done some research on the Essenes, and been part of an order of the Essenes, and find it fascinating.

Something I would like to look further into as I have not gotten to study them as much as I would have liked to, so thanks for bringing it up.

With love and blessings
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Default Re: "They" - Illusions of reality, life, death & existence: Manipulated by False Mast

Thanks for responding EA. I find them fascinating also.
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