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Cool Re: *Keppe Motor Draws Energy from the Vacuum of Space*

I would like to ask you a question and hope this is also a right thread to do it.
Rather by coincidence I stumbled on this video: Project Camelot looks at George Green's magnetic motor
Is there a link on the Camelot site? I didn't find it at George Green's interview page on your site. At the end of the video a text says you can find more info at NoHoax or Project Camelot. More info is indeed what I am looking for. Didn't find it at NoHoax. I would like to reproduce this magnetic motor. It's seems pretty simple, but still, any additional info is welcom.

I've downloaded the Patrick Kelly manual. But with over 1750 pages... I've been looking for George Green's magnetic motor in it, but didn't find it. Maybe it's not there?

This GG motor is so interesting because it seems easy to reproduce and demonstrate. If you talk about free energy, most people think you're a little crazy, superstitious or something like that. They always come with the same arguments: if free energy existed, it would have been on the market, people would be making money out of it, etc... With something to demonstrate at hand, it would be easier to make your argument solid.

Everyone here...
I'm interested in all small and easy reproducable demo products as the one above. Everything that can make people wonder and open their minds.

For instance the CELT or rattleback,
demonstrates in an easy way, Newton's inertia law isn't as absolute as they teached us at school... All things like that are very welcom.
(The CELT is demonstrated in this video: Boyd Bushman FULL Interview - UFOs & Antigravity along with other nice small demo's)
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