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Default Uk freeman and commercial redemption conference !

Dear All,

Hope you are all well. Right - very sorry for the delay but we have finally sorted out arrangements for the Conference next weekend. This conference is based around solutions of the Freeman-on-the-land and Commercial Redemption kinds. For more information on these please do the following :

1) Read Mary Croft's - How I clobbered every beauracratic cash confiscatory department known to man.
2) Watch all three Robert Mernard Films
3) Check www.thinkfree.ca and www.thinkfreeforums.org

In the definition of the word conference - this is to be a meeting for consultation, discussion and an exchange of views. We are all on a very steep learning curve, and getting together and sharing our experiences and knowledge is a great way forward.

We will be starting at 11am, so those travelling from further afield may either want to come on the Friday evening (we will be free to meet for a drink or two). I will post some information about travel and accomodation at the end of this post.


The conference will be held at

THE WEST END COMMUNITY CENTRE (next to Derby University's Britannia Mill site)
DE22 3BL

Please use the postcode for travel details on a route planner or sat nav. If you need any further information please mail me on the address at the end of this post or pm me on this forum.

Here is the structure of the day :

10.30am - Arrive - Meet and Greet

11 - 11.40am - Introduction: breakdown of the corrupt monetary systems; origins and philosophy of the Freeman Movement.

11.40 - 12.30pm (10 min break at 12pm) - The Law: common law and maritime jurisdiction; legal person versus blessed living soul; the taxes we choose to pay; appearing in court and how to communicate in legalese.

12.30 - 1.15pm - NOUI & COR: the reading and disection of the entire document; the process of creating estoppel by acquiescence.

1.15 - 2pm - Lunch - We will provide food which myself and a friend will prepare the day before. We will provide one vegetarian curry with rice and one pasta and sauce dish (vegetarian too) and a mixed salad. If these choices are not suitable to you please bring your own as we do not have the manpower to cater to individuals. Hopefully we should have enough to feed everyone, but an idea of numbers would be good. Please could you pm me on here to confirm your attendance so I have a number for food. Oh and bring your own breads, sauces, and drinks !

2 - 3pm - The Security of the Person: from free living soul to chattel property of the Crown; breakdown of process of enslavement and reclaiming the birth bond.

3 - 4.45pm (15min break at 3.45pm) - Commercial Redemption: introdution to the concept; payment, dicharge and set-off; the art of the admiralty notice and staying in honour; how to deal with bailiffs.

4.45 - 5.30pm - Commercial Liens: explanation of the types, the process of filing and the purpose of filing commercial liens; disection of a commerial/maritime lien.

5.30 - 6.45pm (15min break at 6pm) - Freemen and the New Paradigms: discussion of the feasibility of creating sustainable, self-sufficient localised communites of Freemen-on-the-Land.

6.45 - 8pm - Open Floor Q&A - a Question Time style debate (without the censorship!) on everything covered during the day and anything else that attendees want to raise.

I am meeting with the PA chap tomorrow. Hopefully we will have the set up as follows. Stage with three mics and two mics on either side of the room for questions throughout the conference. We'd like to set it up as Winston Shrout does ! It makes sense as long as we don't have more people queuing for questions than sat down ! With this in mind it may mean that some sections will run over, but will then mean that the Q&A session at the end will probably be shortened if needed at all.

After the end, we are planning to go out for a meal/drink depending on people's preferences. Give people a good chance to socialise, chat and ask further questions. We appreciate those who are not able to stay over will have to head off early.


Having been around Derby for a few years here is my hotel hotlist ,o)

The Heritage Hotel - Cheap, been done up recently but used to be a place to take a lady of the night (apparently - not experienced it myself). Centre of town and close to Community Centre.
The European Inn - Not no much about this but apparently it's pretty cheap for what you get. Near Train Station.
The Georgian House Hotel - My favourite - lovely place and great food. Closest to the Community Centre (end of road).

The International Hotel - Bit out of town
The Royal Stuart - Near train station
The Midland Hotel - Near train station

The Cathedral Quarter Hotel - Real pricy but nearby too.

Ok I think that is everything. Now if you are coming please either post here or preferably pm me. When you do I will send you my mobile number so you can get in touch if you are lost.

Let's get it on !

Very much look forward to meeting you all !

Peace and blessings

the sleeper

If you think you can't you WON'T, If you think you can you MIGHT, however if you KNOW YOU CAN .... YOU WILL !


The Freeman-on-the-Land otherwise known as Amit Zala
All rights reserved; without prejudice; without assumpsit.
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