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Default Tough Times

The world's end game is rapidly speeding up, the things that are
happening financially are on a biblical scale. Can't seem to catch up to all the financial and political news. Someone mentioned to
me today that it is like the labor pains of a woman giving birth, what
a great analogy that is! The next markets to collapse will be the
derivatives markets, which I don't fully understand but Im told that
it is a trillion dollar house of cards.

Last night, i talked to my friend who now works for the
famous, di-tech lending company. they have converted their call rooms
into credit card debt mitigation there is 930 billion in defaulting
credit cards in the United states(reported) probably a lot more. His
company negotiates discounts with the credit card companies but
gurantees $ .40 on the dollar min. Their firm collects 30 percent of
that $.40 big, big, big money...

Im trying to wrap up some business deals to get out of Dodge before martial law, I agree that if we make it through October without stock market crash,
we will probably have 3 more months before melt down because the IMF
is demanding to audit the Federal Reserve, Bush said OK but only after
he has left the Whitehouse, I believe when the stock market collapses,
either this October or no later then March of next year, we will see
martial law, blackwater mercinaries, paid and brainwashed clergy, ready to go along with foreign troops including Russians already stationed in US...dont mean to scare you but these are the hard facts.

Nevertheless, Jesus is Lord! He will conquer our enemies, we have to
maintain patience, kindness and love in the face of these troubling
times. We can't take material things with us but we can take the love
we have shown each other and our God to heaven! Remember, we are
on the winning side, but I fear the unnecessary pain to humanity due
to evil.

The word is that the neo-cons want to start a war with Iran before the
end of the year so that it is a fait accompli for the next president.
In Georgia, the Russians took out the Israeli airforce base that was
built to have direct access for bombing missions into Iran. There are
U.S. Airforce Generals that wont allow Israel to fly over Iraq
to bomb Iran. It is estimated(Ben Fulford)that there have been 20 American Air Force Generals recently murdered so that the Zionists can complete
their plan of nuking Iran. I know that sounds crazy, but just google
US Airforce General Suicide and you will be shocked at all the deaths

God speed, ktm
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Default Re: Tough Times

You sound relatively accurate in your assessments. haha. I like to think of it like a movie. A movie that I am a character in, and that seems very very real but in reality it's just a ride, just an interactive movie. Is it not an utter mystery and of paradoxical nature that anything should be in existence whatsoever?

There are so many ideas out there.

Will we all ascend into fourth density in the next few years? How many will ascend?

Will the precession of the equinox complete another 26000 period to usher in a new golden age?

Are too many people "asleep", and are we going to head into another very dark time or period on this earth?

Will we all be turned into a cyborg hive mind to be manipulated by a fallen race?

Will we have pole shifts and great earth cataclysms that will shake us off of this earth like a bad case of fleas?

Will an elaborately oppressive UN world government tyrannize the worlds populace?

Are we really all just fringe lunatics on this site who are completely deranged? haha

I don't know the answers and I won't pretend that I do. But what I do know is that it's a fantastically elaborate ride and I love it. I wouldn't rather live at any other time or at any other place. I cant wait for tomorrow and whatever comes.
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