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Default plan of action to the crisis, where to start proposal...

Well, having the same problem, i started by myself an association here in Portugal, helping people to overcome the crisis either by managing debt or by preparing for this problems.
Of course this last days/weeks it got a lot of public attention, as the association`s public statements, of how the crashh was imminent and so on, and so on, were right on target.
By now, we have over 100 members, and a newsletter with over 4000 subscribers that hear from us (me) weekly talking about this subjects.
It worked a bit like a trojean horse, where i grabbed their attention using debt and spending and now they are much more aware of the conspiracy playing right before our eyes.
The media got it and i was asked to write a book on the subject that will hit the stores on wednesday, all over the country.

So, this is how i started something just by myself. I strongly encourage others to join this effort, and help build something that is like a dream to me:
A network of associations, sharing info and building some power(minimal, but vital) to start doing a collective mind change, even if gradual.

Believe me, here in Portugal, the growth has been well over my own expectations, and i was even in the prime time news on TV for 3 times, and now run my own radio program.

With so many time and effort studying this subjects, i have now more than material enough to replicate this anywhere in the world, so...

Feel free to ask me questions on how to start, and let`s build this network right away... (saberaverdade@yahoo.com)

(I guess i will start a new post on this, what do you think?)
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Default Re: plan of action to the crisis, where to start proposal...

To me, that story's inspirational. I spent the day talking with the elders on my SF group, and we discussed several of your ideas, especially creating a newsletter.

What we wish to do is create small businesses using an expanded money paradigm which does not rest on the concept of debt. Instead of the bottom line being money, we consider the bottom line being the positive change in the lives of people using our program. The hardest thing to get across to people is the expanded money paradigm, in which tangible value is no longer irretrievably linked to pieces of printed paper, or small metallic discs.

The concept of value that we wish to spread is human value. People are "in the red" to the extent that they are dependent - on their jobs, on the government, on big insurance companies, on mass-entertainment - for their physical and psychic well-being. When people move toward self-empowerment through sustainable living - cottage businesses, growing their own food, and creating radiant zones - they move into the black. And when they pass along the things that allowed them to make the shift, then they move into the gold.

Transferring this paradigm to commerce, we have a paradigm that empowers people while leaving traditional systems out in the cold. By providing that value-for-value transactions may take place outside the normal channels, we leave the door open for barter while not defining anything in terms of dollars (unless we want to).

Anyway, I'm excited about what you've done. I'm excited about what we're doing. This is how the new kinds of community will emerge. And it's efforts like these that will give us some kind of continuity through the shift.
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