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Default Re: I Raise My Hand to Call IRRELEVANT!

Originally Posted by Zeddo View Post
Hi Seashore

I have already tried putting my ideas down and the response was less than luke warm so i stick to posting a bit of music here, a comment there. This doesn't mean I don't want to share it only means that I feel people prefer to be heard as being "enlightened" on forums such as this and others also, but simultaneously do not want to act on such claimed enlightenment.

It is far easier to wax lyrical than it is to actually get up and do something.

The question posed that started this thread was about why we hide behind the alleged alien agenda. I haven't seen too many answers directed strictly at the question. The answer is simple. Being a victim is the path of least resistance, being an emissary of light (other than verbalising such status) will actually mean that we have to get off our backsides and do something.

I am done verbalising....it's really a waste of time so I will stick to posting a few pieces of music here, an odd word there and get on with my life which takes place outside of avalon as is not predetermined by aliens and other such controlling mechanisms. I could care less who lucifer and satan are, I could care less who wants to control me. They have to have my permission to do so and I am not a victim. I am me, I am free. I will not subscribe to any other idea, and with each day that goes past, I am just that little bit more "free".

nuff said


I feel the same way you do.
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Default Re: I Raise My Hand to Call IRRELEVANT!

Because the "alien" topic is full of confusion, it keeps one hooked into the subject for the want of 'getting to the bottom of it', other dimensions, realms, mind control....< what do all these subject have in common? They are all frought with an incomprehensible depth of which we feel our vulnerabilities to such a degree that we are left to only gather what more we are dished, and dished we are, mostly all of which has no actual proof.

AND they are all DISTRACTIONS from the business of incorporating into our lives wise decisions, of participating wisely in the food we buy or the seeds we grow, the places we shop, whether we vote or not (I can hear the sighs on THAT one because, as we know, it's all rigged anyway right?)

When you see the scope of things are so deep and all encompassing, it can make one feel helpless, even wanting to get off the planet.

How many times have I heard people say "can't wait for TSTHTFan",
"I'm ready for the Wave", blah blah. It's like everyone is waiting for something to happen, sooooooo, the wait is on, meaning "what's the point of doing anything?"< it's all so dire anyway.

I'm making generalities here and although I am not one that is not being active, though, too yes, I do check in here almost every day myself though it's r e a l l y getting old now!

I hear you Zeddo... all this love & light warrior stuff has my eyes rolling... I tell you, it's like that because most everyone feels so Helpless about these topics. Most it seems have convinced themselves that all they have to do is FOCUS their thoughts on good stuff and it will manifest... that or "raise their vibrations"... when chances are, who knows how that's done????? (please, that's NOt an invitation to tell me okay?).

Sorry folks, but unless you actually take ACTION, nothing will change.

Yiolas: this you said here> "This statement makes me want to barf every time I here it. I've lived outside of the U.S. long enough to know
that terrorists want to "kill us" because of our Illuminati led FOREIGN POLICY, and the meddling in other countries. period."<<<

THAT is kick-ass! And SO true. WHEN are "you people" gonna participate in your own local & national government??? When are you going to stop buying crappy food?

I think we are all being distracted very cunningly just as we women were when we all went to work to pay more taxes, how brilliant was that? I ask

ok, rant over

Peace, Love and Light until you barf..........< come on, laugh a little k?
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Default Re: I Raise My Hand to Call IRRELEVANT!

There's a danger here.. (ooh.. where ??! ) .. no , I mean, a danger that so much time can be spent reading all this gumpf gives one a sense of restlessness which is in fact resonating with a sense of restlessness, even hopelessness in some cases, that is already inside.

that's why so much gets read.. in reading, the reader is identifying with the message, ' it's all f***d up' because deep down inside they feel 'f**d up'

Ok, enough of the profanities. To actualities...I've been looking for a 'career' since I was 23.. someohow a path never presented itself, I still don't know what I want to do in my heart of hearts..17 years later.

so there you go, a seed for restlessness is already sown. for others it might be relationship, familial, work, life purpose.. who knows ??

But the kicker here is, the only way out (i believe) is to figure out what it is you want if you are suffering from the restless bug. go figure out your own space. Take some time to do that instead... Crikey... if I spent as much time fixing my life the way I want it in the last year and a half as the number of hours logged in here, well.. .!

It's all mirrors.... and the 'who the hell is f****g with my life??' question has a very simple answer. It's not aliens, it's not the illuminati...it's not Jon-nan-nana from the planet Queeg...

It is you.

(It is me...)


P.S. I can't take the whole credit for the last bit... I now have John Hagelin's voice residing in my head.. and at salient points he utters those immortal words from his What the Bleep interview (thank you Lightbeing).."There is only one consciousness in this room: And it is You....and it is Me" I just love his accent and the way he utters that phrase...I just keep doing impressions of him to friends...lololol...I can't get enough of the guy.. he is soooo smart.. and sooo nice... and sooo cool... and, NO ..I'm not a woman in case any one is asking...

Last edited by Kulapops; 02-06-2010 at 09:51 PM. Reason: John Hagelin fan club..
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Default Re: I Raise My Hand to Call IRRELEVANT!

Originally Posted by sjkted View Post

I'm really confused about why so many people are bringing up the hidden alien agenda with the Reptilians and Annunaki. Whenever I look at current events, I see some people who are acting in a conflict and a possible unseen hand that is manipulating them and kindling the fire. My point here is what does it matter WHO is behind this whole mess? Who cares!!!? The point I'm trying to make is that the perpetrators behind every major war, economic collapse, conflict and turmoil are human beings. We all need to collectively take responsibility for our planet and our communities. As far as I'm concerned, talking about aliens controlling the human race is just pure entertainment and a distraction when real people who exist on this planet are using their free will to cause pain and suffering.


I'd like to see some comments on this -- namely how it is of any consequence to Avalon members and humanity at large whether or not this topic is true?

Its all about context my good man.

Is the topic relevant in terms of making the foundations of society beneficial for everyone? Not really. There is more then enough knowledge in the mainstream to use and make the world a better place.


Is the topic relevant in terms of learning and opening the mind. Very much so. Its not so much the material, but the exercise. One of the biggest problems with people today is the mind. There are to many alarms when it comes to contemplating ideas and being abstract. The imagination is being told to stand in line. When that happens, all progress goes out the window.

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Default The most important Questions

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post

Don't get me wrong, I believe there are aliens,

in fact I had more than one encounter some years ago.
I read some old posts and threads in order to find out if we lose something important when moving to PA 2, and this site is closing...

.."more than one encounter"...

and I noticed that no one had asked the most important questions,

Majorion, could you please, ENLIGHTEN us and tell more about
your encounters with aliens, what were they about ?

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Default Re: I Raise My Hand to Call IRRELEVANT!

Great thread,

How easy it is to forget that nothing exists between ourselves and our
divinity, apart from what we have chosen to place there.

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