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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Arrow Gunning for Iran... DPG road map...? ...

Instability is a war's best friend...

Along with today's Asia-focus like North Korea nuking and Suu Kyi in Burma, there's a lot of energy on this Iran road. Benyamin Netanyahu is determined to 'take something out' (in Iran), is opposed to a 2-state solution (Israel-Palestine) and IMO is a total impediment to a peace process. Then, he calls such objectives 'childish' or whatever. So far, the 'compromise' is to expand Israeli settlements, which is not exactly progress or ... a display of maturity.

Anyway, the 2 Iran stories depending who's doing the talking and who's on board...

No. 1
The Iranian government has repeatedly ruled out pursuing atomic weapons and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repeatedly certified that none of Iran’s low-enriched uranium is being diverted to any non-civilian use. Still, this weekend Admiral Michael Mullen alleged that Iran was pursuing such weapons, though he did concede that he hadn’t seen any actual reports detailing such a program.

No. 2
Re:Israel Received 'Key Pieces' of Military Aid From US
Addressing his Likud Party faction just one week after his visit to the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say that it was the responsibility of Israel’s leadership to “eliminate” the threat posed by the Iranian government’s civilian nuclear program. “Who will eliminate it? It is us or no one.”

It looks like another Iraq (preemptive) or the completion of the original road map, the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)? -

The DPG was also clear about what should be the U.S.'s "overall objectives" in the Middle East. Of these, the main objective, it said, was to "remain the predominant outside power in the region and preserve U.S. and Western access to the region's oil."

Amid public outcry after its release, the H.W. Bush Administration was forced to publicly retract the doctrine. However, the DPG did not disappear. Despite its draconian and Machiavellian character, Cheney was impressed by it, and in 1997 he, Libby, Wolfowitz, and Khalizad joined William Kristol, Donald Rumsfeld, Elliott Abrams, and several other adherents and soon-to-be George W. Bush appointees in founding the so-called Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a politically influential research foundation dedicated to realizing the major objectives of the DPG.
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Default Re: Gunning for Iran... DPG road map...? ...

The city of Qom -

Qom is considered holy by Shi`a Islam, as it is the site of the shrine of Fatema Mæ'sume, sister of Imam `Ali ibn Musa Rida (Persian Imam Reza, 789–816 A.D.). The city is the largest center for Shi'a scholarship in the world, and is a significant destination of pilgrimage.

Attractions of Qom
* Kahak Cave
* Vashnaveh Cave
* Howz-e Soltan Salt Lake
* Namak Great Salt Lake
* Mar'ashi Najafi Library, with over 500,000 handwritten texts and copies.
* Astaneh Moqaddaseh Museum
* Qom Bazaar
* Feyzieh Seminary
* Jamkaran Mosque
* Jami' Mosque Qom
* Atiq Mosque in Qom
* A'zam Mosque
* Shrine of Fatimah al-Masumah

Qom space center
Qom space center is, with the Emamshahr space center, one of the two places where the Iranian Space Agency is launching its suborbital Shahab 3s space rockets.
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Default Re: Gunning for Iran... DPG road map...? ...

They are taking a different route into Pakistan ...

Obama signs big Pakistan aid bill

US President Barack Obama has signed into law a $7.5bn aid package for Pakistan, after fears it might impinge on Pakistani sovereignty were eased.

It follows meetings between the bill's authors, Democrats John Kerry and Howard Berman, and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

The two congressmen issued a statement saying the bill set no conditions that would infringe Pakistan's sovereignty.

It triples non-military US aid to an annual outlay of $1.5bn for five years.


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Default Re: Gunning for Iran... DPG road map...? ...

Thanks, iainl. That would make sense.

Also found some rock info, since there was another thread about Project Trinity and CRD's???.

The US spent $5 trillion dollars (back in the 1950s, when a trillion dollars was REALLY a lot of money!) building a nuclear deterrent capability that can actually do that; melt any nation and it’s people into a giant slab of green glass. The USSR knew it, the world knows it, Saddam knew it. The government of Iran knows it....

The above image is a scan of a piece of Trinitite. This is desert sand that was underneath the explosion of the world’s first Atomic bomb in New Mexico as part of project TRINITY, hence the name Trinitite. The heat from that blast melted the sand into a green glass, not unlike the Fulgurites that result when lightning hits sandy soil. http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2010/0...is-this-stuff/

That green glass visual - desert goes... emerald city ...


Mind Control Survivors' Testimony at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings: - http://www.whale.to/b/wolf3.html

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