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Default Now Is the Time! or it could be too late.

This was submitted to Current.com
link: http://current.com/items/89343053_no...ld_be_too_late

Now is the time for us to Stand Together.

This is a message to those who know or want to know the truth.

Now is the time for us as a race to come together and bring forth the truth. To say we are not going to let our people die anymore, we aren’t going to let children starve, we wont let people kill, we wont let greed control our lives. For greed only brings anger, hate, and unhappiness.

It’s time we stood up as a people and said we are not going to do this anymore. That we are going to change things so everyone can live a full happy life.

Things are so bad now because we have lost our selves in this ever-changing world. Our lives are so busy that we don’t have time to look around and see that things are just not right. Our communities have weakened as well as our families because we no longer have the time. We are too busy working, eating, watching TV, and just only truly caring about our selves.

Now is the time for those who know the truth to come forward. To stand together so that our children don’t live in a world they hate. So that they don’t have to deal with the problems we are causing and the things we are destroying that they may never get a chance to experience. To stop not caring about it because we don’t believe they will affect us that someone will find a way to fix it eventually. Well I’m sorry but that just wont do for me. I’m 20 years old and I know in my heart things are just not right. That things should be different that we should be living in a world were there is peace. Where we don’t have to pay to live. I don’t know about any of you but when I was born on this planet I didn’t think I was going to have to pay rent for my life.

The reason why I believe we live in the world how it is today is because we don’t have the need to change something until it falls apart and needs to be changed but by that time it may be too late..

I’ve always said to myself we humans on this earth have what we need to change, but not the need to change it.

People don’t understand that things need to change now and they wont change unless we come together and do something about. I’m sorry if you are too lazy to stand up and do something about it. I’m sorry that you don’t feel that anything needs to be changed because everything is perfect in your little world you live in. Tell that to the millions that starve or die because the were unfortunate enough to be born in a place were food, shelter, and clean water were not available.


I have to say this that you shouldn’t be scared because we as a people will protect the truth. The times have changed and you no longer have to worry.

Don’t let things get any worse please.

Let this message to all those who known the truth, to all those who may not know the truth but see something is wrong and feel something needs to be done. The time is now do not take any longer for the longer we take to make things right. The harder it will be with more casualties.

I give permission to post and pass this message for a good cause on.

Please If you believe something should be done please help me in getting this message out there because I believe we can change things if we work together and stand up now. there are enough of us that we can make a positive affect.

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Default Re: Now Is the Time! or it could be too late.

you are indeed right, we should all work together/come together and bring forth the truth. Give the people the choice to see what life really should be insteadt of living in this very illusion.
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Default Re: Now Is the Time! or it could be too late.

Thanks to all those who have come and gone from this earth speaking the truth trying to help their people.

I honor and respect those who have taken it upon themselves to do try and do something to help. either by telling their stories or taking some kind of peaceful action for the greater good. We as a people separate our selves from one another too often with titles and labels. The only Label I use is human because being born on this earth I am human that is all.

It's time to show how proud and grateful we are to those who have risked everything to help us. It's time to stand up and do something now! not later!

we must do something now before everything falls apart.
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