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Cool BILL AND KERRY'S NEW AVALON BLOG - traveling work in progress

I hope that you will be very happy in your new house Kerry. It sounds very nice and your animals will surely enjoy it.

I want to say that I love your hat Bill.... it is so you and I think you would be diminished (if that is at all possible) without it. Forget Indiana Jones...."Bill Ryan" is far more important and has done much more than that latter day hero in overcoming evil with good . I can see you blushing... but you need to receive this praise and acknowledgement... b oth of you. Hope you do not put your life at risk as he seemed to do so recklessly although I believe you have definitely put yourself in harm's way for a much better purpose.

What would we do without you both.... you are appreciated and loved by us all and your intelligence, integrity, wonderful work and courage is fully acknowledged.

You will love Australia... it is a very beautiful place. I am an Australian now living in South America but hope to move to the UK soon.

One thing that is a little curious is the lack of information on South America. The formation of Unasur happened a couple of months ago but there is very little information about it or their objectives affecting this region. Are TPTB very active hand entrenched ere?
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