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Talking New Zealand Preparedness

Happy New Year New Zealand Ground Crew

Where are you all at? I know everyone is busy this time of year. Afterall down here in the South Island it doesnt get dark till about ten o'clock. The weather is hot and most people are on summer holiday. Not much time being spent inside on a computer. Its New Years Eve here. My family are all partying. Me, Im going to get on my little horse Cheeky and head up the hills and contemplate the coming year. Sounds like its going to be a rough one! Depends on your attitude of course. Ive known about this chaotic time for many many years. It was damm difficult in the beginning. Nobody around me wanted to know and most thought I was a sandwich short of a picnic! Now its common knowledge and I feel a bit more vindicated, but that doesnt make the preparations any easier. I must say taking action on preparation does get you on a roll and one thing leads to another. The ideas come naturally to me now and mostly I action them. I have discovered the wonderful world of dehydration. Don't waste anything anymore and dry food takes up very little space. I make a mean beef jerky now and I have some weird and wonderful handtools. I intend to do some hands on earth house building this year to increase my knowledge base. I reckon the new currency will not be paper money it will be applicable knowledge, hands on stuff. Im learning the whole gamut of milk product recipes with milking my cow. The tart wasnt interested in being milked this morning. Shes come into season and all she was interested in was the bull! Can't short circuit nature. Anyway forgive my ramble, me and my horse are now heading up the hill so I can sit in a tussock and comtemplate the coming year. I might even take a bottle of my wine. The horse will get me home.

Cheers to you all

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Default Re: New Zealand Preparedness

Hi Carmen and Fellow NZ Ground Crew.

Hope you are all doing well! From talking to most people, perhaps I am in the minority so to speak, but I am expecting a brilliant 2009! Lots of change and finally the old systems are crumbling which is a good thing! Will allow for the new to come through, a bit like a forest fire sweeping thru and after its done, plenty of new growth! Yay! Have been waiting a long time for this. We need new economic systems, new governmental structure with new leaders with ethics and morals and spiritual insight/awareness. And with this peace and spiritual maturity will come the opportunity for Earth to be fully accepted as a conscious and full participant of the Galactic Federation. I, for one, will most certainly be volunteering for Galactic Ambassadorial work - my soul's purpose for this incarnation. (Beam me up Scotty!)
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