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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Re: Is time speeding up?

As a dowser,
I follow flows of something, they spiral into finite points, I think this out in scale to a larger scale and think of the 26,000 year route around the zodiac.

If the flow we are in is entering into the final spiral turns near the centre point, where it will then turn around and spiral back out again for 13'000 years, then everything will speed up and speed up , time of past ,present and future will begin to merge, chaos will reign as all things are squeezed through a finite area of time.
We may all KNOW all of the time of past present and future , all at once, then the sun will rise again from where it previously set, as the spiral pathway will be the reverse of now.
So basically time, as such as time is, will appear to really speed up, and for me personally this does seem to be true, it's beginning to be tomorrow almost before today has started.
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