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Default Star gate lucid dream or past life memory??

Hello my dear Avalonians

This will be short... Do any of you have lucid dreams of open star gates? Or do you have any past life memories involving open star gates? And what are your feelings about it?

So far I have one extremely vivid past life memory (I feel it in my body, my mind perceive it as real and my soul reflects the same). This one has nothing to do with star gates. However this last one feels like the previous, feels just as vivid, just as real... long story sort... I hear strange noises, than I see energy being sucked into a cave... I scream itís an open star gate, donít go near, to my family (not my current family, but my family in this experience) who are with me and we start running the other way. The place is very strange also... I feel the rocks under my palm just by thinking about it...

So I wonder... Let me know if any of you had similar and what you make of it? I really appreciate you sharing info with me.
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Seth Haniel
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Cool Re: Star gate lucid dream or past life memory??

Had a guided meditation back in 1989 which I have documented in which I was transported through the Great Pyramid at Giza to a Pyramid complex on another planet- on being told to return I found i was in yet another pyramid on a different planet again - before finally returning through Giza. This was quite awhile before the film Stargate and the use of Pyramids. which i have sated and witnessed in my dream book.
Have been to Egypt 3 times as I have a strong affinity with it and been in the king and queens chamber twice now.
A dream from the early 90's as in the Great Pyramid and their was an eerie sound - a bit like monks chanting but different- coming from downwards shaft - sound was still with me for awhile after awakening.
I have been in touch with people who have been in the same past-life in Egypt and have a photo of two women who though not related and where born 200 miles apart and 20 years in ages seperate, look like sisters and they both shared in a same past life scene
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Default Re: Star gate lucid dream or past life memory??

I recently had one that I posted in the Lucid Dreams Thread right here in the spirituality forums where myself and a friend where jumping around to different planets. However, I view the events and imagery in lucid dreams as archetypal symbology, not direct literal interpretation.
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Wink Re: Star gate lucid dream or past life memory??

hi es7ter and co.
sometime last week (i do not chronicle my dreams) i did have a stargate experience...not in the sense of a large portal like i've seen in movies or stargate tv series.. or like aaron mc. description...
this stargate was held in the palm of my hand. i did not look at it, just knew it was a stargate, circular and with a pattern (coz i felt its carvings). yes, obviously it was small...
i do not have more conscious awareness other than this...

i did waken feeling excited tho
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Default Re: Star gate lucid dream or past life memory??

dunno if this is relevant, but i posted it on another forum a while back


Re: xx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx
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I'll share another dream now, from about three years ago. once again i was with my team, this time we were not on or under the earth. we were on what seemed to be either a gigantic mothership or a station, belonging to an alien race, not sure which because many species were present. the one that sticks in my mind was a seven foot tall blue/white bipedal crustacean with pincers for hands. there were thousands of being on board, with shops and entertainment as well as scientific/military areas. we all wore a flight suit/uniform and some, if not all of us were armed. our group was being led around on a tour and ended up in a huge hanger type room with a cavity in the floor like an empty pool. apparently this room was used to open a 'rift' of some kind, not sure exactly. one had just been opened as we entered. it was pure black empty cold nothingness at the centre, brilliant electric blue and violet around the outside. we watched it grow bigger and bigger until it took up most of the hanger. all of a sudden it felt very very wrong. they shouldn't be doing this, and the rift shouldn't be so big. something horrible, terrible was happening. at this point i started to wake up, but made the decision to go back under. open space was visible beneath the rift, through the floor of the hanger. we were ordered out of the room, which was unnecessary, as the feeling of absolute wrongness was overwhelming. something evil was trying to come through. we couldn't have stayed in there if we wanted. alarms were sounding, amber lights flashing, lots of panic. i couldn't stay under any longer, the last thing i remember was the door sliding shut and a blue glow lighting up everything. i woke up feeling very strange and upset. the 'wrongness' stayed with me all day.
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