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Healing Spiritual and Alternative Healing

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Default Daily guidelines for living a good life

Daily guidelines for living a good life

I found this checklist very useful at gauging where I'm at spiritually everyday.
It points out the areas I need to focus on to get back on track to being happy and healthy again.

I used to be a very angry selfish person, always in conflict with one thing or another.
I turned to drugs to loose conscious of my inner hatred for others and myself and it nearly killed me.

After years of abuse,jails and broken family's I finally had enough and hung myself.

Fortunately for me after a few minutes the ceiling fan I tied the rope to couldn't hold my weight and it
ripped out of the ceiling, I hit the floor and the fan came down a bashed me in the head and gave
me a concussion. ( My 12 year old daughter found me and had to cut the rope from my neck and
call 911 )

I look back now and it sounds like a funny story, but at the time it was very serious. I landed up in a
mental ward with the other crazies and couldn't get out until I could prove I was sane!

They had a counselor named Sam that was into eastern philosophy and we used to spend hours talking about life in general and I learned allot about this "I" thing. (Our ego some call it King baby?)

He taught me about the chakras and how they affect our health and he kept mentioning the seven
sacred truths and told me if I can follow these simple guidelines honestly,on a daily basis, I will lead
a happy healthy life and loose the need for drugs and anger.

He always said remember Dave "Their is "nothing" but God !!!" Follow the sacred truths and the rest is gravy!

I had to pay a heavy price to learn these 7 truths, and put them into daily practice, but they do work
and for me following these 7 truths worked much better then the 12 steps of NA/AA.

The Seven Sacred Truths ( Without all the metaphysical stuff )
1. All is One!
There is no such thing as "Us and Them" Recognizing that there are, in truth, no separations
between ourselves and others is a powerful step toward healing our inner conflicts.
Ask yourself?
Am I prejudiced about anyone?
Am I holding on to a belief systems from family or other social groups that no longer serve me?
Am I fueling negative connections with my family?
Am I living in harmony with the people closest to me?
Am I blaming my family or society for my difficulties?
Am I ? (Try and think of your own new one everyday!)

2. Honor One Another!
Take back the energy we lose when we try to control others instead of empowering them!
Ask yourself?
Am I using my energy to "Finance" any addictions?
Am I fueling vengeance or envy?
Am I comfortable with my sexuality?
Am I losing energy and sleep over financial issues?
Am I able to recognize and appreciate loving energy directed toward me?
Am I ? (Try and think of your own new one everyday!)

3. Honor Yourself
Self-confirmation and self respect can only "authentically" come from our inner-selves.
When we seek it from outside sources we waste energy perpetuating the cycle of low self-esteem.
Ask yourself?
Am I feeling confident?
Am I keeping my word?
Am I seeking approval from others?
Am I operating within my honor code?
Am I ? ( Try and think of your own new one everyday!)

4. Love is Divine Power!
Guilt is the enemy of love and it has to be "exorcised 1st" to be truly happy!
(Give yourself a break or "you will" die miserably!!! )
Self-love is a essential ingredient of the power of love. You can't give something that you don't
have yourself! The difference between self-love and self-indulgence can be measured by the
amount of love lost, versus, the amount gained "with interest" (This one is tough and you have to
figure it out on your own ).
Ask yourself?
Am I dwelling in guilt and heartaches or giving my love to others?
Do I feel they should forgive me 1st?
Does withholding forgiveness give me clout over someone?
Do I know the difference between self-love and self-indulgence?
Good luck with this one,it's a brain teaser but it's very important to your health!

5.Surrender your "Personal Will' to the Divine
Will power is not our own although it is available to us though our alignment with the divine.
Ask yourself?
Are my choices supporting my spiritual path?
What does it mean to surrender my personal will to the divine?
Have I lied today?
Am I holding feelings of shame?
This is another tough one, everyone has to figure out on their own.

6. Seek Only Truth!
The intellect is a powerful and useful tool, but it can also mislead us into mistaken beliefs and values. Without collaboration from the heart, the mind can close us to new and liberating insights.
Ask yourself?
Am I making up rationalizations for my behavior, or am I living by the truth of my heart?
Am I judging others?
Am I able to pray for people in a clear, open way, without intellectual judgments?
Am I open to new ideas?

7. Living in the Present Moment
Living fully in the moment allows us to experience synchronicity and spontaneity, free up energy to heal others as well as ourselves.
Ask yourself?
Am I connected to the divine?
What do you think the divine is?
Have I experienced synchronicity today?
Can I experience synchronicity today?
What do I want my spiritual life to be like?
What spiritual truths am I living by?

It's all about how we use our energy everyday.

I like going over these guide lines with my morning coffee and reflecting on the day before and
seeing what I can improve upon "today" ( Copy & Paste to your desktop? )

I ask this: God does exist so what are "You" going to do about it???

All thanks go's to Caroline Myss for helping write this and Sam my "Nuthouse Guru"

"I still wonder is Sam was really on the staff or just another patient at the nuthouse" (~8

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