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Default Resting on the Plateau's

Every climber knows you don't climb a mountain in one shot. You climb until you find a suitable resting spot, and then you recharge for the next leg.

This isn't a bad analogy for what we are going through. This mountain is getting steeper with each leg. And the Plateau's are getting smaller and less stable. But we're at or near one now once again. A resting point.

It's a place where we can gather our spent energies, and review in our minds how that traverse went, and what we learned from it.

What needs to be recognized (or not, if you prefer) is that this climb is now being driven. The water is rising, and we can either climb, or swim. Everyone has that choice. climb above the rising water, and towards the top of the mountain, or swim (drown is also a choice).

The recent energy exchanges on Avalon are a good example of what I mean by the mountain is getting steeper with each leg. What just happened? (and yes, it's over, if you want it to be)

I'll get to that. But the forum will not function by the rules and guidelines that have been in place up until now. The old ways are dying off, and that's one of them. You can try to enforce, but you'll get rebellion. All the old patterns and energies we've been bound by, are breaking down and falling away.

As this happens, they manifest in order to be visible so they can be bagged and taken out to the curb on garbage day. Then you can look at the empty space the old ways occupied, and decide what you want to put there instead, if anything. That's the plateau part. Reviewing what just happened, so you can CHOOSE something new.

As to what just happened? That'll depend on who you're talking to. We're not all climbing the same side of the mountain. But it IS the same mountain. One of us says "that traverse was a bitch". The other says "what are you talking about, that was fun". Another says "I found a winding path that goes round and round slowly and isn't as hard".

Try this on for fit. I'll try to put into words what I saw, and you compare notes with what you saw, and see what you think happened.

Communication is changing. We are relearning telepathy, and restoring our perceptions of other peoples energy output, including thought energy, emotional energy, and what have you.

We can all communicate better than this, so what happened? (besides the fact that the guidelines try to keep behaviour in a box it doesn't fit in anymore)

what happened is, our previous traverses, and regroupings on the plateaus, have produced perceivable changes in our ability to connect on more levels of conscious perception. And this process is now being driven forward with a vengeance. We've set it up that the water would rise to continue to drive the process, because we knew we'd be asleep, and would forget what we were doing here.

Everyone can fill in the blank with what they believe (feel, know, suspect, understand) awaits at the top of the mountain. But if you stop and look and listen on the plateaus, when it gets a little more quiet again, you can see the trends in direction, and this gives clues to the destination. Even without knowing the destination, it will involve very precise telepathic transmission, because that's been the long term trend in looking back at the previous plateaus.

So now the question arises, how would we conduct ourselves, if all was transparent? Better look it over, because that's where the trend is headed.

Many still don't get that it's us doing this. Doesn't matter. They'll get that one soon enough, as our facilities for direct manifestation start to become more available and stable. And then the same question arises. How would we conduct ourselves if we knew that what we thought, when combined with strong magnetic emotion, would manifest in outer reality?

Each side of the mountain will have it's own description of the journey and the destination. That's fine, and shouldn't be a bone of contention at this point in the climb. We all know there are others climbing by a different path. Should we berate them for not choosing the same climb we chose? Do we challenge their descriptions of the traverse just completed, because they didn't take our choices?

Many are still staying just above the water line, and reading every guidebook and climb map they can get their hands on, while keeping one eye over their shoulder at the rising water. Too late. There's no time for that anymore. Start where you are, and MOVE IT. You don't see the tsunami coming in. If you're near the water line, I hope you can swim.

I'll offer my description of what I just observed happening on Avalon in my next post, and end this one here. I know many can't or won't read long posts. I guess the guidebooks beckon.

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