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Default Truth Seeking

Dear Truth Seekers -

For those interested, I would like to add a brief perspective on truth seeking.

Like many of you, I spend a fair amount of time searching for truth on the internet (such as with this site and Project Camelot). I question everything I read and wonder when the day will come when truth will be clearly evident.

As I often do, I asked my guides about this and received a response.

Basically, I was told that at this time, it is pertinent to our individual development to need to discern all truth. What this means is that our own process of determining truth IS THE POINT. It is not about being right, or knowing what is true at all times, it is about figuring it out for ourselves.

It is like working out to grow stronger. As we each seek truth, we grow stronger in the process of seeking.

With more and more lies being proven, all "facts" are becoming suspect. This is not an accident. Based on my guidance, I believe that we are being asked to rely on internal guidance more and more.

Two examples that jump out at me from recent posts are the following
o questioning David Willcock's facts
o questioning channelings concerning possible first contact in October

None of us have all of the information that is out there (even information that is strictly mundane). We never will. It is not our purpose to hold all of the information to prove what we believe. We can only offer the universe our unique perspective.

As we evolve into the higher realms (4th density or what have you), we will have increased access to source and thus need to retain (remember) less. It will be more about listening inward and less about gathering facts.

Yet it is completely appropriate to follow our own paths as we learn and develop discernment. Question all that you read and discuss it with others. But do notice the process. Be aware that we are all being guided.

When I question what is true, more often than not, my guidance provides this answer:

It is not as important to know what is true as it is to decide what to do and who to be in light of the information we do receive (from any source).

So - David Willcock presented his view - and now we each get to choose how we wish to express ourselves in light of it.

So - there is channelings stating a possible first contact - and now we get to choose what to think, feel and do in response to it.

Just to be clear on my comment - I am not telling anyone to do, think or feel anything differently than they already do. I just wish to offer up a message I have received which is to be mindful of yourself in your own process; see the process for what it is.

I personally find it helpful to understand a particular process when I am working through it so that I can walk my path with a little bit more ease than I had before. We need not suffer over our struggle.

I wish you all the best and keep seeking that truth and proving me with your myriad perspectives.

Thank you for your words and thoughts,
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Captain Obvious
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Good post!
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Richard T
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Discernment is the first step toward lucidity.

But discernment can hardly be attained when someone wishes to believe anything. This gives the facto the upper hand to forces that interact with human consciousness in ways that cannot be thought.

Man hardly understands the visible spectrum of his consciousness, yet he longs for information from the invisible, information that he is in no position to validate because he is caught on the wrong side of the fence.

Nothing should be believed. I am not saying that nothing should be considered. It is not the same thing at all. But nothing should be believed that comes from the invisible.

Humanity has no clue as to how much it is being manipulated. It seeks manipulation on an horizontal level, here in matter, but somehow is extremely willing to take at face value everything that is transmitted from other planes of reality.

Let me put it this way.

If the invisible had been 'truthful' over the aeons, man would not be where he is today and people would have quit searching long ago. Involution (or devolution if you prefer) would have been over and he would be beyond evolution already.

And this is the most dire peril that humanity is facing today as he has in the past, and that is the ignorance of the actual agenda that forces he cannot identify absolutely, the ignorance of what the agenda of those forces actually is.

There is a lack of identity, of a real identity, that seeks to be filled with a sense of reality within man. This is what makes him seek outside of himself what he believes to be missing within. He looks for models, he looks for enlightenment, he seeks to spiritualize even more the fabric of his soul, at the expense of his spirit.

This craving supports the need to believe in something that goes beyond the limits of thoughts and he is served with lies on a cold plate.

Discernment does not consist in finding truths but rather in seeing when we are lied to.

If when we bring our kids up we taught them to detect lies where they hide, they would not need truth. They would rather see clearly.

The problem is not with truths, the problem is with lies. And the fabric, the foundation of this civilization, is built upon a fundamental lie. Not a lie in the Judeo-Christian sense of the term but a withholding of information that if it were to be lifted would instantaneously destroy a civilization that was set up as an experimental environment.

And this lie is embedded within the thought process.

The hierarchies that are responsible for the creation of the physical body, then the hierarchies that led the infusions in those bodies were also responsible for setting up what is to them fail-safe systems to effectively quarrantine the mind and force an experimental mental frame that we take for consciousness.

Material that comes to an individual while these conditions have not yet been lifted on a global scale must know at least that they must not believe. They can look, they can question, no, they must question and take nothing at face value. Otherwise, they are allowing to be set-up for more experience. And man must exit the experiential referential to see reality without being affected psychologically. Therefore, all information that comes to him is potentially suspicious.

Again, if the information that filtered to humanity from the invisible really was for its sake, it would be free today. And never forget that love is ultimately to render free, absolutely. Something far from their agenda, and far from human sychological love patterns. That's a hint.
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Richard - I just had a few comments for you to consider.

For one, when I speak of truth seeking, I am speaking of all forms of truth (as opposed to just spiritual truth). When one seeks the truth of things, they are also seeking to know the lies. This includes the most mundane things such as "Do I trust this person right now?"

You say to never believe. I think what you mean by this is to never blindly believe. Yet, from my perspective, every decision you make is based on belief. You board a plane believing that it can fly. You buy food at a store and eat it believing that it is safe to do so. You sit in a chair believing it will support your weight. You cannot live on this plane without believing in a whole host of things. We are forced to believe in those around us because the vast majority of us are completely dependent on other members of the human race to support our lives (feed us for example).

Now, again, my original point was only to recognize the process. In every moment that we make a decision, we are making that decision based on things we know and things we do not know. That process is being highlighted right now just by the virtue that so much that we previously trusted is now suspect. So much of what we used to believe (and take for granted) is now in our conscious mind and being considered.

As much as someone may try to avoid belief in the invisible, it is not possible. No one person on the planet has access to all of the information needed to make the decisions in their lives and thus much is invisible to them. It does not matter whether invisible implies the non-physical or the physical that is just simply not seen. What is the difference anyway?

No matter how you look at it, each person has to make decisions on their own. Even if you just follow another, you are still choosing to do so. In this regard, nothing has changed; this has always been the way it is. Yet, for whatever reason, I feel that I am guided to pay more attention to the process.

Thanks for your reply and best wishes to you,
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Richard T
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Hello David.

About truth.
The problem with truth is that it is a form that confirms a belief. It is not an absolute. It does not matter whether the truth is a spiritual truth, a scientific truth, or whatever other truth type that can be imagined. A truth remains a convention that must conform to human psychological limitations. Otherwise, rather than referring to truth, we would be referring to levels of access to information.

About belief.
No, I do not mean to never blindly believe. I mean to never believe, period. As soon as a person believes, he surrenders to the intelligence of another, or to the impressions created by something.
I understand that within a psychological paradigm, people are set to act according to what they believe. This is quite true. But on the other hand, they are totally impressionable, therefore subject to manipulation.
So, it is not because you believe that OGMs are safe that they are. (not talking about you, just an example).

So, if we are forced to believe, it is because we lack the faith in our own reality. We have been lowered to the status of small creatures. And we expect reality to be shown to us from outside.

Why should you believe anything at all? I am not saying that people should systematically contest this and that, but I am saying that everything that has been part of the current cycle must now be questioned.

Not just what pleases the psychological mind to question, but the very foundations of that psychological mind, which is a construct that was put in place to insure a very specific direction in human progress. There is no such thing as luck.

I find your assessment of the importance of recognizing the decision process to be quite important a point to raise.
And you aptly showed how beliefs control behavior.
It is easy to extrapolate how beliefs, that become truths, impact the human experience. It is quite pervasive.
Just look at the Middle East, at all the forces in place, all with their own take based on their beliefs that are brandished as truths.

On another note, I will take another example how far beliefs go.
Take for example your statement:

"No one person on the planet has access to all of the information needed to make the decisions in their lives and thus much is invisible to them."

This statement seems quite reasonable as such.
On the other hand, how do you know that not one person on the planet has access to all the information needed to make decisions in his life?

Humanity as a whole tends to project its vision as a measure of reality.

Imagine the president of a powerful country who would deal with other countries on the premise that they have the same values, think the same, and want the same as he does. A president that would be totally ignorant of the cultural bubbles, even his own bubble to start. It is not difficult to imagine the potential mistake.

Likewise the individual projects onto others his own impressions of himself.

He believes that his limitations are universal. That all humans are the same.

But it would be a shock to really go into somebodyelse's head and find out that nothing is like what he thought he would find, nothing at all.

Likewise, humanity projects its own illusions over the entire universe.

The fundamental question is why?

People seek the truth believing that the truth will come to them.

I say that this condition will end as the base that has supported this form of mentality will be taken away and the individual has to re-assess reality from outside the field of logic.

Best to you too.
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Richard -

This discussion between you and I is so interesting to me. For example, your statement (definition) of truth. On my web site blog, I wrote an article called What is Truth?


In this article, I was exploring the concept of truth and based on what you wrote, I would say that we agree. I feel that truth is relative and changes. Now there is some truth that is absolute (such as did someone do or say a particular thing and what did they mean or intend by their action or words).

And you are correct in pointing out that I cannot know that no one person has all of the information that they need to make decisions. But through logic, I find it highly unlikely. For example, even a person living off of the land completely by themselves needs to make decisions based on what is not known to them. Every piece of food is suspect. I do not see how one could have access to enough information to know what is safe to eat. [Note that this example is very pertinent to this site as it is about building communities for the purpose of survival.]

So, while I see your point about not believing anything, how is that possible? I do not see how someone can make hardly any decisions without some belief.

Now we could be simple arguing semantics. For example, I do not think that believing requires truth. Maybe I should use the word trust? We trust that the result of our actions will allow us to live another day.

So, yes, maybe one can believe in nothing. And if that is the case, then they have to play the odds when making decisions. Or worse case, they have to gamble, toss a coin or roll the dice.

Nonetheless, we all have to make decisions every minute of the day, even if they are not life or death.

And we both agree that awareness of the process of making those decisions is valuable. Yes?

Now, for the record, anyone who exposes themselves to my work will see that I do have beliefs, plenty of them. I also question my beliefs regularly. This is just how I live my life. It is too far of a stretch for me to even attempt what you suggest - not believing in anything - but it is fascinating to consider. That is why I am enjoying this discussion between us.

I may have beliefs, but I am very open, and your ideas are interesting.

Thanks again,
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Richard T
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

I hear you David.

You are saying that through logic, the likeness of a person having all the information he needs is unlikely, and I understand quite well why it may seem so. On the other hand, if we are to stand by logic, and empirical thinking, the likeness of life having appeared from inanimate matter to evolve into advanced thinking monkeys on a planet is even less.

Your example of a person needing information about what to eat and what not to eat is a good example.
What you are describing is exactly the predicament of the human race since the beginning of the last cycle.
This said, it does not mean that this is a normal condition.
But, obviously, since we are forced to reflect upon our memory, being cut off from our reality, we had to develop an intellect to overcome threats to the physical body.
That was the purpose of this last cycle.

The next cycle will not work on those same foundations.
If we are to climb a latter, the steps must be left behind.
But man won't let the step willingly, because he feels secure on it.
So, the step will be removed from under his feet.

People are starting to feel the pressure of this coming. This is why a site like this one exists. It was brought about by the sensitivity of the creators of the site.

You say:
"So, while I see your point about not believing anything, how is that possible? I do not see how someone can make hardly any decisions without some belief."

On the contrary. Consider a moment your previous example on finding the right mushroom in the woods.
You can have the correct information or you can believe you have the correct information.

Knowing is not believing. But to not believe is not to deny.
Like atheous people like to say they don't believe in this or that. Matter of the fact is not that they do not believe, it is rather that they believe the opposite. They don't know anymore than the believers they scorn.

About trust.
You have no choice but to trust in your vibration. Because in the end, we always are exactly where we are supposed to be. There is no error in the plan that you even made before incarnating.
But the memory of the fact is absent.
Like the sleeper has forgotten his woken reality and the awoken as forgotten his night life.

So, those decisions already are part of the plan as they come, not from the material environment, but from another plane that supports the mind while it hides its reality. All this to force upon the strenghtening of the intellect at the expense of the individual's ability to support stress and pain.

I do not believe in free will.

The awareness of the decision process is not only valuable but is ultimately the answer to man's unanswered questions. Yes.

The more you find strenght and center within your own self, the less you need to believe.

Believe what? What for? Hell, I should not even believe what I am saying for instance.

See what I mean?

Belief is the door through which certain forces make their way to endoctrinate, unknown of the thinker.

Yes, this is a very interesting discussion.
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Richard -

Are you familiar with Thomas Campbell's book (series) called My Big TOE (My Big picture Theory of Everything)?

Within his work, he speaks of the importance of being an open minded skeptic, thus neither believing nor disbelieving, but seeking for oneself, testing it out if you will.

I find his work very significant.

Have a great weekend...
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Richard T
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Default Re: Truth Seeking

Hello David.

No, I am not aware of it.

But from the way you put it, it sounds like a healthy approach.

A good week end to you too.
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truth seeking

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