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Default Spirit/Energy/Mana: Experiences and Stories

(This is a good place to reopen this topic... Ill repost the original thread to get the ball rolling in the right direction.)

Ok, this has always been fascinating to me. I believe in energy, I believe it is a real tangible force. Ive seen examples of it in my life and even the lives of others, its serious *****. From the smallest of occurances to the outstanding, energy plays a role in pretty much all. An example I always give is of my Ex girlfriend, and im sure alot of people can relate to this example. We had been together for 3 years, shared a bed, food, time, and even fluids. If I wanted her attention I never had to speak a word. I could look at her, and picture her eyes looking at me and she would turn and do just that. She could have been clear across the room, but to me because of all the time we had spent together we were now directly apart of the same energy. On the same note when we broke up there were times when I knew she was falling farther and farther away from me, I felt as though I could literally feel that bond of energy fading... its been almost a year and I dont feel that it has completely died even though we both have our own lives going on at this point. I would like to know if anyone else has any stories of energy/spirit/mana whatever you wanna call it that they could share... Im totally interested in hearing some good ones. Ill even share another story before I go to diversify this convo.

This is an example of mana. My best friend and I are from Kailua, we almost literally spent our childhood days on the Heiau near castle hospital. Lots of people are leary of Heiau because they know that spirits exsist near and on them... im sure you all have heard the stories. But of this Heiau, we have no fear, we almost feel apart of it. So one night as we do and have done for years, we go down to a really dark portion of the Heiau to spark something up if you know what I mean. We had made this trip a million times at night. We believe that for the most part the area has a lack of mana because of all the development and tourist traffic, but theres this one banyan tree thats over a rock formation that we know for sure is fully active. So we begin our trek down near this tree to the spot we go to smoke. The second we entered the shade of this tree (moonlight) the both of us, without verbal communication, stop dead in our tracks. I remember feeling alarmed, but since I try to trust my instincts now, I didnt turn and run in fear. We both looked at eachother and my best friend said to me "You feel like we should turn back?" and I just noded as we turned and headed back up the path. We talked about it and both felt like something was telling us it wasnt a good idea to go down there that night. As if we knew we werent alone at that moment. That was actually one of the biggest moments that I could tell myself that mana still thrives on our lands.

Anyway, post it up guys,

(Ramamalamalamalamalama you had a good response I encourage you to repost it)

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