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Default People Are In A Trance, To Wake Them Up Or Not

In my area there is a large object, that is similar to the object that others have mentioned here. Basically it is a large glowing ball, similar to the one James Gilliand sees, but it seems to be in a slow moving object, but it follows pretty well the same trajectory every night.

Anyway, people had me convince that I was seeing things, and that is Venus. Man in 46 years I have never seen Venus that low or be in the same orbit around the Earth.

So a week or so ago another once showed up, as if in response to my skepticism. So I just smile, and say hello and go about my way, but it is so low. I am thinking, ok, I am crazy, that is another star.

So last night, and this is at 6pm my time, here these two large light orbs are in the sky, not another star to be seen. There are hundreds of cars going by me and parked in traffic, and not one person seems to notice them. So I decide to to for a walk to the local park and observe them, but when I come back out of my house the second smaller one is gone. I just think it is behind cloud cover.

So as I walk, I don't see any clouds where it was, so I am going along and thinking, it is just my imagination, thinking of going back home, and then right there as I look in the area where it was previously, it just appeared and lit up so to speak, and it became a very very bright glow. It was maybe a few thousand feet away. It was there the whole time. Not one car reacted, they just seem to be in their own little world. It was just bright for 30 seconds and then it blinked off.

So I go to the park, and as per another post, what I have been asking for is a green laser beam, and not too long after there the beam was projected across the sparse clouds there. Remember this is at 6:40 pm now, and it is dark at that time here, but still, there is alot of cars.

So the beam is there, but the ship is still cloaked or something, and I can't figure out the source of the beam. But it was horizontal so it had to be made far up.

So as I watched the sky, there was one star that seemed quite brite, almost the light frequency of a hologen light. As I am watching it, it starts to move, and then pick up speed. So in my binoculars I tracked this across the sky as it picked up speed and it took off very quickly towards towards the larger planet/star that is here every night in the sky, the first one I was watching.

So am thinking that must have been the source of the green laser beam, but as I scanned the sky which now had no clouds in it, all the sudden I realized there was like a streak in the sky, at first I thought it was a plane contrail. It was however a laser beam cutting through the sky. It was still there, just no clouds so nothing to bounce off. I tried to see it without my binoculars but it was not visible that eay. However with binoculars you could see if for sure, it traced right across the sky. So there was another ship there somewhere I could not see.

Then there is another one I have been watching here, that is like an reddish glow to it out over the harbour almost all the time. I noticed that it was possibly in line with that green beam and it was about say 4 miles away over the basin here. When you look at it in binoculars it seems more of a series of flashing lights, red, blue, white, just like George Green mentioned.

Now, in the 9 months I have been playing around with communicating with these entities, mostly to see if they were aware of me, I have come to the realization they are.

And there is no doubt that they are able to read my thoughts, as I have proved to myself over that period of time. Secondly they can impress on me a thought, but it takes the form of something I already know. Example, I will got a strong urge to go for a coffee next door at the coffee shop, strong urge, and it was on the trip back I saw them.

See, for me, I do not have a direct connection, but they seem to know how to trigger in you an action, or replay a thought maybe? Say they were recording your thoughts, and you did something, and they stored that and said, ok, when he thinks about getting a coffee he thinks this. So they maybe impress that thought back at you but very very strong. That is the best way I can tell you so far.

So, in keeping with the post. Do I try to wake these other people up? Or is this something just for me. I do not seem to have good enough communication yet to figure out why they are bothering to communicate with me, but I sense that there is a very good reason, and that maybe we are in say a trust phase. Because until last night, I still doubted I am seeing what I am seeing, but I have to say now, I do not see how I can deny it.

Yet when I tell other people, they tend to go for the paper and say, nope it is Venus, and it was undermining my own sense of what I feel. Of course Venus can't turn itself off, but then people just can say, well there were clouds, etc., they are so ingrained in their skepticism they can make up any excuse so they do not have to believe you.

Also I am pretty sure they can read my mood. I do not know why there was alot of fear as a result of say people who have reported abductions etc., and well as far as I know it has never happened for me.

So, for those in contact, can you shed some light on this. What should I do next ? Should I sit back or try to wake people up, which I feel most likely will just estrage myself from people and make me a bit of a laughing stock on the evidence I have so far.

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