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Visions of the Future Visions of the future, What are you seeing? Thoughts, Dreams, Intuition....

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Default A Beautiful Future: But 1st, Waves of WTF @ 11:11

Hey everyone, I'm a lucid-dreaming-astral-projectin'-type of guy(born a lucid dreamer) who's had space/time adventures into the future that have taken me past 2012, even a brief glimpse into a major positive event that was the mark of true freedom on earth involving a particular light appearing for everyone to see, and a party that lasts weeks.

But before that:

let me give a quick run down on what I think is in store for us. Now I'm not talking Illuminati-Niburu-misconstrued mayan end of the world crap about 2012. I'm talking about a hyper dimensional influx of energy catalyzed by the positioning of the "heavenly bodies" in a particular configuration that will mark us moving into a more energetic plane of existence thus aiding our "ascension" on the evolutionary chart of our growth as a species. This all seemingly has something to do with the 11:11 thing as that also "coincidentally" falls into sacred geometry and hyper dimensional physics theory. What is it all pointing to? To quote the line from the movie 2010 written by Arthur C. Clarke; something wonderful

So let's start at the beginning: Waves of WTF!

Well let's talk about a couple of other "crazy" guys named Joseph P. Farrell & everyone's good Mars & Moon-buddy Richard Hoagland(with help from David Wilcock) and the theory of Hyperdimensional Physics. It's an interesting theory that has a lot to do with torsion fields & angular momentum that are generated by things spinning and/or rotating in relation to each other especially magnetized things...such as big heavenly bodies, like planets and stars for instance. So wtf does that mean and who cares? Well anyone who is currently living on this planet might want to, and if you're actually reading this, I'm going to assume in a way you've always cared What does it mean?

Well in a sense this theory explains that illusive "etheric" force we've been hearing all the other "crazy" people talk about for thousands of years now. That energy that perpetuates the universe pours in from geometrical points within a given field or event horizon. What's ultra cool is this all has to do with sacred geometry too! The Merkaba appears to the geometrical shape that energy pours into planets amongst other things (and who knows what else). This is evident everywhere you look within the solar system, a good example would be the "red spot" on Jupiter. It aligns at 19.5 degrees which if you draw the merkaba from the poles, lines up perfecting at 19.5:

That is just one example, but pretty much ever where you look you will see this "coincidental" placements of large; storms, formations, volcanic activity, and probably a lot more that we don't even know about. More evidence of the sacred geometry involved in this would be the hexagonal shaped storm on Saturn located at the pole. Here's a great image that has shown the fractal geometry within the storm itself.

Another example is the eye of Hurricane Katrina

For more hyper dimensional physics I highly recommend starting here with both Joseph Farrel & Richard Hoaland talking together about the theory on Coast 2 Coast.

So if these "energy points" are fractal expressions of sacred geometrical principles, and we are on a planet that is seemingly getting an influx of energy all of a sudden solar system wide with things like the solar storms that's got some people really worried. Hate to sound like a "fan boy" here but Richard Hoagland beautifully illustrates this on his article Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow, while somewhat fear-mongering in the title, it really isn't all doom-and-gloom. More like "There's a storm headed this way, you might want to get indoors", but I'm sure most of us here are used to that sort of thing, so no sweat. My point is this, energy points that are synced up to the movement of the solar system, ergo the galaxy, we're seeing this increase in energetic activity for some reason and it seems to be accelerating and I've shown how this hyperdimensional theory has physical manifestations that are predictable & repeatable on quiet a few different energetic levels that we are aware of. So if these hyperdimensional 3d dimensional waves can affect all kind of matter from gas to solid rock, why wouldn't it affect us too, or our electricity, water, everything?

Okay, So what does that mean to us??
Well to condense what all that basically means is that the "gain" is going to get turned up on us. We're literally moving into a more energetic configuration in the universe. All of this apexing on the winter solstice which takes place on the December 21 2012 11:11 am

I kind of termed(or theorized) that the "11:11" or "master number" phenomenon as being part of the "Grand Synchronicity" in relation to 2012.

So here's where Mr. skeptic will say: "this is all a bunch of psycho schematic hoo-ha by lonely people who have nothing better to do but think about conspiracy to make their deary lives like their fantasy..." ppsssh -insert raspberry sound here- nice scientific argument there buddy. Atleast you could have said "This is all subconscious psychosomatically induced communication because you wanted to remember that time for some reason....maybe to feel you 'belong' to something... " WELL DUH MR. SKEPTIC..DUUUUHH! That's what we've been saying....HELLO?! An alignment & global consciousness, or syncing if you will to the clock...together, to define "now" that we're all starting to do "coincidentally" at 11:11 once again. Of course we want to be part of something, I know I want to be part of the humanity and earth that is partying it up on 2012 11:11 because it's another day...who cares what else, it's another day to live. If something else happens then awesome....I don't want to be the one who thinks we're all going to die in various odd and/or painful ways...sorry.

I also think that we've already started to see some of these "Waves of Wtf" like with the seemingly surge in volcanic & seismic activity going on, our weather patterns shifting (beyond what pollution contributes too), and increase in sightings of UFOs, intense dreams, and even ghosts apparently(enough to have content for tv shows).

Now there is evidence that would lead us to believe that with the aid of technology (or mind's eye for that matter) you can see ghosts, UFO, & possibly other "dimensions" of reality via the different light spectrums.
Here's a short article on the different spectrums and what the people at TAPS have been able to do in particular with IR cameras: HERE
Here's a blog article with a theory about NASA using UV and IR cams to see into other "invisible" places: Here
But this has long been theorized wildly by many people scientifically and "mystically" for some time now. It's just hard to find studies on that subject since it seems most people are afraid to take on the project for one reason or anything. There is a great demonstration of this in the documentary UFO Greatest Story Ever Denied by Jose Escamilla who also was the guy who broke the Roswell rods too.

What I've seen past 2012 in my own visions was a place where the rules of the "astral plane" and this reality had merged some how. Our "dreams came true" so to speak. I checked and checked, as many different ways as I could and it all came out the same. Something really cool is on the horizon, we just have to weather the ensuing storm, and in time we'll be dancing in the streets all night.

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Default Re: A Beautiful Future: But 1st, Waves of WTF @ 11:11

Nice post dude. I completely agree with you on the Richard Hoagland & David Wilock information. I find it fascinating. Something I find very interesting about 11:11 is that I had been seeing those numbers for a few months prior to finding out what they actually meant. I see them all the time and I don't even know why.

For example, the other day I thought the universe was trying to speak to me by simply telling me where to go. I was with a friend driving around looking for a Greek Restaurant. She was the one driving and had no idea where the hell a Greek restaurant was in the area we were and neither did I. My cell phone was out of battery and her cell doesn't have 411 service. So here we are driving around for almost 30mins now and we can't seem to find a Greek Restaurant. Using my friends cell, I then decided to call my buddy Chris who I knew was working and probably not doing much. He works at a computer so I asked him to please look up some Greek restaurant for us close to the area we were driving around. Chris was able to find a few but only gave us addresses and phone numbers to three of them.

The very first address he gave me was 1111 Ponce De Leon Blvd. and then he gave me the two others. I immediately tell my friend who is driving to go to the 1111 address. She was familiar with the two latter restaurants and decided to drive to those instead. Once we get there both of those restaurants were closed and the only one left to check was the 1111 Ponce De Leon Blvd. address. We went there and the place was open. Service was good, fast and their beer wasn't too shabby.

Little things like that have been happening to me more and more often and usually associated with the number 1111. Whenever I see the number I just have to smile because I really do feel like I am connecting with something that is way beyond me that is just wonderful.
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Default Re: A Beautiful Future: But 1st, Waves of WTF @ 11:11

Thanks for your compliments. Kind of crazy how "coincidental" things are when dealing with the aligning of those numbers these days huh? It's interesting. Sort of like Dean Radin's work with the global consciousness experiment at Princeton put into practical terms. Does it mean that place is some how special? No more then anywhere else really, but that experience happened for a reason. You and your friend knew it was real, it related here in a synchronistic way, it's amazing how subtly obvious these energies if you will really are.

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2012 11:11 wave wtf

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