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THE eXchanger
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Default Chemtrails & UFOS - saw something amasing

At approx. 4pm est
in Mississauga, ontario -canada

a drone plane flew across the city & dropped a chemtrail

from north of the airport (approx 401 & 427)

in an arch - approx 8 miles long

that came down towards the lake, and, then across to the far west side of mississauga

(unfortunately, i did NOT have a camera)

normally, they are very thick - and, they stay in the sky
for a period of time, before they start to fall down

out of no where, came this amasing silver shaped disk that was very large

it was very huge -- likely the length of a foot ball field

it literally scooped through about 4 miles of chemtrails

within approx 2 minutes

and, whatever the drone plane dropped; it literally gobbled it up

there was a guy standing beside me,

and, i said to him, do you see what that disk in the sky is doing ???

and, he says; well, i did see that chemtrail being made

and, it sure was a long one

however, i can see, the chemtrail

and, it is disappearing like something is eating it / very quickly

then - as the drone plane went out in an arch across the sky

the silver dish shaped thing - ate approx half the chemtrail

and, then, it went after the drone plane

unfortunately both of them disappeared from view

i wonder, where/and, how you make reports of this type of thing

it was quite fascinating to see / and, no one had a camera

i could draw, what i saw !!!

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