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Default The Official Dream Interpretation Thread

Hi. I've noticed quite a few dream threads in this section of the forum. I'm wondering if it would be a good Idea to have a sticky thread for dreams, lucid dreams, spiritual dreams, Shared dreaming, Dreaming with extra dimensional entities etc.

I'll start with a non lucid where I met Carlos Castaneda.

Dreaming with Chris and Carlos. (Non-lucid)

I am in a wooded Area with Chris D. and Someone else. We are in a Blue pickup truck. someone else is with us in the truck. In this dream I think I am going to help Chris with some sort of work in the woods. We are having good conversation about life and other things.

When we arrive at our designated spot. We walk up a small trail. We come to a run down cabin with some of it's roof missing. We go inside the Cabin and sit down on some chairs. We each have a beer and begin talking.

Suddenly I find myself in a black Space. A man runs across my field of vision. He has a human body but shaped differently. He's running like an ape, Swinging his knuckles on the ground. He has the Head of Carlos Castaneda, But his eyes seem to bulge out of his head. They have bright yellow coloring with large black pupils, they are like looknig into infinity. His presence is Terrifying, yet calming at the same time. His whole look and demeanor are out of place. I can tell he does this on purpose As he's running around he's saying "che che che che." over and over again. The "e" sound is almost impreceptible. After running around for a bit he runs up to me.

"h. h.h h.h h.i.hhi hi hi hi hi HI Roarga'an!" he said. He speaks strangely sort of like gollum from Lord of The Rings. Then he starts speaking like Yoda. "C C c Chris told me about you, he did. Said for me to give you a dream with me he did. T T Truth Is we've met before in dreams"

"Yeah." I said. "a few years ago I dreamed an invisible presence was following me. When I let it interact with me I recalled a dream within a dream. And in that dream You were there! and Don Juan. We were on a mountain following a black shadow."

"Led you to the Abyss we did! che che! But you don't remember that part. Che. some day you will!" He kept saying "Che" and his head spun horizontally and then vertically, as he ran around in a circle. It was hypnotizing. "Truth is... Che. Know about you we do. Me and Don juan. Watching you and your dreaming friends we have been. Che che.
Don juan calls you fools... he really does. Sorcerers of old he says. But fools, I Don't think you are! Che che. A book you and your friends will write! Planned it you have already. Inspire many it will!. Che che che!"

"Yeah but," I began. " So much Crap in the way... Nomad isn't online much anymore."

"Power provides Fool! Che. Didn't Lonewolf ever tell you that?" I nodded. "well. Dreaming lesson for you I have. almost Mastered it already you have. tell me what have you noticed about your dreaming lately?"

"That recently All i do is gaze into an area too small for me to fit and then my awareness zooms in there and I find myself standing there."

"Did you know?" he said speaking more normally. "That this is precisely how I arrived at the second gate by mastering this drill"

"I remember reading it." I said. "But I never made the connection that THIS is what I was doing."

"I discovered it seemingly accidental myself! Che! Don Juan had to tell me tho, like I am telling you! here!" The scene around us changed. WE were now in a jagged hallway We walked up to a wall with a small space to look beyond the wall. "Now," he said. "look through the hole and stare straight ahead" I followed his instructions. Through the hall I saw another part of the hallway. "Don't think about the wall blocking you just keep staring straight ahead" I kept doing so. Instincitvely I opened my mouth and small green snake came out and flew through the hole. Suddenly I was the snake on the other side. I grew bigger. I had wings. But, I slithered down the next part of the hallway.

"NOT LIKE THAT NAGA!" Carlos said. He was already in the next hallway with me. I argued that I entered the next scene effortlessly.
I changed back into human. "CHE! But you didn't transport yourself using your awareness! let's try again. Stay still." I looked straight ahead. Carlos came behind me and used his hands to adjust my head. He held my head in a fixed position and instructed me to look straight ahed and to focuse precisely on where i wanted to go. There was a part of the hallway that suddenly went up, but one couldn't crawl through. I focused on that spot. i let my awareness drift into it. Quite easily the place zoomed up. The small space to crawl through seemed to get bigger instantly. and suddenly I found myself standing in the next section.

"Good. Good!" Carlos said. "Do it a few more times you must... Che!"
I did the "jump" a few more times. doing nothing but focusing on the spot I wanted to go. Sometimes I was there instantly. Other times It seems like I flew super fast there. When we came to a solid wall we stopped.

"That's it for now Naga." He began. "Remember! Keep up with your dreaming...you and your friends...will acomplish many things...Sorcerers of old, Che!...watching you we are...hear from us you and your friends will from time to time..." His head spun once more. His eyes began to glow, a tornado came out of his mouth.

Missing time

The dream with chris carried on as If it never happened. We finished sitting down in the shack. We got up to begin working. I was telling Chriss something about AA... We walked down a path and I saw some pieces of wood hanging over the path with thorns. Even though I didn't remember Carlos at that time, his presence was all around the dreamscape. He was the earth we walked upon, the trees and the shack. Yes, Carlos was all around us... yet Me and Chris carried on as if it were a normal non lucid dream.

Edit: When I posted this thread my clock read 11:11 !!!!
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Default Re: The Official Dream Interpretation Thread


Searching for Asuka Lucid

As the last dream ended I focused right away on entering a dream once more. Instead of waking up all the way, I immediately found myself in another dream already lucid. (I believe the correct term for what I did was DEILD).

Immediately I looked at my hands. The looked like children's hands. I look around at where I'm at. I'm in a huge mall. I walk a ways and remember to look for Asuka. I try to yell her name but no sound comes out of my mouth. I walka round a bit more and discover I am able to yell her name out. I call a few times, but she doesn't show up. a bit flustered I begin looking at all the women Dream characters walking around. The thought crosses my mind that I could just mack on one of them to make Asuka jealous, maybe then she'd appear. I then decide against it and keep walking. I find a staircase and walk up it. I come to an area where there is an elevator. I look around the area a bit more and Decide I should find a mirror to use as a gateway to my dream house (Where Asuka probably was at this time). I don't see any mirrors around.

I then figure I could try to open a portal. I forget pinky pointing is used to see energy. But I try with my left pinky to point ahead and open a portal. When I see my hand in front of me I can see my index is also pointing. I'm accidentally making a devil sign. I manage to pull the index back and keep pointing to open a portal. Nothing happens So I follow some guys into the elevator.

In the elevator there is a slightly reflective surface. I try to use that As a mirror to summon my inner world. I focus on the feeling of my house and Asuka but the reflection doesn't change. I then try to see if I can push through the metal part of the elevator. My fingers press hard but nothing happens. I focus harder on the feeling and they begin to push through slowly. I manage to open a small hole in the metal. I peer through expecting to see my inner world, but instead All I see is this haze of white and black. I try to enter through the hole But I can't seem to fit.

I give up that and turn around. Now I'm in a street outside but I seem to not notice the transition. I look around and don't see any houses that I recognize that could be my home. I find myself on a bike and pedal a few blocks. I got onto a highway and then later enter another neighborhood. I wonder how much longer the dream will last.

When I enter the next block, I see the road splits off. One way goes up a hill. The other one turns down. I remember Mornings Son had once seen a winding steep road that led down my house. I figured my house was up that way. As if on cue Two men from an intersecting street nearby began shooting at me with a gun each. They looked like Government agents. Black suit, boots and tie. They even had black sunglasses to boot. "Remote viewers!" I thought to myself. "How dare they interrupt my search for Asuka."

I look towards them, for a split second I'm unsure of how to kill them. As I look I either float fast or I am instantly teleported to where they are. I find myself crushing the windpipe of the one man's throat with my right hand, while simultaneously bludgeoning him in the head with his own gun. In a few seconds he's on the ground and not moving. no use beating a dead horse so I find myself at the other one killing him in the same fashion. He takes longer to kill, but once he's dead some of his blood is on my hand. I lick it up. I teleport to my bike and continue. The fight had me forget my reasoning of my house being up on the hill, So I turn left down a wide winding street and enter a street with rows of stores and restaurants.

I look around and see a bunch of women mannequins. I get off my bike and a green flag catches my eye. I then try to change it's shape or design by looking away at it and then looking back. I can't really tell if it changed or not. I shrug and teleport to my bike. I turn a corner and...

... find myself back in the mall on top of the staircase where the elevator is. Back to square one! I focus on my feeling of Asuka once more and look for a portal. Nothing! I then try again and see if there's a small hole to go through and go via the way carlos taught me. Nothing. I then focus on a small ledge and try to allow my awareness to drift there. I tried too hard so It didn't work. A slightly chubby women with glasses bumps into me. My glasses fall off and I pick them up. They are bent. The woman Apologizes and offers to bend the frames back. I then watch her as she fixes them. I try them on but they are dirty. She pulls them from my face and then cleans them with her breath. As she's wiping them I get dizzy and wake up.
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