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Lightbulb South East England Ground Crew

Alot of people at the moment seem to be chosing quite specific areas to form groups in. I feel it may be more beneficial to group together from larger areas. So I propose a South East England "Ground Crew".

Like many others I feel that we are severely running out of time and need to commence planning and testing the feasability of ideas for what we wish to create and discussing how we can realistically achieve these.

As October starts the fear inside me is beggining to grow of the idea that this will all become manifest deadly soon! At the same time though this fear is awakening me to the reality and helping me disconnect from the matrix and giving me an almost spiritual desire to create something here.

When Michael St Clair mentions "advanced tribal societies" I wonder If it would be feasible to find a fairly isolated safe place away from cities and close to nature with a river and reasonable climate and possibly build wooden cabins for houses. Fish, fruit and vegetables could be farmed. This village could be powered by solar and wind energy and we could go from there.

I believe the coming of 2012 and beyond WILL bring something incredibly positive and I want to still be here to see it! If we group together we can develope a new attitude together, aswell as surviving the destruction and chaos.

So with all that said, anyone in the South East of England who wishes to become part of this group please do not hesitate to post here! We do not need many to start this, once we get regular meetings underway the force will grow and something will be created.
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