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Default Another possible way your being god/creator/universe

Hello all.

Just how far are we all allowed to develop our own spirituality's? When do we stop or when should we stop or should we even stop being more and more spiritual?

Because being more & more spiritual everyday means a lot more, or so it may seem. Either way it definitely means some amount of very positive or more balance change for your whole being.

In my own spiritual process I've re-learned so much and continue doing so. I self realize that our reality isn't all what so many people believe it is. Like the fact... I mean my fact, that reality is god and so am I. Not only am I eternal and unlimited but so are all my known & unknown abilities and the rest of my whole being. It's not just my reality it's our reality and you are just as eternal and unlimited as I am.

Such information goes beyond any book and anyone of any so called right given by society alone. This is something that you mostly feel in your heart, open mind and higher self.. Higher self being mostly your unconscious mind, like the part of you whom is more wisdom being oneness.

Now, I'm not gonna name off the various god like abilities I experience almost daily. What I'd much rather do is help you re-learn and experience yours. First realize that only you are the most effective student, teacher and master in anything you chose, such as your whole life experience. So I can only help you by giving you my own perspectives which you, if you chose, can experience them all in your own ways.

Those here of higher perception, well, if you like I can offer you something even more. I've filtered all the unlimited information concerning my whole being. Like all my perspectives and experiences. This goes beyond this life and covers various lives I've lived. think of this being alike a highly advanced nonphysical microchip that you can down load and experience via your own ways or your life path of education.

What do you get for attempting to do this and maybe succeeding? Possible that you could seriously advance much of your own knowledge and being concerning your own god like abilities, such as automatic self healing and so much more. No, at this time I don't instantly heal from everything that I get out of this wonderful life here. Everyone seems different in how they react to the experiences of others. Which means that you may or may not get more information by down loading my perspectives of life, or at least the perspectives I experience. All this information is filtered so that you don't experience what you already believe are negative events, or at least you won't experience anything bad or negative, lol. Plus, you only experience what your open mind and heart and higher self believe is right for you to experience. All of which may or may not help you in understanding more about yourself and your being eternal and unlimited. Think of me being like a conduit or channel-er of unlimited information that you have full control of connecting to and doing what ever you please. Except you can't harm me and I can't harm you, lol. I dunno how else to explain it all, so I won't. All I can say is that my offer stands so long as this post does in what ever way that the form owners see fit.

Another example of what I'm trying to explain here concerns a brief video I made. *Important: Please be sure to read the video's information caption for more details.

Higher awareness programming from falling rain

I didn't ask anyone, nor will I ever ask anyone to believe in everything or what ever I already believe. I will say that I have no intentions of promoting or providing anything that I know for a fact is not good for the betterment and greater good of all involved (as a whole).

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