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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Aye Eleni!

There are a number of things, people should know.

1. The Sun in 3D harbours specific physical characteristics.
a) The Core Temperature is about 16 million Kelvin
b) The Surface Temperature is about 5800 Kelvin
c) The Corona Temperature increases from the (cool) surface to 2-5 million Kelvin

The physicist's explanation for the 'unexpectated' hot corona are magnetic vortices and 'fieldlines' inducting the energy via corona mass ejections and the sunspot cycles (two 11 year halfcycles). This is often termed 'Magnetic Reconnection', possibly linked to Alfven Waves.

2. The Sun in 4D (and higher) harbourts a Solar Black Hole 10 kilometers across at its core.
a) This Solar Black Hole communicates with the planetary Black Holes of the solar system including the golfball size Black Hole art the earth's center
b) The 4D solar energy interacts with the 3D solar energy via geometrical archetypes

The Thuban omni-science has discovered the reason for the sunspot cycles.

From the Thuban archives:

A local universe about a star forms a Black Hole-White Hole dyad of ellipsoidal focalisation of the Eps-Ess duality for 2 Chandrasekhar (White Dwarf Limit) masses of 6x10^30 kg=3 time Mass of the Sun. This ratio of 1.5 is important for the inner-outer penetration of the solar syrface to 2/3 depth and 3/2 coronal halo of the radius.
(The dyadic supermembrane as a soursesink modulates frequency as inverse time being a time constant).

The Solar Frequency Fsol=c/Wavelengthsol of the Star in three 120 degree sectors.
The isoceles triangle for this trisection so defines a Solar Chord of
Sqrt(3).Rsol adjacent to the two radii Rsol, as sin60deg=Halfchord/Rsol.

Then Fsol=lightspeed/(Sqrt(3)/2)=600 million seconds/1.732..~346,410,162 seconds or 4009.4 days or 10.98 civil years.
A halfchord so defines a 11 year sunspot cycle doubling to 22 years for the full chord with the size of the star a simple proportion of the Black Hole's Photonic Ergosphere (1.5 times from the event horizon), and where photons are 'forced by gravity' to travel in orbits around the sun.

So the 4D Sun ENCOMPASSES the 3D Sun and inducts the energy from the core to its coronal perimeter via the mass-magnetocurrent equivalence APPEARING in 3D as coronal ejections, the magnetic reconnections and the Alfven waves.

The sunspot cycles are like a 'heartbeat' or breathing of the solar entity, harbouring intersolar lifeforms as 4D sentiences also utilizing the sunspot magnetic current vortices as conduits from the solar core to the coronal perimeter.

The 'materializing' geometric shapes (one the Eagle of Thuban) derive from the 4D energy manifesting 3D shadows, independent on the temperature environment.
(Like a shadow cast onto a wall from a hot object is not itself as hot as the object casting the shadow).

A basic geometry is that of a corner in your room, joined by three perpendicular vectors, each of say unit length.
Now form a 3D tetrahedron in joining the three vectors to form an equilateral trianle.
The resulting Corner of your room is now 'sealed' by a socalled 'Right-Angled Tetrahedron'.
Note, this is NOT a 'Regular Tetrahedron' as one of the five Platonic Solids and where all four triangular faces are equilateral.

Summararily then, the UFOS around the Sun are from the Sun's Interior, but are 3D shadows of their 4D reality INTERDIMENSIONAL and encompassing the observed 3D (say by SOHO).

Thank you for answering- have not read it all yet- will do so tomorrow.
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