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Default Another possible way your being god/creator/universe

Hello all.

Just how far are we all allowed to develop our own spirituality's? When do we stop or when should we stop or should we even stop being more and more spiritual?

Because being more & more spiritual everyday means a lot more, or so it may seem. Either way it definitely means some amount of very positive or more balance change for your whole being.

In my own spiritual process I've re-learned so much and continue doing so. I self realize that our reality isn't all what so many people believe it is. Like the fact... I mean my fact, that reality is god and so am I. Not only am I eternal and unlimited but so are all my known & unknown abilities and the rest of my whole being. It's not just my reality it's our reality and you are just as eternal and unlimited as I am.

Such information goes beyond any book and anyone of any so called right given by society alone. This is something that you mostly feel in your heart, open mind and higher self.. Higher self being mostly your unconscious mind, like the part of you whom is more wisdom being oneness.

Now, I'm not gonna name off the various god like abilities I experience almost daily. What I'd much rather do is help you re-learn and experience yours. First realize that only you are the most effective student, teacher and master in anything you chose, such as your whole life experience. So I can only help you by giving you my own perspectives which you, if you chose, can experience them all in your own ways.

Those here of higher perception, well, if you like I can offer you something even more. I've filtered all the unlimited information concerning my whole being. Like all my perspectives and experiences. This goes beyond this life and covers various lives I've lived. think of this being alike a highly advanced nonphysical microchip that you can down load and experience via your own ways or your life path of education.

What do you get for attempting to do this and maybe succeeding? Possible that you could seriously advance much of your own knowledge and being concerning your own god like abilities, such as automatic self healing and so much more. No, at this time I don't instantly heal from everything that I get out of this wonderful life here. Everyone seems different in how they react to the experiences of others. Which means that you may or may not get more information by down loading my perspectives of life, or at least the perspectives I experience. All this information is filtered so that you don't experience what you already believe are negative events, or at least you won't experience anything bad or negative, lol. Plus, you only experience what your open mind and heart and higher self believe is right for you to experience. All of which may or may not help you in understanding more about yourself and your being eternal and unlimited. Think of me being like a conduit or channel-er of unlimited information that you have full control of connecting to and doing what ever you please. Except you can't harm me and I can't harm you, lol. I dunno how else to explain it all, so I won't. All I can say is that my offer stands so long as this post does in what ever way that the form owners see fit.

Another example of what I'm trying to explain here concerns a brief video I made. *Important: Please be sure to read the video's information caption for more details.

Higher awareness programming from falling rain

I didn't ask anyone, nor will I ever ask anyone to believe in everything or what ever I already believe. I will say that I have no intentions of promoting or providing anything that I know for a fact is not good for the betterment and greater good of all involved (as a whole).

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Default Re: Another possible way your being god/creator/universe


Thanks very much for the post and the generous offer to share/help/teach--whatever we need here, i guess!

A week or 2 ago, i posted a thread re: Clarity of Awareness, asking what other forum members thought about it, etc. as well as i can remember, i didn't get any definite responses (i think someone posted a link to the Hidden Hand material ...... ya'll aren't competitors, are you?!? LOL!


Do you channel information from a higher-dimensional entity (e.g., Ra, Seth, etc.)???

I may be misremembering, but i thought the COA material i've already read somehow gave me the impression that there may be various channellers for this (these) entity(ies)

Maybe you could also answer one more question ..... i've been associated with PA/PC since last December (that's right ..... im one of the infamous Dec. 9 Thuban-wannabe "walk-ins!" SORRY, Kevin ...... private joke.) anyway ..... i'm really into all the stuff ...... understand most of it (except things explained in mathematical/scientific terms that i can't translate, i.e., quatum physics, string theory, etc.

I consider myself Christian (Catholic, not attending) but am very open to the truths of other faiths--Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc.; also open-minded re: all the "bizzarre stuff" that we learn about on PA/PC ...... and am ESPECIALLY interested in how all these threads may be woven together into a brilliant tapestry of love, light, truth, peace, joy, compassion, and service. i believe that the greatest truth i know presently is that i'm called: 1) to love God with all my heart, mind and soul, and 2) to love my neighbor as myself. i try to act-this-out on a day to day basis, but of course, never totally succeed. i'm decent at interpreting my own dreams (though it may take me awhile sometimes! LOL! and helping friends or family members with their dreams.) I have studied Western religion (Christianity-Catholic/Protestant; American spirituality vs European & Other ethnic or native groups' spiritual traditions); Eastern religion (Taoism, Buddhism), and have a fairly wide working knowledge of various strains comprising contemporary "pop" spirituality, e.g., evangelical, progressive, liturgical, pentecostal, liberation theology, environmental theology, non-denominational, and the various schools of paranormal thought. I very much enjoy growing in my knowledge and understanding of spiritual truths through exposure to a diversity of ideas, through love in-praxis, especially toward the neediest of the community, and beginning with my family and friends. I believe God is essentially LOVE, and Jesus was/is God's perpetual and personal love-message to each of his daughters-sons here .... the universal and eternal Logos, the son-daughter of God Mother-Father.

Yet on the other hand ..... i I can't see auras nor lucid dream (HECK! i'm lucky if i can even REMEMBER a snipped of a dream anymore); i understand a bare minimum about numerology or astrology. have never channeled, done automatic writing, had an NDE or an OBE (that i can recall). I don't read Tarot cards, can't remember my past lives, have not ever consciously been in touch with my higher self(ves). i can't "sense" the lightness or density of my "merkabah," don't know how to "clear my chakras" (unless i buy a book!). am not "in touch" with any guides or ET's trying to help me on my spiritual journey. I "know in my bones" that i am Father-Mother God's daughter-son, Jesus' sister and protege, and an eternal, undestructable piece of All-That-Is, which means i am conneted with every other person, entity, of any species in the universe, and that WE ARE ALL ONE!

Yet still ..... i'm unable to deliberately raise my vibratory level at will, and--- i'm a bit skeptical that i'll be able to teach myself very much about these various abilities and talents before it's too late. How much of a drawback to Ascension might my lack of know-how in these araeas be??? I have the definite impression that this ability to command some of the "forces" at work in metaphysical operations might be an essential pre-requisite. because of my almost total lack of paranormal or metaphysical experience (i've never even tripped before! even though i'm a hippie but i can pray in tongues!) i'm a bit afraid that i won't be a suitable "candidate for Ascension." is that correct, or am i confused here?? am i doomed to spend an additional hundreds-of-thousands-of-years on the Karmic wheel? am i destined to accompany our poor sick planet into other realms of existence, where my fate may be to be enslaved or eaten by draconians? is a deficiency in esoteric practice succificient to keep you from being among the 144,000 who have "completed" all their work and "met the objectives" of their pre-birth contracts to graduate with earth from 3D to 5D reality??? and to help others here at this time also to ascend?? is the time likely "too short" for me to learn what i need to graduate/ascend? should i try NOT to work outside the home right now, so i can spend more time learning/experimenting/exploring/increasing in esoteric understanding & utilizion of my psychc/paranormal abilities?

LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Can you help, Kevin? what can you tell me???' do you think it's "too late." Should i just resign myself to my unfortunate (at least in the short-term) fate? Serious Questions!


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Default Re: Another possible way your being god/creator/universe

hippihillbobbi, I recently began the foundation of a solid psychic business where I do readings for people and much more. After reading this post feel free to check out some readings I gave others around the world. Here is link....

(Check out the comments concerning that video)

You are an eternal unlimited being and your existence proves it so. This means that all reality is you. You are being your whole reality in order to experience it. As a being of constant change you "change" your reality to change or "change to seem like the same old reality". One of the trillions (unlimited number) of reasons why nothing ever stays same because you/reality are energy and all energy is in motion, which is change.

Seems your working more for the possibilities than the reality of it all. That's ok cause we all do that from time to time. For example, it's possible that all man made time such as all past/present/future do not exist and that we all are always living in "the now". What also is possible is that you take that idea and actually live/exist it being your reality experience. Because no matter how much or how little anything or anyone seems being real to you in anyway it is you who decides what the truth of it all really is. This is about your free will to change and to accept change. For example, it's possible that all truth is ever changing and never ending because it to is energy in motion. There for nothing ever ends and all truth changes in known and unknown ways. I recommend that you chose being more awareness by being open to all possibilities. Yes, you may already being doing this but in what same old ways are you still doing it? Try different ways of looking at life. Like the old saying, "Put yourself in someone else shoes". That's just one example of perceiving something differently.

Nothing ever changes unless you chose to experience it being change in your own way(s). How we all experience anything is by way of our own perceptions of it all. I believe that the more perceptions you chose to experience, the better. With more perceptions comes more possibilities such as more options in life.

You want answers but I can't give any of them to you. In fact the reason why your asked for my help is because your higher self told you to ask me. Higher self is also your unconscious mind who is more connected to oneness or god/universe and all that jazz. If anything that you've read so far sparks an interest to your conscious mind, then your higher self has made a connection with you and through me. Again, it's not all me here, it's you as well. You can communicate more with your higher self through good quality & regular meditations for more possible answers.

Now I'm not asking you to believe in such things, but at least you could try to work with understanding it more. Still doesn't mean that you should believe. It is a possibility that may help you find what your looking for. Either way everything that you do and don't do in life is your much needed life path of education and it's all probably more valuable than you can comprehend at this moment.

One more thing. Always keep an open mind and heart and continually evolve this more and more. I think that your actually doing very well and that everything you seek also comes from within you. There really isn't anything else that I can tell you but if you have any questions concerning what I've said please do ask.

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