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Worlds Beyond 2
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Default Project Censored, TOP 25 Censored News Items

maybe most of you know this site already? But it is full of interesting stuff!


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Default Re: Project Censored, TOP 25 Censored News Items

very good, i wish there were more. actually, i wish there were none.
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Worlds Beyond 2
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Default Re: Project Censored, TOP 25 Censored News Items

if you liked that site, this one is pretty interesting too

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Default Re: Project Censored, TOP 25 Censored News Items

Read this link and see if you can spot the similarities that started the Vietnam war, Iraqi war, 9/11 (war on terrorism), & so on. When will people wake up!!?.
These 'things' that we call our leaders will carry on treating human beings like objects to be moulded like putty, fill our heads with emotional rubbish in order to get us to react like robots to carry out their games of power, without which, they are spiritually and emotionally dead.., bullies in a game of life that they feel they must control, otherwise the powerful hosts these spiritual vampires feed of, US, would swat them like the parasites they are.
Why are they frightened of us learning the truth?

They are frightened because we may get in touch with our humanity, the true us, the physical/spiritual being that constitutes man. Not the being these monsters have turned us into for thousands, yes thousands of years.

They are frightened of us realising our God (word optional) given potential. So they set the standards
of education to which they decide what we should 'learn' (indoctrination) and exams to fail if we don't 'think' right. Grades to achieve (competition). They decide which leisure pursuits are 'beneficial' to us, sports (competition,). Different religions (competition). Class system in jobs (competition).
They tell us humans are all different, so they give us nationalities (competition) and on and on and on!!

Divide and conquer!
You will read quotes on this forum and others by one of the Rothschilds stating, " give me control of the nations money, and I care not who makes the law".., in other words money rules.
That may have held true in times past for the 'Power Perverts', but we live in a different age now and I say to you, the 'Power Perverts'...,I AM TAKING MY RIGHTS BACK!!
I will learn truth. I will gain Knowledge. I will gain wisdom. And I will love my fellow man.., not compete with him. And when I can do this..,your money will be of no use!

Most on this forum already know this, but we must show solidarity and distinguish ourselves from the fearmongers and disinformationists whom would have us believe otherwise.
We know we are winning when they resort to these tactics..., the tactics of the defeated! You have heard the illuminati plan decades in advance. Well.., I've news for them. Spirit has no concept of time!
Their time is ending.., Ours is now beginning, never to end!
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