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Default Adyashanti, Humanity and Crisis - Your Opinion!

"Adyashanti: Complete Interview" - 24:42 Min.

I stumbled upon a number of Adyashanti YouTube videos this evening and I liked what he had to say. I hadn't heard of him before. The "Complete Interview" by the Global Oneness Project is a good place to start, in my view, because it touches on the purpose of "The Great Gathering" http://projectavalon.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18464, though not mentioning it by name. Here is a transcript of a segment of the program on "Crisis as a catalyst for change" -- let me know what you think!

TRANSCRIPT SEGMENT; 12:59-17:23 Mins.

Crisis are often the catalyst for change. And as humanity in general, I think we can all start to agree; I hope we're starting to agree that we are coming to a point of crisis. That we're coming into a contact, not just with our own personal mortality, but out mortality as a species. That we as a species may not survive. And that can provide, just like individual mortality can lead to a change of consciousness because we realize time's run out; there's no more time. So in that "no more time" sometimes consciousness can shift.

And as humanity I think we're rapidly approaching that same kind of imperative. Time is running out. And so quite naturally there is tremendous pressure on humanity and humanity's consciousness right now. We all feel it. There's this tremendous pressure to evolve, to awaken. Because somehow intuitively everyone knows that if there's not some rather dramatic shift in consciousness, then this opportunity will be missed.

Because there is the "personal" I would love this transformation for my children and for all other beings, but that's kind of the point I was trying to touch on, although not as succinctly as maybe I could have been... that point where that desire or that impulse has to transcend our personal concerns. Even the personal concerns for the future of my children, for the... in other words it has to include "maybe we don't know what's the best thing". Maybe the best thing is that we don't survive as a species. Because until everything is possible, we're not really inquiring into what's true.

Because we've put limits, I'll only look at what's true as long as it exists in this little box. But if what's true ends up to be, ya know, existence is kind of done with humanity, it hasn't worked, it's gonna try something else. [shaking his head] No I'm not gonna...

So to me, to look at what's really true it has to open up to this thing that's beyond... it includes of course, it's gonna include your personal concerns, wanting to be happy, wanting your family and your children to have a good life and to survive. That's fine, we're never gonna just get rid of that. But I think it has to include a much-much bigger context -- What's really real, what's really true. Really. And can I even ask the question is such a way that the question itself goes beyond a human concern. Can I ask it from the point of existence rather than the standpoint of me or even the standpoint of humanity. Can I ask it from the biggest possible context.

I think that's very-very-very important. Because only then are we touching into something that has infinite power. And it seems that that's what's necessary, we have to touch into something that has infinite power; infinite transformative power. And we never come into what has infinite transformative power as long as we stay only in the personal domain. So how does one do that individiually is one question. And of course a bigger question is, how does that happen collectively. And I tell you the truth, I don't have an answer for that.

As a teacher I've seen that people come with that motivation that's truly transpersonal, that comes from I would say from existence. They come to me with it or they don't. They got it or they don't. I can't develop it in them, I can't convince them of it. It's a part of their own maturity. They may not start there but later they may mature there, but I can't like put it into them.

(end of transcript segment)

Your opinion, please...
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