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Default Last Try (I suspect, in vain. Hope I am wrong.)...

There are many matters that are much deeper than "religion" or theistic dogma that I have information about, and unless people can get past their hatred of the Bible and allow me to interact with the community, unhindered by assertions that I am here with an "agenda", I will not be able to participate in this community, and I will most certainly have no choice but to make good on my declaration of war. It is my duty to fight lies, delusion and distortion -- and I take that duty seriously. If I cannot communicate on this forum without people purposefully taking me out of context and not listening intently enough to understand what my point even is, before I ever get a chance to get to it, then I have no choice but to shake the dust from my feet, find a high vantage point to fire arrows at the demonic presence which is manipulatively and proudly walking the halls of this community. Why "must" I do this? Because the spirit is as such that I cannot get anything constructive out before I am tackled to the ground. I have been attacked by demonic entities all my life, and all evil has created an enemy in me. However (as one member has insisted in a profile comment), my declaration of war is not on the human souls of this forum. If there were no "people" on this forum to care about, I wouldn't be here. It is the spirit that is predominantly controlling the direction of this forum that I am declaring war with. As long as projectavalon.net is being influenced (and directed by evil), then it is fitting that I declare war on "projectavalon.net", and to continue that war until truth can be included. I have tried to reason with the members of this forum (with some support), and the moderators of this forum, and I have even contacted Bill. However, my concerns have been shrugged off as the moans and groans of someone looking for attention. MY ultimate aim is not to "show people truth" because I am not the holder of truth. My ultimate aim is to have people recognise where truth lies and where it doesn't lie (as I see it), and to share my stories and experiences. I began a few threads which were intended to open a topic, and then I intended (during the course of those threads) to participate in intelligent and well meaning dialog. However, it wasn't allowed by the predominant spirit of the community, which is something that Bill, the Moderators and even the community itself have total control over -- IF it were sincere and not simply after exciting stories.


I have been shown a world that is not enlightened, but is enslaved. In this world, people exist in a totally brainwashed state that are incapable of distinguishing reality from induced perception; a place of manufactured reality which purpose is to both imprison the minds of human beings and utterly remove the possibility that free will might ever be used to promote freedom or truth; the sole devices which humans would need to escape imprisonment . The world that I have seen is surreal. It is a place that seems not unlike a never ending nightmare; a place of confusion and hopelessness. In this world, one does not get to choose a life scenario. Everything is designed. One does not get to choose anything at all, but are utterly subject to the programming and will of the masters. In this world, humans exist for one reason and one reason only: as a life force for the prison-masters to feed off.

I want to warn the members of this forum and all people associated with Bill and Kerry in matters of "whistle blowing" and "disclosure". I must also state that everything I type is only for each person that reads to take what they will from it, as far as each person is able to understand and relate. I cannot force anyone to believe a word I say. I cannot prove anything I say, and I can only ask those with discernment to relate to what I am saying and use the information the best way they can. I can only insist that if you take what I say as being sincere and genuine (even though it will often not sound nice or generate "warm and fuzzies"), that you will also be able to achieve some success towards understanding and wisdom; which I certainly do not declare myself to be the be all and end all of either. However, to do profess (through experience) to know which direction wisdom and knowledge lies. I did not come here to preach religion or dogma, but I must insist and reiterate that the Holy Bible (KJV) is a book of God, and that sincerely reading the texts, in prayer and with a diligent will to understand the spiritual message that God has provided to us (without ignorant mockery, rebuke or hatred) that it will set you free from the lies that are promoted in the New Age Movement, which is the very mechanism that has been created to usher people into the state of spiritual and mental imprisonment (mentioned above) that I can see too many people walking blindly into. I do declare that Jesus is Lord, and that if you cannot find it within yourself to believe that, through diligent understanding of the spiritual message of the Bible, without getting caught up in an ignorant and prideful need to declare that the Bible is all wrong before you even understand the spiritual messages therein, your life is indeed in danger; your eternal life.

I want to state also that if anyone would like to begin a crusade on "religion" to have it, and its dogma, chopped down and removed from the minds of human beings, I will gladly join you on the front line (and so will Jesus). Any attempt to convince me that religion is evil is about as useful as declaring that fire is hot to a burn victim. I must insist, and I can only keep insisting that the Bible is not a religion; although I do fully acknowledge and agree that many of the world atrocities and heartaches can be directly attributed to the religions that profess to have been derived from the words of the Bible -- but have been twisted. The Bible is a spiritual book which can only be understood from the heart and the spirit. Understanding of the spiritual message of the Bible cannot be understood on a mental or theistic level (ie: religion). It takes a very open, child-like, curious and devoted heart, along with "conviction" from God and ministering from the Holy Spirit (and angels) to understand the spiritual message of the Bible. I have been reading the Bible for more than two decades, and I have to state clearly and emphatically, that if I had never picked up that book, I would first of all probably not be alive right now after being literally and physically attacked and abused by evil entities (what ever you wish to call them -- I call them demons), but I would also not have any understanding towards what has been going on with me all my life (and I am seeking to understand more, in communication with you). I will also acknowledge that I still largely do not understand the situations that I have experienced in my life, but I trust that the Bible is God's word because I have applied the spiritual understanding that I have learned form it into my life and I have achieved understanding in many areas of my life. I will also state that I do not fully understand the Bible, and I will probably not fully understand it before the day I pass from this earth - even assuming that I might live to a ripe old age; which I doubt that I will see -- according to the direction I see things heading in.

Why am I so adamant that the New Age Movement is evil? Firstly, before I first picked up a Bible or had any relationship with God, I was a very spiritual and curious child. I still am very spiritual and curious, but I wholeheartedly and emphatically declare that the practices I had been involved in, along with the information and knowledge I had gleaned from "blind spiritualism" (which is what the New Age Movement is), can be directly attributed to the suffering and confusion that I unwittingly experienced early in life. The part that makes me most angry, is that I did not realise (at the time) that what I was reading, learning and involving myself in would lead to grief and hardship in my spiritual life -- which would ultimately affect my physical and mental and well being. My very first memories of life on this earth consist of having spiritual entities, manipulating me, watching me and coaxing me into a certain direction; a direction they wanted me to follow them in. A great attempt was made to pull me into darkness before I was even old enough to comprehend where I was going. I am thankful that God allowed me to experience this (because I have grown), but He was always at my side. He allowed me to learn from experience, and I wish to share what I've learned to others. I knew that the spirit world existed long before I hit my teens. I knew how to remote view and travel the astral plains before I had even attended school and before I even knew the terms for them. I knew about crop circles (which I had seen in visions), spiritual entities, and other (non physical) worlds before I had even had it confirmed to me in this world with any literature or dogma. I did not derive my knowledge from books and dogma. I derived my knowledge from spirit, experience, prayer and a spiritual path. The texts of the Bible simply ushered me into the appropriate spiritual direction and helped me to both navigate and identify which parts were dangerous, and where I had made mistakes. I have suffered a great deal to find the little bit of knowledge and wisdom that I have, and it saddens me (and indeed angers me) that most people, all over the world, will not hear me out because I mention "God" and "Bible", which I must insist were intrinsic to what I have experienced and learned so far.

My whole point here is not to come to the forum and declare that if everyone doesn't pick up a Bible right now and start reading (and simply accept every word at face value, without thought or prayer), then you're all going to hell to burn forever like the rotten scoundrels you all are. This is what is being projected onto me before I ever get any real chance to say anything of substance at all. All the religious debates demonstrate to me that people are just not getting me; but more so, do not want to "get me". It is very difficult for me to reach people at the best of times, with the information and views that I hold (which are vast and complicated to explain -- and need time), even when people are being sincere and listening "intently" (which they seldom, if ever, do without succumbing to the urge to "correct me" or "rebuke me" on what I have experienced). But on top of the (invalid) perception that I am just another fire and brimstone evangelist pointing the finger at everyone, the vast majority of people on this forum (who are replying to my threads) are not even being genuinely sincere in their responses. The chance that anyone might actually understand any point I make dwindles with each new response that branches further and further from the original topic. It angers me that the moderators cannot see what is happening (and it's obvious that they cannot), and therefore any chance that I am able to reach anyone with what I have come to understand is totally stamped out by it. If the moderators can't step in and simply say: "Ok people, please do your best to at least hear the guy out", then what point is there in me saying anything further at all? Simply joining in on the rhetoric and declaring that because the majority of the forum takes exception to the things I say indicates that I have a personal problem is incorrect. It's a cop-out and veiled assertion that they also do not want to hear what I say, because I am a believer that Jesus is Lord.

Most people who are not believers do not want to hear "anything" a believer says, "just in case" it come back around to conviction -- which is a non-believer's worst, hate filled, squirming nightmare. This is sad to watch, because most of the things people think they hate about the Bible isn't even in the Bible, so all the hurt and suffering and anguish is in vein. Anything that I have to say about God's word is to prove that he loves us and that he's a righteous God. However, in this Godless world it's hard to get that message out because too many people incorrectly associate the mere mention of "God" with all that they hate about "religion" and will not sincerely hear another word. They pull out a metaphoric "bat" and declare that if you say one more thing about the Bible, you're going to get it.

It is quite obvious to me that this forum is moderated by people who have given up on God, due to a hatred of religion. However, that should not mean that a person that deeply loves God should not be afforded the ability to have his say also. It is all well and good for people to say "well, just ignore it then and get to your point", but here's the thing l and listen closely: It is the fact that I can see people are not getting my foundational points, and disingenuously reject my "literal presence due to the fact that I am a believer", that cause me to stop and have to explain that people have me all wrong -- not the (invalid) assumption that I am unable to accept other people's points of view. I could go through all of my threads and get a list of several hundred statements, one by one, and construct a lengthy explanation of why people are not only projecting incorrect hatreds and assertions onto me, but are directly preventing me from being able to continue because if a foundational point is not understood (whether it is agreed with or not), then future points will be understood even less, literally making anything I say a complete waste of time.

I have been told, many times, to simply "spit it out". I've been told to stop playing the victim and just say what ever it is I have to say. I can only reiterate that I have been sincerely trying, but I cannot, no matter how much I try, prevent a band of people who "think" they hate what ever it is (they "think") I have to say, because they (incorrectly) presume that it's *obviously* going to be all about finger pointing and how I am right and everyone else is wrong. This couldn't be further from the truth. I know full well that people in general to not like to hear other people out when views are hard to listen to or cause conviction, but that doesn't mean I am here to personally attack anyone or make anyone feel bad. I have been accused of being dictatorial and that I simply want to accuse everyone and not hear what anyone has to say and that I want the rules of the forum to be personally modified to make my "agenda" more easy to promote (assuming that I even have an agenda). This assertion just makes me stop typing, stop reading, slump back in my chair, stare into space for several minutes while thinking over and over: "how on earth can someone believe that's why I want the rule that people must stick on topic created?". In my opinion, until moderators start stepping in on a lot of the unwarranted sarcasm and hate filled (albeit veiled) rhetoric that is so rife on this forum (and not just in my threads), it will be very hard for any truth to come out in the forum, because truth doesn't always come in a fluffy bunny suit, skipping along with a basket full of flowers. Often truth is scary. Often truth is not what you might think it would have been. Often truth causes people to feel "exposed and naked". So if the sarcastic, ignorant and "happy club" rhetoric of this forum cannot be stamped out, I'd say that even if truth does make its way to this forum, it will be wiped off the table with the scraps.

Many people have suggested how I should post and how I should "get started" and what methods I should use, etc. However, I do not have one big long story to type out, have everyone read, and "accept as if it were the be all and end all of truth". What I have is a life of experiences that I wish to share with people, through conversation, one or two subjects at a time. If I wanted to write a dogmatic system of truth as I see it, I'd go and write a blog. If I didn't want feedback on the things that I say, I wouldn't post it on a forum. I'd write it up in text and "link to it" from forums. It is highly unfair that I am being labelled as someone who wont get to my point, answer questions, or type everything I know in "fact form" to be picked at -- because all I want to do is participate in the community without purposefully negative rhetoric being directed at me.

I cannot stand the New Age Movement. Does that mean I go from thread to thread, derailing people's topics and making every thread I am an involved in all about how much I hate the New Age Movement, regardless of whether it directly relates to what the original poster said? No, I do not, because that would be unconstructive and I do not participate in a forum on that level. If I have a problem with something, I'll go and make my own thread where I (of course) expect people to argue against what I have said, but I do not expect people to take the approach of: "Well, this guy is a bible thumper, so I'll just attack him on that level and bring up something about the Bible in EVERY thread he makes to discredit what he's saying, because I know there's a HOARD of people on this forum that will both agree with me and side with me". That is what is happening on this forum, and unless it stops I cannot and will not ever be able to participate in intelligent conversation. Of course there are some people being sincere and genuine, and many are making statements such as "well I responded to your original topic, but you did not respond to me".. but that's because the whole topic is in disarray and I have no will to try to say something serious and meaningful in amongst a heap of noise. Which teacher will continue explaining what they understand to a class while 90% of the class is throwing things around? I can already see the response: "Oh, so you're saying you're a teacher now?".. please save it. No I am not. It was an analogy.

If this forum and all the people on it are sincerely interested in truth, then a large effort to remove the disingenuous sarcasm and hateful rhetoric needs to be tended to, because I'm telling you right now: This forum is not a place where people can come and be serious. Most threads are filled with sarcasm and jokes and if both Project Camelot and Project Avalon want to be viewed by the world as a serious effort to find truth, then something needs to be done. I put it forward that this is not a professionally run forum. It is a very casual, laid back forum where most of the participants are here for the social interaction more so than a deep desire for truth. It has been said: "we're all members here, so we're all obviously awakened". What I say to that is: No, what it means is that there are a lot of people that are curious, looking for excitement and social interaction with people who are able to feed them that excitement.

What I want to do on this forum, on any other forum, or with people I meet in life or online, or any other place, is simply interact and be frank and serious and say what I see, exactly how I see it. What I say isn't always fluffy, but at least I am serious, frank and sincere. Of course there are many things in this world I absolutely cannot stand, and my patience in dealing with those matters is battered and ragged. However, people should not make the mistake of assuming that I am simply trying to point the finger of others -- there is always an extended point, and even evidence if people let me get to it. I've said NOTHING that I had intended to say in that New Age Movement poll. Nor am I going to bother as long as people are projecting what they "think" my point is into it and responding to their own perceptions, instead of anything "I type". There are people on this forum who believe themselves to be a part of the New Age Movement, and when I go and make a thread about the New Age Movement, they perceive (and quite rightly so) that what is coming next is a long thread about WHY I cannot stand the New Age Movement. So, they inject statements such as "Oh, a Bible Basher", which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic and then they instigate a big long discussion about why they can't stand the Bible. That's all well and good if they want to do that, but they should go and make their own thread, because I am not able to put my case forward if the thread is allowed to be hijacked with both an "ok" from the mods, but even participation by the mods. Then, when I assert that the way the thread is going is wrong and needs to me moderated properly, I am expected to believe that I should just accept that people have different opinions (how is that going to help the problem?). Again, that's all well and good, but what about my original topic? What about opinions on that?

If I had "mod buttons" on this website (which I know I'd never be allowed to have in a million years), I would immediately remove "Oh a Bible basher", or "Oh, I knew it - here to preach". I would send those posters a message asking them not to be sarcastic and to let that person have their say. Yet I am being told that I should respect other people's opinions (and totally ignore purposeful topic derailing) at the very same time that my right to express opinions and views are is being respected. My opinions and views are being trashed, for the simple reason that there's a majority on the forums that don't agree. Is this a majority rules forum? Or is it a truth seeking form? Even worse, the bandwagon that is responsible for hijacking my threads has mods sitting on the very top saying: "Yawn, yawn, yawn". Then, there are administrators that start making posts about their view of the Bible in a New Age Movement poll, right after private communication containing requests by me that the moderators ask people to keep the thread on topic. This is not constructive. I do not accept that a majority of people on a forum disagreeing with me means that "I have a problem". What it means is that I'm going to be hard pressed being allowed to say anything unless the moderators do their job and ensure that other people are being both respectful and on topic. Many claim that I am disrespectful, but I fight against ideas and movements. I do not type sarcastic responses to people, over and over again in an effort to discredit anything they say. I know one thing for sure. If I were to go and respond to people in their channeling and New Age Movement threads that they are "pathetic" (as is allowed to be said to me), I would probably be banned. This is indeed a very bias and unfair forum, so I am trying to have something done about it. If I were to go into other threads and type "yawn, yawn, yawn" or other unconstructive things, I am quite sure I'd get PM's from moderators for causing trouble. I am already getting PM's from moderators due to my complaints.

I want to reiterate that I want to be able to post what I want to post in peace (like everyone else is able to), because I have a life long array of spiritual happenings (including visions and intuitions) that I would like to share and discuss with people. I can clearly see a lot of things that are coming in this world, but I need time to explain and discuss those things. I never came here to indoctrinate anyone about anything. I came here to share what I have learned with people -- whether others accept it or believe it or relate with it or not. But all the sarcastic and disruptive rhetoric is making things impossible for me, so I have to keep insisting that I be allowed to talk, even while people accuse me of "playing the victim", "having an agenda", "dooming people to hell", "being demonic" or a whole array of other things I never said or implied. It's all just a lynch mob mentality. I understand my views are not popular, but please just let me get what I have to say out in peace. I am not playing the victim, I am trying to explain to people that the forum has a sarcastic and vitreous spirit toward people they don't agree with (ie: believers), and "majority rules". It's "ok" to be sarcastic and disruptive just as long as you're in the majority. If people are only allowed to post things that people find exciting or agree with, and are not allowed to say things that make people stop and think (or even things that some people rightly or wrongly find personally offensive), then what good is the forum at all? What purpose is being served? I just want to have my say and I want to relate with people and find out what other people think about what I am saying. I know there are some other people that can offer great insight into the things I have experienced in life, and even can relate, and I want them to share it. But I just cannot do that as long as there's a raging hoard of God haters that purposefully make my life difficult (just because they're in a majority).

I didn't just come here to share what I understand. I also want the few people that can relate with me to be allowed to communicate with me in an environment free of vitreous rhetoric, preemptive defence (which is usually unwarranted), disruption and mob mentality. I am sure that if I am allowed to participate in the forum without all that, then both myself and others will benefit from the communication. I know what I say are things that most people reject and even despise, but I must be allowed to have my say, and I am emphatic that moderators need to take a more active role in ensuring that all people are allowed to have their say and not just those that the majority agree with.

I am trying, over and over again, to explain that I have a lot to say, but I need the spirit of the forum removed that doesn't allow people who mention "God" or the "Bible" to speak freely without their threads "ALWAYS" turning into a tired religious debate. I'm not saying that I am the only one that should be allowed to mention the Bible and that if anyone else dares to disagree with me that I will start flapping my arms. If I create a thread, I just think it's low for every single thread to immediately be taken back to anti-Bible rhetoric, just because the poster of the original topic may have mentioned the Bible in that thread or others. This forum has a big chip on its shoulders about God and the Bible. The New Age Movement, by its very nature, proclaims to remove Jesus from the picture of reality and most people who are in the movement have long ago drop kicked their Bible out their back door. They don't want to be reminded of it. They don't want to talk about it and they don't want anyone else to talk about it. But there's a big problem: Much of my life experience comes from spiritual understanding that I have learned from reading the Bible and also through prayer, visions and dreams that I believe I received from God (and angels). I cannot converse on the forums, if the majority of the members have decided that they are uninterested in what I am saying because they know I am going to mention God and the Bible. All those people are doing is trying to discredit anything I say, before I am given the appropriate chance to say it, because they know that they're not going to like my source. People say "I blindly have my head stuck in a book and I've come here to regurgitate the words I have read in it". This is not what I got from the Bible. I didn't just read the words, accept them and then start to walk around regurgitating everything I read, verbatim. Such a statement demonstrates to me that the individual doesn't even have the slightest idea about what my views actually are, or how I got them.

I've been told to just say my views, but I didn't come here to make a point form list of what I believe and why. In a LOT of circumstances, I simply do not know what I believe. There's heaps of things in the Bible I am undecided on how to view. If I make any assertion that I believe the Bible is correct on a certain matter, it will always be in relation to something I have experienced. This is what I want to discuss. Further, I have been wrong about what I believed according to the Bible before, and I have been corrected. This happens on Christian forums and in private chats with Christians, who I seek confirmation from. No offense, but I wouldn't be asking for confirmation on this board full of mostly unbelievers -- it is not the right place. It is not a Christian forum. So that's not why I came here. I came here to talk about my experiences. I know that my experiences involve God and the Bible, but that's just the way it is. I can't remove half my story (or the conclusions I have from life), just because a great amount of people wont like those parts. If you don't allow me to speak freely, and always get hung up on things I mention about the Bible and God and Jesus, then you can never fully hear my story. I believe that you will miss a lot of useful information, because of your insistence that I am not here to talk about my stories, but that I am "really" here to damn everyone to hell. It's unfair and it's ridiculous.

I just want all the angry people who believe that they can prove that I am really here to cause trouble to just sit back and withhold their "judgement" and stop quoting Bible passages reminding me that "I shouldn't judge", while trying to contradict everything I say before I am allowed to get to any point. What is happening around here is that too many people have assumed to know all about who I am and why I am here and they're on a mission to make a mockery out of me before I can get to: "You're all going to hell!". It's unfair. It's presumptuous. It's wrong. It's unnecessary and it's causing me not to be able to just sit down and participate on the forums. And yes, it's making me frustrated and angry, because it's POINTLESS! If you all just get off my back and give me a proper chance to participate, you'll find that in a month from now many good points will have been raised, many conversations will have been positive, and that I will have become a useful and very constructive member of the community.

I know that I could easily get many responses to what I have written here, rebutting things that I have said, while persisting that "I am really the problem and that I need to go look in the mirror", etc.. (which I will try very hard not to get worked up over), but all I am asking is for a fair chance to post on the forums without people treating what I contribute as a joke, or with contempt. I am not "playing the victim". I just know that unless I can make it clear, and get people to identify that there's a massive "anti-God" rhetoric on the forum, I will never be able to become a contributive member of the forum. Many people wonder why I spend so much time complaining, instead of just getting on with it -- it's because I know I will never truly be able to "get on with it" unless my concerns here are not only "understood", but addressed. I have A LOT to say and it's going to take time and a proper floor to get everything out and discussed. If I were to just "spit it out" in THIS environment, I would never get through everything that I would like to share and discuss. Even in the few threads I have made, I've stopped responding in. They're hijacked. They're moot. The religion haters are talking with each other in them now, about anything and everything be sides the actual topic, totally uninterested in anything I might have had to share; even moderators and administrators. I would like for moderators to watch the responses of my threads and ask themselves if a what another member of the forum has contributed is a genuine response to the thread, or an attempt to derail it. I am not asking much, because I believe moderators should be doing this ANYWAY, for ANY topic on ANY subject. I am not asking for special rules. I am asking for sincerity and seriousness. I am just trying to clear a way to be able to speak in a forum that mostly couldn't care less what I had to say, because there are "some that do care" and "can relate".

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