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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Thanks for your great 1st post, Drew! Good Vibes!


Originally Posted by dbdowlin View Post
Hello, this is my first post. I'm new to Avalon.

[edited out long post]

HELLO intergalactic EARTH OF LOVE. GOODBYE isolated earth of fear.

what you are taking part in, what you are participating in.. is the shifting of realities from fear into Love.

be informed.

stay in the love.

-- unconditional love and support on your journeys

-- Drew
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle


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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Originally Posted by broken arrow View Post
i don't believe anyone is attempting to discredit anyone. ok. this is big stuff. why wouldn't a person question it? that's not discredidation. why be on defense when you run offense right?
naaa what I am saying if someone from the Military, with a bunch of 3 letter agency experience wanted to share something with the public, he agreed not to share what was written or told, but they didn't make him say he wouldn't share his dreams....

He's keeping his oath, and sharing with us things we need to know...

Now its our job, to find a way to keep his "nightmares" from coming true.
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Wink Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Just to clear up any confusion from my point of view, I care for the American people. And if those bad events do occur, it would be shocking and terrible.
I would not want to even visualize such a thing. Maybe that is why I don't want to. I do not want to visualize that in my mind because it could add to the manifestation.

So, although I am not ignoring the warning, let's try to pray for our future and prevent this from occuring. I do believe this was the most important part of that message from Dr. Deagle.

So, lightworkers, it looks like it is time to alter our timeline once again.

Peace and Love for everyone with sugar on top.
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Smile Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Benjamin Fulford was interviewed by Rense on 9/24/08 and if you are looking for more data, then this is a good one. You can find on youtube. I have been observing various things on the news, and a lot of what fulford has said can actually be true. For example what he said about the Japanese in an article that they are questoining 9/11, this is actually true and I found it in a Japanese new article. Also, China's refusal to help the USA financially, is another interesting fact.

After reading all the posts here I decided not to listen to Deagle's call. I appreciate the folks who have listened and posted here.

I look forward to the meditation tomorrow with Earthdeva.

Thank you all!
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle


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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

The thing I like about this October stuff is we are in October right now! Waiting for the end of 2012 to see if anything was going to happen was making me feel very impatient. Four years seems like a long time, even though it isn't.

Having read various predictions about catastrophic events over the last 20 years has taught me that they almost never come true.

Now the possibility of economic catastrophe is right now more than a little bit possible. And how that would radiate out into our day-to-day existence remains to be seen. It could get very ugly.

But the other possible doom scenarios are much less likely, in my opinion.

But I will definitely be paying careful attention over the next two weeks.

Deagle could be right, but I doubt it.

As scary as the worst-case-scenario is, I wouldn't turn down the chance to be present at the climax of history. And I have faith that we are headed for a future that is much sweeter than these troubled times.
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

How do you wrap you mind around THIS one??? This is the most shocking and disturbing thing I've heard yet!!
As well as what's already been noted : Canadian borders to be shut down from 56 to only 6 transfer points with large underground elevators that can lower vehicles to take x-rays!! Now I understand the dream I had about 2 months ago about all these elevators coming out of the ground. Too weird!

Also worrisome - foreign troops moving around all cities setting up perimeters as well as a second one at 30 mile limit. Use alternate back roads out! Do NOT go 'east'.

GM foods introduced on the population to destroy their immune systems and make ppl susceptible to disease. This I absolutely believe!

Grids to go down - power - water.....store shelves will be empty in 3 hrs. and water out within hours!

Found this almost funny - Saudis contacted Bush admin demanding that bailout money goes to them first. Yes, they really need it

All I can say is: knowledge even if it's just a possibility only adds strength to our power! Use it !! The mirror back is an excellent concept.

We shall prevail because we MUST!
Love & Light
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

here's the working David Wilcock interview:


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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Wow, thanks for the David Wilcock link. I was just gona post to ask about it and there it is ! Everyone might want to listen to David
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle


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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

yea i was just about to go to bed and i still had this thread opened..

i think i'm gonna have to listen to this one tomorrow though, because i'm about to nod off - see everyone tomorrow!
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Exclamation Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Originally Posted by Sky Otter View Post

i believe and know we can do something

if you are listening to the lastest phone thing from bill you have to know they are calling for nasty nasty stuff..

i think this is where and maybe why we are all here..

we are very very powerful beings and if we band together
we can stop or change this

but we need to all be on the same page to accomplish our goal

does anyone want to suggest what image we should hold to change it????

now is the time

i'm not posting in fear but in taking control

Okay Guys and Gals,

BIG stuff coming - IMAGE TO HOLD...VISUALISE these cities encased in HUGE WHITE LIGHT DOMES, with ENOURMOUS COLUMNS OF WHITE BLUE LIGHT decending into them from the depths of the cosmos!

Call upon ALL SENTIENT BEINGS to RISE UP and SAY NO across the entire planet, see the entire world saying NO together!

Also call upon the ONE TRUE CREATOR to come with everything he/she has got, ie: ALL FORCES FOR GOOD to protect us at these times!

Of course take all steps physically to get out of harms way too.

Big Love to all...One World - One Love - One People, were in this together and remember WE ARE ONE and ONLY THE NOW EXISTS!

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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Just the fact that Bill Deagle announces a DUE DATE makes him endanger his credibility. Is this a last dieing attempt to save his career? Well, we wont know untill Oct. 7th. If something doesnt happen on Oct 7th, we will ALL discredit Bill Deagle for the rest of his career. If something does happen, then we will all be paying more, close serious attention to his advice, from then on.
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Hi all, I've been having a very weird feeling since last week every time I cross the 395 bridge from Virginia to DC it's like something is going to happen and instinct makes me look for safe ways to scape, Dr. Deagle was talking about a flat city and a lot of highways and that matches with Virginia too so anyway I think that it's better to just analize that recording with serenity and hope that nothing happens. By the way my birthday it's Oct 7th
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
Did anyone here think about one little thing, the strongest sense a human has is fear, it opens you, giving you sharper hearing, better vision and strength...

Maybe this all part of our evolution, putting us right on the edge, forcing us to reach for even more...

All of us want a better future, how many are taking your fear and turning it into an even more powerful light surrounding you, your family, your neighborhood...

In Washington's vision, he saw Angels coming to America when they were needed most...

Maybe we are them, lighting up now to prepare for the coming battle against the darkness...

Go to the UFO's over Washingon Thread. Are these angels or higher dimensional beings here?
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Originally Posted by adrenochrome View Post
here's the working David Wilcock interview:


Thanks a TON for the link!

Are there any good links to the brief phone calls to Rebecca Jernigan...anyone?
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

[/QUOTE] Over the past few mornings I have heard the dawn chorus more than I ever have before. Everything seems so serene and still. Remember we have choosen this time and place to be on the Earth. It is part of the knowlege that we need to learn as we return to the place from where we came from. St Clair calls it " Amongst the Stars "

There is nothing to fear - just the F.E.A.R. itself ( False Emotions Appearing Real )

Bill Hicks " It is just a game" - We are the players my friends - Lets PLAY and WE DECIDE THE RULES THIS TIME
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

I think we're supposed to remember who we are. Now is the time to say NO, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, to any such interdimensional "sacrifice." No, we will not participate. No, we will not cooperate. No, we will not give up.

Peace and Light ... Ommmmmm
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

wilcock says the ets will stop all nuclear exchanges// but what about burisch's timeline 1?
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

If I had to guess this guy is full of himself, highly religous & is working off some old information (which back then may or may not have been right). He now is trying to assume that he knows what has transpired since he stopped knowing and started assuming based on his inner fears.

Just a guess.

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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Do yourself a favor and get a different perspective from Wilcock, if you haven't already scoped the newest phone call with him.
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

OH BOY. I appreciate all your positive comments.
I also apologize for a super long book.
I feel it’s important to say, and I certainly only want to say it once…. LOL

I don’t have all the answers, but we all ARE pieces to the puzzle -- some light, and some dark – but all of the same substance. That of Love.
The dark are only IN the dark because they are not informed of the positive changes that are taking place. The light is information [of Creative Love], and is important to make sure it is anchored so that chaos does not ensue.

Now on that note, I would like to share many many words and thoughts about what I think about LIFE as it pertains to Bill Deagle’s announcement.
I know many of you are afraid. And my heart goes out to you.
But please know… that what we face is Not annihilation but a True Awakening!

On that note.. here is a lot of words:

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Digging up the fear stuff only leads to more fear. It escalates infinitely, but it is always the same. The infinite growth of the golden spiral, golden rectangle, those PRETTY FRACTALS all show the Glory of LOVE Frequencies. It qualifies infinity, but in infinite growth, not the infinite stagnation of dark energies – always staying the same, never changing, always dark and fear-based.

The act of going to the back of the cave – symbolic for entering the very darkest corners of the depths of mind – and putting on sac cloth and ashes and grieving for what is coming is a CREATIVE ACT.
All actions create. Literally you create your reality, you form the fabric of reality, AND reality itself is the by-product of your own infinite existence as the Soul you are.

Soul forms reality, forms the reality of mind, of which we find ourselves with form. Soul is formless, yet mind creates form. As you have that idea simultaneous with the flock of birds singing all around you, then that is your Soul expressing itself as reality (consciousness reality) of the idea, you having it, and the birds singing to it. You are All you see around you, with a reference point within the All. Yet you are not your body, nor your mind.
Reality (the substance of all we see and hear – consciousness) is a by-product of your infinite Soulular Existence.

All actions create. The Creative Act to go into the back of the cave and morn and greive in ashes.. is to create the very destruction that they act upon. What transformation is it? If you define your existence as s/he who must save others, then therefore there must be others to save – you create that reality of there to be victims.

How you define your existence – keep in mind you are your reality of others – is how you define your experience of reality.

The spiritual pain.. Spirit is a misleading concept. Pain is not bad. There is no good or bad in the grand scheme of things. What CAN experience pain is consciousness – consciousness not aligned with Love.
Those who are tormented are tormented by their own fears. The torment is the result of the inability for reality to fully manifest IN THAT FREQUENCY of fear. Yet the ego consciousness attempts to do just that. Why? Why are they afraid?
It is because they do not realize the Truth of Love. And they call out for help to do so.

Regarding commercial sacrifice. Blood money an; all that. Reality is meant to be a joyful experience. Greed is the only sacrifice that CAN be made. Money for the sake of money is simply an idea. Business the same. When corporations no longer value LIFE above their own greed, then obviously sacrifices will HAVE to be made – self sacrifices in order to manifest into a reality of Love.
That is the only sacrifice that CAN happen. For we have free will. No one can infringe on another’s creative free will. People literally create their own perception of what they will understand. Only love gives people enough bandwidth to see past the symbolic illusion of physical reality.

Corporate contract law depends upon people to AGREE for any enforcement to happen to them. No law can be enforced unless an individual legally AGREES to its enforcement. When you get a driver’s liscence, when you plea either guilty or not guilty, you are entering an agreement, accepting the commercial offer given to you.

The simple fact is that free will cannot be violated. If you were to rob a strong man’s house, how could you? He’d stomp you! But if you bound his hands, if you bound his soul force in fear, you can rob him blind.
There is either Love or fear. The two cannot co-exist in the same frame of reality. THAT is the Shift.

One gentleman in the forum commented that the ego symbolically translates infinite information into terms that the ego can comprehend. (in a nutshell!)

If one does not understand the creative nature of the soul and ego and pure light realities, then there will be a certain distortion of information. You can extract yourself from the Human drama. By doing so, you change your entire fabric of reality. Just as every origin of a circle also has a circumference, the one AND the All are inseparable. No two people experience the same reality.
It is important to understand that each one also co-creates AS a Unierse of a One. We don’t all live in the SAME universe. Together, we share similar FREQUENCIES of UNIVERSAL-ACTION.
It’s like changing the dial of a radio and choosing those frequencies which you can hear and feel most readily to you.

The commercial system MUST collapse. We are not in a frequency of greed any longer. The old frequencies are simply not here anymore. Those addicted to what they have known all their lives – fear – they will have the hardest time giving up those frequencies which have defined their identity.
What do we have to give up? Greed only. The universe will provide. If you need money, you can go to the mail box and cash the check from the phone company which says “if you switch companies now, we’ll pay you $70.” Even though the universe will provide, it is up to you to go get the check out of the mailbox and cash it.
We live in a universe of abundance. Do not fear that there will not be enough to go around. Infinity qualifies Life. Yet Fear qualifies death.
The changing of Earth reality to the higher frequencies is a re-engineering.. the birth of the caterpillar out of the cocoon. The caterpillar must die in parts, and new parts must be born – all inside the cocoon. What emerges is new life.
Fear not. When you are free from fear, you are free to create without limitation.
What it comes down to.. the government does not control private trades and private business who do for each other. They’d like to think they do. But ultimately it will be seen that the illusion will fall to the wayside and only the Truth will remain.

Zero out your account. I can provide information to become free of the system of commercie and tap your own infinite credit. We aren’t supposed to pay taxes. Those are assessments upon our credit which the government uses. There is no more money. Govt went bankrupt. It’s all taxes now. And credit. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, each individual has unlimited credit. When you get a bill in the mail, it’s a money order telling you who has used your credit. When roads are built, things are built, it is paid for. They use your credit to do so. Your credit is infinite!

When you buy something from a corporation, they use your credit to pay for it. Credit cards are tapped on your credit, then charged back to you in what’s called a blocked grant.
They issue taxes. That is why you have to file your taxes, because you assess your own credit that others have used. When you have to pay for a bill, you file that. That is income. The IRS sends you a bill in the mail, and an offer. You don’t accept their offer, you only file it. The only offers you accept from IRS is those which you accept for value. That means that they use your credit, and you tax it, then they must refund you for the value of what your credit is worth in dollars.
According to the US supreme court, all individuals have the right to renege on all debt. If you do not exercise that privilege, then it is no one’s fault but your own.

I can give some information later about how to do this. The important thing to realize is that the US government’s debt is NOT private debt. The illusion is sold to you, and you buy it at a cheap price.

Identity depends upon stability. Yet Action invariably pushes for change. Fear of loss is what the identity faces when it realizes that it is mainly comprised of fear frequencies which can not perpetuate their own existence. Yet it is not loss that the identity faces, but infinite growth when the identity switches over to Love frequencies. The identity perceives it as death. Fear of death and fear of unknowns is the primary energies of fear. All things have purpose for the highest good of all life, AND we do not die. Furthermore, the Ascension process is birth anew, meaning we don’t even have to go through a bodily death experience if we don’t WANT to.

What we do defines who we are. Our Actions define our Identities. Action = Identity. That is a unifiable paradox.
Action establishes Identity. We are FORMS of Action. Action = Identity IS CONSCIOUSNESS OF SELF. Self is reflective to SOUL.
Mind is amazed it can create itself out of nothing! Soul does not act.. it is MIND which acts. Soul CREATES ACTION.

What Deagle is experiencing is HIS OWN possible manifestation of reality if he does not change his actions to Loving frequency. He only sees HIS reality.
Together, we can look inside other individual’s universes (UNI-verse .. reality of a ONE), and we can see them. Yet your own universe you experience by changing that radio dial to the loving stations.

Clear your karmic cycles of ongoing drama, and suddenly you find yourself in a new loving Earth reality. He has given himself the oppourtunity, and he has come to Camelot for help. His whole intention is not to say there is doom and gloom on the horizon, but to say, “there is doom and gloom within myself.”

Consciousness is the INNER MANIFESTATION of the Soul’s Infinite Living Existence – the Inner Dream of the exploration of “what is the SELF.”

It is time to move out of the cities. Too much drama and chaos. Earth calls to us, and the only reason why the cities face self-destruction is simply because they shut out those frequencies of high love which Earth resonates within and throughout.
It is only the symbolic manifestation of burning destruction however which plays people’s ego (non-unified, and still duality-based rather than paradoxically oriented), as they are participating in a global planetary Ascension which requires Love to be firstly realized.
Not everyone will make the Shift. Yet to those who WILL make the Shift, from their point of view they will see that ALL Ascend. If you create your reality of Love, then it means fear cannot touch you. What you see around you will be ALL LOVE.
Yet to another.. they must face something which pushes them to change.
Stable-instability. Every time you take a step, you must lose your balance and regain it, lose it and regain it, and then you are walking.
Physical ego requires something to “push-back” on them, which they must “push back” upon. It does not mean conflict,.. for if you perceive conflict within your reality, you perceive the manifestation of your own inner conflicts!

You see why Love is so important, yes?

Notice how he said in one instance, after the city was destroyed by a bomb, “afterward they were blind and could not see anything.”
In quantum mechanics, there is no cause and effect. It is all at once. Their blindness is not so much a result of existence, but a CAUSE of their own reality.

He is blind. Blind to Creative Love. Blind to the light. Not blinded BY the light.. for that is another interesting effect.
Our universe is Light. Light as form of matter – the living paradox of Electric and Magnetic… proton and electron, blab la bla (I’m a physicist).
Light creates its own shadow!
Love however unifies light and dark. The light of Love has created universes of matter in an attempt to understand its own existence as an “I”.



Destructive solutions in the world and in the U.S.
Most of everything happening is designed to usurp the Creative Force of the people to that of Fear. This is done on a higher level than physical life, which I won’t get into at this time.
The reason is so that people have no choice other than to embrace Love. Yet that was the plan all along, it was the planned evolution of Humanity, which Humanity itself has planned in harmony with ALL of Love.
Destructive solutions which happen around you.. can you do anything about them? Do they affect you? Were you killed? These things are not an immediate part of your reality. They are other glimpses of parallel universes which all individuals create together in fractals of harmonic resonance.
IF you give them energy (attention = energy) then you create their existence. If you know they cannot happen, then you transmute what you perceive and that energy echos farther than the Human mind can comprehend – only able to understand when the Soul is embraced as our True PERSONAL Entity – who we are.
What you transmute is your OWN inner frequencies of fear energy, to that of Love. And you co-create the generalized transmutation and transcension of fear, and into the pure Light of Love.

NOW. You will immediate realize and recognize the shifting energies. Rest assured the dark/fear scenarios cannot come to pass. The only evil is simply ignorance to Creative Love. Light is Information – information OF Creative Love.

The dark solutions not coming to pass is the effects and cause of LIGHT unto our world.

What any destructive solution will do is to begin displacing fearful vibrating people out of a more higher frequency of loving reality. It only gets better from here. We are witnessing the collapse of fear-based reality, out of our reality altogether! We are beginning to shift. And the people who are not shifting, who are not vibrating high enough are starting to phase out of the higher frequency reality. They tell their story as they leave the planet.


Okay. How many times you go to the bank and it’s closed? Well, your card still works, your online trading still works. Nothing really changes other than if you don’t have any automation going on, you just will have to wait until you make that deposit. Check cashing places would still be open!
The banks are saying.. “okay.. we need a rest from the drama!” LOL


Hey Hey! These cats are involved in illegal black bear trading around the mountains of Asheville. They’ve been there for 10 years at least. It’s not anything new. There are a few border drills on Mexican soil too. Why? Well, what does it matter? These are isolated events and do not matter much to a world which is Ascending.
If you create your reality on a level of fear, you will find them in the mountains. Otherwise you will not.

Visions also.. they come sometimes from the ego, sometimes information the ego receives and translates with serious distortion.. Deagle’s visions…
Visions can also be given to those who have made agreements on some level to serve the dark forces. DISCERN. Mostly the Chinese are there for trading purposes, and the world is really starting to work in harmony with each other. The first steps would be shaky and mistrustful, but be open to your brothers and sisters instead of being suspiscious. They are only mistrustful because of fear. Show them Love, and there is no reason to perceive any threat.

Deagle is VERY afraid. He’s crying out for help. Please understand.

ALSO you have to take it into consideration that all bank runs are designed. Like a mathematical equation. It is done with fear. You get people to be afraid, and you can manipulate whole nations.
Deagle knows these things. Which is why he’s afraid.

The systems which do not uphold life will collapse. The universe will never give you more than you can handle.
Bank runs have been started by rumors, historically.
Only rumors.
It is people’s FEAR which causes the bank collapses AS they run on the banks. And then the money is horded.
If something like that happens, then what we’d see are PORTIONS of bank systems collapsing. Yet essential systems still in place in the banking industry will NOT collapse. IF IT DOES, then it is done illegally.
The Marshal General is only waiting for the nasty dragon to rear up its ugly head and then he’ll move in and arrest everyone involved, including those of Congress. The senate and house will be empty very soon. Utopia is forming because a central governing body is the evil. No anarchy will ensue because people naturally act in harmony with their realities. Remove the dischord of a central government, and people become free. Just look at Somalia and all the rest who have tossed their central government.. UN is spending billions to reinstate one. But they have gone to a virtual utopian society [in Somalia].

Military secrets are not so readily accessable to the Congress! LOL

Sure, there might be a “down time” in the U.S.
But look at it this way: you’re raising frequency, raising frequency…. Suddenly a point comes where the old frequencies cannot continue. Then there is a sudden shift of wonderful positive energy. As soon as a crisis is enacted to such extremes, THAT is the earmarked time when things SUDDENLY become right-side-up again.

People all over the world are waiting for a time to move in against the powerful families. We have let it go on for so long because we are LOVING innately, and did not think there were really maliscious people out there who would do the things that we are hearing about.

Like I said, people only need proof. And then it all changes suddenly. First thing when the banks go down is the system collapses. Then private money will move back in, and a sudden “re-equalization” effect will begin. Japan is ready to flood the market with LOTS of gold to help the U.S.

It is however YOUR OWN choice as to how you change and shift.

It will be an adventure, and in it, everyone will be standing with you. Trust me when I say it is the positive changes we’ve been praying for since the beginnings of this span of modern time.

Deagle is a pawn. He is starting the rumor to run on the banks. He is starting the collapse because the ONLY collapse in the bank system would be due to people’s running the banks out of fear of loss and fear of death.
Again. Deagle does not believe people will wake up. Which is why he is opting for taking precautions to control populations, because he does not believe people will wake up. He is in for a surprise!
Unfortunately, Deagle might be on the list in the Marshal General’s office to be arrested.
He acts unknowingly as pawns to the dark ones.. (for those who are familiar with that concept). The only power he has is the power to cast death to himself.
Just think. ET is around, and they are loving. They are our Brothers and Sisters. Make YOUR choice, and know that you stand together with those of Love.

The thing is.. food grows. Farmers farm. Truckers truck. Nothing will change that. What might change is only people’s attitudes about Life. And that MUST change.

You’ve got to understand the mechanics of creation, of how you create your reality, of what it all means. That might be a little much to get into… but the energies of fear are simply fiction. Through fear you get sick. Your body does not manifest dis-ease unless you are out of equilibrium with the Love energies of Life.
your body heals itself given the right information frequencies of light. See Dan Nelson, he has four videos on google about “The Water” I can post links later.
check it out.

He said also.. pay careful attention.. people running on the banks WILL RESULT IN THE BANK HOLIDAY.
Did you catch that? Want me to say it again?
Love is All. A bank holiday will safeguard people from making such a quick decision to storm the banks.
Do not worry!

Corporations are finally disappearing. Have faith. Know you create your reality with ease, effortlessly, and with Love. Everything is Love. Don’t be blinded by the illusion. Know that we are Evolving AND Ascending – and in the MOST loving ways. Facing and overcoming our fears is the cruitial step to realizing, resolving, and releasing that which holds us back from vibrating in harmony with Creative Love.


Long ago, the Israelites were going to sack a city. “Gomora” I think. They went up to the mountain overlook looking over the city and prayed about it. They knew that the sinners had to be cleansed, but they did not want to do it, because they value life. What happened instead was a meteor shower which came down and destroyed the city. The Israelites were unharmed.
You see.. everyone creates their own reality. We are learning ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions, and to become responsible creators.
New Orleans.. look what happened. They refused to take note of the warnings to reinforce their seawall YEARS prior to the actual hurricane event. They created their own reality and were responsible for what happened to them.
Their vibration was one of partying and avoiding. You create your reality. Where you locate yourself is how you define yourself.
Do you associate yourself around those who do not respect life? For that is your own reflection. Align with your reflection, and find others of loving nature.

Humans create their reality, and that affects the Earth. People’s vibrations of consciousness -- emotional/thought energy -- literally stears storms like magnets.

I’ve faced tornadoes before. They are love, too. Stand in front of your house and open your arms to one! It will split in two and go around you and do no damage. Love the Earth, and the Earth will Love you back. Give a world of good, and the world will give you back – a world of good.

There is more than enough money to go around. Deagle is talking about doing a bank holiday and putting international money back into the smaller banks here in U.S.
Thus, power returns to the people, where it FIRSTLY flows forth. He’s trying to predict a fear reality, but he is full of holes. How can we run the bank if a holiday is declared and international money transferred to SMALL banks? -- he says these things.
See, in his heart he knows that this disaster need not happen. He just does not believe, but he will. He will see that fear shows us that there is NEVER any reason to fear. Remember? That is fear’s lesson, after all!
ET is in the skies making sure the EARTH is not damaged from nuclear radiation.



Self-Empowerment. Own your power. You are INFINITE and UNLIMITED Creator Beings of Love!

I’m not saying discount what he is saying, in his universe of experience. It is good to have water on hand, as well as food. Understand where your water flows from. It is highly important that we focus again on WATER as a life source. Which is why water keeps coming up over and over and over again.


It is good to be prepared with a little backup, but just don’t go there to that dark place!
If you navigate hyperspace, through space and time, and you understand that there are parallel choices infinite reality possibilities, and that we choose each one energetically… Then you understand that the darkness is NOT a place where you will end up IF YOU DO NOT DESIRE SO.

It is SO FAR AWAY from happening as reality right now, it’s unimaginable – or SHOULD be. Look around you at all the people awakening to Love. Honestly now. War? Love and fear cannot co-exist like that!
They just can’t!
Two different ends of the spectrum like north and south pole.
So what about the zero pole in the middle of the magnet?
That zero point is life energy and where it flows forth from. In every atom, in every molecule, there is Life Force Energy of Pure Light.
If we know that, that very simple thing, then don’t you see how we have ALREADY evolved?

All fear realities are, is the lack of information pertaining to the reality of the situation, that Earth is not ending! They can’t see as far though, because their DNA still remains unplugged, and the LIGHT is not reaching them. Now, it simply does not mean that they can possibly act upon any dark scenario, for that is not the reality of where Earth is currently headed – toward the galactic zero plane of infinite time and zero mass.
Earth is leaving the physical reality, and entering the pure ultra-high vibration of Light.
In light, all possible realities exist. Light is ZERO time. Light is ZERO mass. Time at a zero is infinitely expanding and forever becoming.
Picture that.
What CAN happen is the reality. Otherwise, all possible realities exist already and are actually BEING CREATED and formed all the time, ESPECIALLY by what Humans are dreaming up as reality scenarios.

We are 4 years away from crossing that threshold, and entering pure hyperlight (this is what I call hyperdimensional light, or hyperspace – but actually there is no space where there is no time. The power of the Human consciousness will re-form the thought-pattern of matter, in an otherwise non-matter system of reality).

NOW since we are so close, since the frequencies of time are very very high right now – time increases near a gravitational body, and decreases away from gravity – then we are headed to the zero plane of where gravitytime polarizes around the galactic central axis (the central plane at the zero intersection at the galactic center). The gravity is divided in half like a frisbee – the top from the bottom – at the zero plane of pure light.

The frequencies are so high that in certain crystalline fractals and geometrical patterns of matter (matter is light), as in some people and areas, that they generate portals to new possible realities.
In actuality, it is not so mysterious. Everyone creates their reality.
Vibrating in tandem with enough shared frequency, that light reality can interlink and interweave throughout the planet.
In some spots, there can be pockets of grey.. and yet where the light gridwork of Earth and People interconnect, those “forcefields” of light-consciousness-frequency create at broader bandwidths of multiple dimensions.
Picture a truck full of toxic waste driving out of the grey areas and through the light-ley-lines of interconnected people and earth. It would simply not phase into our realities, but would disappear into a sub-frequency-dimension of a more greyer shade of fear-reality.
These things happen all the time. There was an incident reported of two truck drivers passing each other on the high way somewhere near Asheville, making routine weekly runs. They knew each other and CB’d out to each other. Then went along their ways.
Ten minutes later, they see each other’s unique rig driving down the road coming toward each other AGAIN! The got on the radio, “Is that YOU, Bob? Didn’t we just pass each other 10 minutes ago?”
The other is also shocked, “Oh my, Jeff! We just passed each other 10 minutes ago, what’s going on? Why are we seeing each other passing by again?”

Very symbolic! Passers by. Yet they both experienced moving through intersecting parallel dimensions THROUGH reality rather than from one and into another – moving through parallel reality, through time and space, through possible realities experienced one at a time.

It happens.

Don’t be alarmed by glimpses into the grey areas of the world. Certainly nothing is truly dark anymore~! Be assured.

If it helps, don’t watch TV!
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

I Don't mind the interview.
I experienced it unconditionally, made some observations and processed it according to MY highest good.
Because he conjured or received this vision, does not mean it is meant for me as well, unless of course I mind it, then it is mine too. Even if I don't prefer it, when I mind it, I surely help it to grow.
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Default Re: IMPORTANT: Phone Call from Bill Deagle

Suriel- (and others who are familiar with Terence McKenna)

My mind is in overdrive tonight after the Deagle info. I've been watching McKenna's videos over and over. When I close my eyes to think I can't shake the TimewaveZero graph.

According to McKenna, the I-Ching sequence he used shows that time repeats itself, different events of future time correspond to events that already transpired. One example he gave was that the resonance of the birth of Mohammed = resonance of Hussein invading Kuwait.

He says that the period of 1945 - Dec 2012 is a compressed repeat of the 4306 year period leading up to Dec 2012. I'm trying to determine what day(s) in history that 10/08/2008 correlates to.
01/01/1945 to 12/21/2012 = 24,827 days
4306 years = 1,572,766.5 days
01/01/1945 to 10/07/2008 = 23,291 days
23,291 / 24,827 = 0.9381319, which is to say Oct 7 is 93.81319% through the cycle and 6.18681% of the cycle will remain on that day.
So backtracking 6.18681% of the 4306 year cycle from 12/21/2012 : (1,572,766.5*.0618681) = 97,304.075 days prior to 12/21/2012
= July 14, 1746.

But also to consider is that one day of the 1945-2012 cycle = @63 days in the 4306 year cycle. So 7/14/1746 is a centerpoint and the range is +/- 1 month. So we are looking at June, July and August of 1746.

So, what happened during this time period that affected entropy/novelty/resonance? Was there an event that could give us insight to what may lie ahead for us this coming week?

I would love for someone to do this calculation and see if he/she arrives at the same date.

Many blessings to all.
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