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Default Taking One for The Team

I watch daily the progress on our economic collapse and it is becoming increasingly evident that we're throwing the game. In other words, the collapse is intentional. We're never going to find Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only thing that nationalized health care will do is cause higher costs and a lower quality of service. We have an unfolding collapse in pensions that are funded by states in financial trouble. And the commercial real estate collapse is just barely getting started. The current administration knows about all of this, and they're doing everything they can to keep destroying it. Even for those people who are pro-Democrat and looking for social services, I just don't see that anyone other than the bankers is being served.

We can't count on the congress to fix it. They actually seem to believe that there can be a recovery in the United States economy which is 80% consumer based while the jobless rate continues to increase. Of course, each unemployed person drops out of the consumer market. So, the empire is continuing to fall.

This reminds me of the previous election. Astute observers will notice that John Kerry probably won the election against George Bush, Jr. but instead of demanding that votes be recounted, Kerry just bowed out of the process so Bush could serve a second term.

As I look back in history, I wonder why England gave up its war against the colonies that became the US. Yes, there were freemasons on both sides who were probably guiding the conflict, but England still had much greater manpower and firepower. Why did it give up? Interestingly, England has since been displaced as the central world power by the US. This was followed by a near universal liberation of slaves throughout the world and a transition from gold and silver-backed currencies to all countries adopting a fiat currency and a neo-feudal type of slavery based on monetary policy. Was this by plan or did it "just happen"?

In taking this all into account, one has to ask about the fall of Greece and Rome. Did they fall because they over-extended themselves and made imprudent decisions or did the rulers of the time realize they had gone as far as they could with their model and it would be politically impossible to make the changes they wanted to, so they decided to implode the model in order to start over in the form of order out of chaos?

I'd be interested in hearing opinions and arguments for either side.

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