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Default Re: THE WATCHER Directional Change

Throwing this in, message from Miles Johnston via Youtube, and my reply....................

It will have to be a Bases 7 then, as I am putting the lid on Bases 4 this weekend. I have Bases 3 still to do, on Rendlesham. That has to be done now. As with yourselves, Brenda and her researchers keep coming up verbal stories about wonderful things, but still nothing actually ON CAMERA.

The viewing public get tired of stories. They need something far more substantial.

Jame's material is so disturbing its very difficult to even edit.

Fairy Tales, Shaggy dog stories and nurery ryms are fine, but this material needs to be credible, so that the truth is released, and the critics are silenced.

I would be delighted to film you guys in your own time and when you feel best. But we are going to need more than stories. Last year at the UFO Congress they were very thrilled by the special edit I made of Bases 2. But they need a show, and they need pictures, evidence, not just talking heads.

Duncan has contacted me, maybe he can help.

don't recall the p.s?.

My reply.......

Let me see, can you show me one whistleblower over the years whom has been able to provide hard concrete proof of their claims? NOT ONE, not even any of the big names, none can, not John Lear, Robert Dean, no one. Did Dr R Kilde magickly pull something out of her pocket as proof? No of course not. You keep failing to realise that trying to bring something out of such a facility is totally impossible with the security in place. Thats why Thomas Castello claims are false, he could not have brought anything out of that facility. Dr Greer says he has now 12 people whom were involved with PLFs, thats me, the FIRST one plus 11 others. I think thats verification don't you?. Wonder what/who the other 11 are. Their claims. YES initially only a certain amount of data was possible for disclosure in the original files but then only the facility and PLFs were what everyone concerned themselves over, when they bothered. I detailed a great deal of stuff there including data re Dugway and Camp Peary which went right over everyones head. Sure I am now releasing more data, and it seems forums is a way of disclosing safely for now. Everyone needs to connect the dots from my childhood right up to modern day, its all there, check it, it makes sense and logic, explains it all too. Stories? Fables? Tales? why bother then?
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