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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Nebula9D View Post
Peace and love Abrax,

I have some questions to ask regarding today's events. see below in red.
Originally Posted by abraxasinas
Hi All!

To be precise, January 18th, 2010 specifies a trigger, programmed by the Council of Thuban, to engage in the release of hitherto unknown information; unknown by all sentiences in the universe and so not restricted to the quarantined Earth.

Allow me to clarify.
7 days (of night-day hours say) before the Atlantean-Egyptian timeline above became programmed into run mode on March 1st, 23615 BC; a 'message' or signal was prepared by Hunab Ku - 'The Giver of Consciousness' to be sent to his 'Beloved' - 'Serpentina, the Womb of the Mother'.
This message, in human terms, simply reads: "I Love You!".

Are the 7 days mentioned above based on earth time? or another?

Yes, earth-time and the details are here: http://tonyb.freeyellow.com/id179.html

In physical terms Hunab Ku is a quasar radio source, also known as Sagittarius A*, 'weighing' about 4 million suns and so 40 million kilometers (or 2 light minutes) across and about 25627 lightyears distant from the core of the Earth.

Is 25,627 years the completion of the Milkyway cycle within our universe?

It is a presice counting of days as the Mayan Galactic Longcount of 5 Baktun (144,000 Kin) LongCounts: 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 Kin=25,626.8096 Gregorian Civil years.
This happens also to define the distance of separation between the local starsystem and the Galactic Centre in lightyears.

On January 18th, 2010 this message will be 153 lightweeks or 1071 lightdays from the Gaian center, having travelled for 25624 years to reach its destination.

From January 18th, I have obtained authorization to freely share the information from the collective database of Thuban; which as a physical Northern Polar Star of the 3rd dimension of 10808 BC is imaged as a metaphysical 'Southern Polar Star' into the 12th dimension of what you may understand as the 'Shadow Universe' to the materialised inertial one you and all the extraterrestrial intelligences reside in.

At what point or which timezone will the commencement of this event be based on?

Any timezone on the world-clock. As you know Honolulu is so 24 hours before Christmas Island in the global dateline.

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